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  • The Legend of an Era


    The Legend of an Era


    He was starting programing at the age of 13, and predicted that he would be a millionaire when he was 25.


    He was a commercial genius, keeping Microsoft full of life.


    He was a legend, becoming the richest man in the world at the age of 39.


    He is just the creator of Microsoft, Bill Gates, who formally retired from Microsoft and donated 58 billion dollars to the charities June 27.


    He is the greatest man, and his name will be permanently written into history. He has been the focus of media, and this time, is different.


    I regard him highly, for he is not only a successful merchant, but also a good man, a legend of an era.

  • China Worried About Illegal Drugs During Olympics


    China Worried About Illegal Drugs During Olympics



    China says it will step up drug enforcement efforts during the Olympic Games in Beijing in August. Meanwhile, Chinese officials are expressing alarm about the opium traffic from neighboring Afghanistan, the country that has become the world's leading producer of the drug.


    中国方面表明, 8月北京奥运期间, 中国将加强非法药品执行力度. 同时, 中国官员表明正在对来自阿富汗的鸦片交易提高警惕. 阿富汗已经成为了全球毒品主要生产国.

    One of China's top drug-fighting officials, Yang Fengrui, says he is concerned more foreigners in China during the Olympics could mean more illegal narcotics.


    中国负责打击毒品犯罪的主高官之一杨凤瑞说, 他担心奥运期间会有更多的外国人在中国, 这可能意味着更多的非法毒品.

    "In order to ensure the security of the Olympic games, and to host a green Olympic games and a drug-free Olympic games, the central government has instructed the law enforcement departments to do a lot about drug control during the Olympic games, in order to curb the inflow of drugs from overseas," said Yang.


    他说, “ 为了确保奥运会的安全, 主办一届绿色奥运, 无毒奥运, 中央政府已经指令执法部门就奥运期间的毒品管制进行大量的工作.


    Yang wears two hats. He is the director general of the Ministry of Public Security's Narcotics Control Bureau. He is also the permanent deputy secretary general of the newly-created China National Narcotics Control Commission, an agency created by a law that went into effect June 1.


    杨凤瑞身兼双职, 他是公安部禁毒局局长, 也是新近成立的中国禁毒委员会常务副秘书长, 禁毒委员会是依据六月一号生效的一项法律而成立的.

    The Chinese official says another issue of concern is the effort to smuggle heroin through China. He says the heroin supply out of southeast Asia's Golden Triangle region -- made up of Burma, Laos and Thailand -- has decreased significantly. At the same time, he points to a relatively new area of opium production, the so-called Golden Crescent, an area that straddles Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.


    这位中国官员说另一个担忧的问题是走私团伙会试图通过中国走私海洛因. 他说值得注意的是来自东南亚金三角(由缅甸, 老挝和泰国组成)的海洛因数量已经减少. 同时,他又指出一个新兴的鸦片产地, 就是所谓的金新月”, 一个跨立于阿富汗, 巴基斯坦和伊朗的地区.

    Chinese authorities recently foiled one case involving 50 kilograms of heroin and 30 carpets imported from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Officials say smugglers had injected the heroin into flexible plastic tubes, one to two millimeters in diameter, and then wrapped the tubes into colorful fibers that were woven into the carpets.


    中国当局最近破获了一个案件, 案件涉及50公斤海洛因和30条从阿富汗和巴基斯坦进口的地毯. 中国官员说, 走私者把海洛因注入到直径12毫米的塑料软管里, 然后用彩色纤维把软管裹起来织入地毯.


    Yang says the Chinese government has taken special measures to deal with the threat of drugs from Afghanistan, which produces more than 90 percent of the world's supply of opium.


    杨凤瑞说中国政府已经采取措施处理来自了阿富汗毒品威胁. 全世界鸦片量的百分之90来自阿富汗.

    "First, at the border areas and related high-risk areas, we have strengthened efforts to block the drug sources," Yang said. "And, we have also established checkpoints and inspection stations on the road routes, land routes, sea routes and air routes, and also mail routes, to maximize our ability to inspect and block drug sources."


    他说, “ 首先是在边界地区和有关的高危险区域,我们已经加强措施阻止毒源, 并且在路线, 陆路, 海路, 空路和邮路上我们已经建立了关卡和检查站, 以尽最大的努力检查并阻止毒源.”

