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  • Practice!!!


    5th august 2009

    Money always spoil my life.

    Last afternoon,I had s short talk with an old man from The Pacific Insurance company. I felt a surprise while Mango called me that someone wanted to visit me. I went to a small boardroom. I took my seat and friendly give a greeting to him. At first, the man told me that his job is charge for huaihai road sales insurance production. I'm not interesting for this as I heard what he said. But he is a old man. I feel sympathize him and give his chance. Then he told me his production have mroe advantage than others."what is the advantage ?"I asked."Our price,service and so on."he said."could you give me detail?"he said something about his products.I aske him for a product introduction.Glacing at this paper of A4. I couln't bear for long time with him.It spend my time with his talk.

    In the end,he asked me a namecard.I regreted to say" I'm sorry.I haven't a card!"He asked me for fixed phone number.I told him that he could asked it from my secretary.


  • Today is Tuesday


    August 4th 2009 cloudy

    Last night.I went back very late because waiting a bus for long time. When I opend the door,I didn't call my husband. He didn't call me either. I thought that we fighted the two days before...

    today norning I got up earlier. I never get up early. I had my breakfast in a hurry.I began to read aloud and review some articles. I looked out of the window. It was sunny outside. "what a day!" I went to the office by bus. There are a few people in the bus. its 7:53 clock.so its earlier than usual.





  • 词语练习


    Attention ,please. 请注意(口语)

    pay attention   注意

    pay attention to …   对……注意

    You must pay attention to that girl.

    pay a little attention  稍加注意

    pay much attention  多加注意

    pay more attention  更多注意

    pay no attention   不用注意

    pay close attention  特别注意


    bear(bore, born)   v. 容忍

    vt. 承受,支撑,承担,负担

    Can the ice bear my weight?

    Who will bear the cost?   谁来承担这笔费用?

    vt. 忍受(一般与can/could连用于疑问句及否定句中)

    She eats too fast. I can’t bear to watch/watching her.  她吃得太快。我看着受不了。

    How can you bear living in this place?   你怎么能受得了住在这个地方?

    bear =stand =put up with

    I can't bear/stand you.


    put up with :忍受

    I got divorced(离婚).I could not put up with him

    bear/stand/endure  忍受的极限在加大


    bear n.  white bear 白熊

    bear hug :热情(热烈)的拥抱

    give sb. a bear hug


  • My Sunday's night


    August 3ird 2009  cloud

    last night I went to bed at 9:15 and close my bedroom's door.Because I have a baby so sleep early. My husband  stayed his study.the light was still on .He like sleep late.

    I got up for my book and I heard a noise of door. My husband went out after he received a call. I wondered it and got a little angry. He didn't tell me when he went out.I decided that I didn't give his phone and waited his back.

    I lied the bed and out of mind. I worried I slept deeply.I had a good idea.I locked my gate as he open that door.I heard. Until 23:00 I couldn't sleep while I heard ring of door.

    I tired to control my temper.but I couldn't bear it.In the end,we spoke loudly.I couldn't keep my tear.L looked at him angrily. I felt my life would being bad."I am a loser of marriage!" My life is terrible.How could I do?

    My husband told me that he need a space by himself. Actually I don't like give someone stress. I never give him anything." That is a just excuse".I said.I turned round and went into a small bedroom and sat in front of desk.He asked me to sleep.I said"no,Its none of your business."  

    There are some strange idea in my mind suddenly.I paid no more attention and I am ont enough easygoing.

    thats my terrible Sunday night!


  • 随便写写







  • the end of a dream


    tired of sleeping on the floor,a young man in Teherran,saved money for years to bought a real bed which springs and mattress.he was proud of his owner.Because the weather was hot,so he carried the bed on the roof of his house.he slept very well on the first two nights.but on the third night, the storm blew up. a gust of wind swept his bed off the countryard below.thoughtly the man didnot wake up until the bed crached.he pick it up into his house, and he put it on the floor.he promptly went to sleep.


  • Everything except weather



    2008-8-28  thursady sunny

    I thought my career how to do all day. hardly hadn't I remember my tasks when I opened the good tv show .I thought it was terrible to me.Because this,I closed my eyes as if I were tired all day.I couldn't pay attention on some important things to me and the word is more than I could.
    At that time. two kind of voice came into my mind."all right,just a  while.it had no sooner began than it ended." another"forgive it ,just one day,don't worry about.I have many many times. tomorrow."and should i chose one?
    When I wake up the next morning, I feel very sad by my last day actions.But I can't handle  at that time to do right thing.Maybe This is uncontral myself ability.
    I have to study  and command this.

  • Olympic Game


    The Olympic game will be held in our country in four year times.

    As a great many people will be visiting in our country.The goverment will be building new hotels,an immense stadium, fantastic swimming pool, special railway line.Workers will have finished the road by the end of this year. By the end of next year,they will have worked on the stadium.The fantastic building have been disigned by....People feel very excited and they will be watching anxiously that go up.Because the country have never held the olympic game before.



  • Across the Channel


    Debbin is going to swin across the English Channel tomorrow.She is going to set out from the French Coast at five o'colock in the morning.She is only eleven years old and she hopes to set up a new world record..She is a strong swimmer and people feel she is sure to successed.Debbin's father will set out with her in a small boat.He has trained her daughter for years.He will be waiting anxiously as she swims the long distence to England.Debbin intends to take a rest every two hours.She will have somthing to drink and will not eat anything solid food.Debbin's friends will be waiting for her at the English Coast.Among of them is the girl's mother,who swam across the channel when she was a girl.


  • Reviews


    Last time I found a websit called "speak2me" and now I am learning english by it.I found it may commnicate each other to improve my oral pronounciation.I expect to speak english and trainning my eloquence.I believe It is not so difficult as I once were.I worried about if my oral is right or false.at the beginning,I just summarize all of study everyday.all the details. and asked me why I am wrong.Make a records.

    I can't pick up the important point of mine .I like to find lots of study way.It was studied fifteen years ago when I was girl of fifteen.but now I still haven't use english.I feel sad.I doubled.

    but I take it as it comes.





    take over

    I am going to manage all the account of departemnt

    take deep breath hold

    breath in/out




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