    Yang acknowledges there has been what he describes as a "very little amount" of opium poppy cultivation in China, in eastern Fujian Province, in western Gansu Province and in northeastern Heilongjiang Province. He says Chinese authorities use satellite pictures to detect the illegal crop and have been able to take immediate action to eradicate the problem.


    杨风瑞了承认, 在中国东部的福建, 西部的甘肃和东北的黑龙江省有他所描述的少量鸦片罂粟种植. 他说中国当局用卫星图片侦察非法种植物, 并且已有能力迅速采取行动根绝问题.

    Yang also says a small number of Chinese families in what he describes as "the border areas of cities," also grow opium poppies, but he says it is only because they enjoy the beautiful flowers.


    他还说, 在他描述的城市边疆地区, 在少量的家庭里, 也有种植鸦片罂粟的, 但那只是因为他们欣赏那些美丽的罂粟花.


    P.S. If I made some mistakes in my translating transcrīpts of VOA news, let me know and give me some tips. Thanks a million.

  • Loneliness and Pain


    Loneliness and Pain


    In most cases, we often walk a road alone to our dream. Yes, you see me and I see you but we don’t know each other. Maybe one day you come up to me for help, and I say, “ Man! That is just your dream, and I have my own one, am working on it all the way, or rather, I’m not able to set aside time to you.


    You know we have different goals at the start and results at the end, which are in the different directions. Everybody is buzy with his affairs such as work, life, feelings. Wow! It is, indeed, a million things are waiting ahead you to address. It’s pretty hard to believe that life become harder and harder with high technology, which should make our life easy and simple.


    Now, people often ignore the existence of others, or they have so many hats to wear, so many balls to juggle. However, we need to understand each othere. After all, life is not that easy. We can’t start out at the same time, the same spot, the same siutation. So we’ve got to go alone on our way to dream. Certainly, the road will never be flat, if it were flat, does it make sense?


    The road is full of obstacles, that you can hurdle even though you are a slow coach compared to Liu Xiang, temptations, you might not want to move your body a little bit but seep deeply in a woman’s warm arms, and, well, dead bodies of failures.


    I feel lonely too much on my way there. I’m not afraid of difficulties, but think of loneliness as the strongest boxer, people say you must have great faith in your future, the hope is out there so long as we hang not hour head in disappointment in spite of loneliness or helplessness; pain is a kind of special joy, when you get regret for some matters, just enjoy pain.

  • Aviation Industry Resisting India's New Passenger Data System


    Aviation Industry Resisting India's New Passenger Data System



    International airlines are resisting India's new passenger information system, set to be implemented at the end of this month. Carriers say the system, as proposed, is incompatible with existing databases.


    国际航空公司正在抵制印度新的乘客信息系统, 这个系统准备在本月末着手进行. 航空公司说, 正像人们所说的, 这个系统无法与现有数据库相容.


    A new passenger data system India wants to implement June 30 is causing concern for the airline industry. International carriers say it is incompatible with industry norms, certified by the United Nations, and asks for too much information.


    印度想在六月30号实施新的乘客数据系统令航空业担忧. 国际航空公司说这与联合国认证过的行业准则相背, 这套系要求过多信息.


    The industry is not disputing India's requirement for some data on all incoming passengers. Such automated screening of passengers has become routine in many countries since the 2001 al-Qaida attacks in the United States. A number of other countries have made transmission of passenger data before takeoff mandatory, including the United States, Canada, South Africa and Australia.


    印度对所有入境旅客索取一些数据, 对此航空业并没有提出质疑. 自从2001年基地组织在美国发动袭击以来, 这种对旅客的自动审查在很多国家中已经变成了惯例. 很多国家包括美国, 加拿大, 南非和澳大利亚, 在起飞前就已经传达了旅客信息, 这是强制性的.


    However, India's non-standard system has prompted the International Air Transport Association to express its concerns directly to India's civil aviation minister. IATA spokesman Anthony Concil says India needs to be in harmony with the global standard the airlines are already meeting.


    然而, 不标准的印度航空信息系统已经激起了国际航空运输协会对印度国民航空部长的担忧. 国际航空运输协会发言人安东尼科恩索说印度需要与航空公司已经遭遇到的全球性标准保持一致.


    "In the case of India, we're being asked for all kinds of information which is inconsistent with what other countries are requiring," he said. "So our message to governments, India included, is, if we're going to be serious about building an effective advanced passenger information system, then it's time for governments to start talking to each other to harmonize their requirements."


    安东尼说, “ 在印度这种情况下, 我们被问及各种各样与他国要求不一致的信息,  所以我们对政府要说的是, 包括印度, 要是我们对建立有效先进的旅客信息系统认真,  那么政府是时候开启协调要求的谈判了.


    The global passenger information standard uses an encrypted format known as UN/Edifact. The data is easily decoded by immigration authorities for arriving flights. But India also wants its requested information in a different data format, which would mean carriers would need to obtain new equipment.


    全球旅客信息标准采用人们通常所说的UNEdifact密码化的格式. 对于抵达航班,移民局可以容易地将旅客数据进行破译. 可是印度还要求对它索取的信息存入不同的数据格式, 这就意味着航空公司需要获取新的设备.


    Japan Airlines is denying an Indian media report that it is considering suspending service between Tokyo and New Delhi because of the stricter and more intrusive Indian rules. But an airline spokesman says the Japanese carrier has "strongly requested" India bring its system into line with those used elsewhere.


    印度一家媒体报道说由于印度更为严格更为强硬的规则, 日本正在考虑中止东京和新德里之间的航空服务, 对此日本航空公司给予否认. 而一位航空发言人说日本航空公司强烈要求印度的航空信息系统要与其它地方的保持一致.


    India's state-run national airline, Air India, says it is ready for the new government regulations for passengers it is flying into the country. India had wanted to implement the new passenger reporting system on April 1, but extended the deadline by 90 days to give airlines more time to prepare.


    印度国有航空公司, 印度航空说公司已经为政府制定的新规则做好准备, 公司正在这个国家拓展. 印度过去就想在四月一号实施新的旅客报导系统, 但是延长90天的的死期给航空公司更多的准备时间.


    VOA Standard English / By Steve Herman / New Delhi / 12 June 2008


    P.S. If made some mistakes in my translating transcrīpts of VOA news, let me know and give me some tips. Thanks a million.


  • US, China agree on Energy Cooperation


    US, China agree on Energy Cooperation


    Cabinet-level officials from Washington and Beijing Wednesday concluded two days of talks in Annapolis, Maryland with a commitment to cooperate on energy and environmental issues and begin work on a bi-lateral investment treaty. VOA's Barry Wood reports there was also discussion about financial markets and currency values.

    来自北京和华盛顿的内阁级别官员星期三在马里兰州安纳波利斯结束了两天的会谈. 双方承诺在能源和环境问题上展开合作并启动双方投资协议工作. VOA记者巴里伍德报道说还有关于金融市场和货币价值的讨论.

    Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson hailed the achievements of the talks, the fourth round in a strategic economic dialogue launched two years ago. He said the 10-year energy and environmental agreement is particularly significant as the US and China are the world's biggest oil consumers and biggest emitters of green house gases. The investment treaty-which will take some time to negotiate-would enhance each nation's access to the other's market. The two countries already have a huge and growing trade relationship. The Chinese delegation was headed by Vice Premier Wang Qishan.


    美国财政部长保尔森对谈判成果称赞有加, 这是两年前启动的中美战略经济对话的第四轮. 他说四年的能源与经济协议非常有意义, 因为中美是世界上最大的石油消费国也是最大的温室气体排放国. 需要花些时间谈判的投资协议会让两国更好地进入对方市场. 两国已经形成了庞大并逐渐增长的贸易关系. 中国代表团由副总理王歧山带领.


    Treasury Secretary Paulson praised the Chinese for allowing their currency to appreciate 20 percent against the dollar over the past three years. That appreciation, he said, should continue as it will bring benefits to Chinese policy makers. “ They're going to be able to manage their economy much more effectively if they have a market-driven currency," said Henry Paulson. "It's going to be better in fighting inflation, you know, monetary policy will be more effective."


    美国财政部长保尔森赞扬在过去的三年中中国允许人民币对美元升值20个百分点. 他说人民币升值应该继续, 因为它会给中国的决策者带来好处. “如果他们拥有有市场主导的货币, 他们将有能力更有效地掌控本国经济. 这能更好地遏制通货膨胀, 你知道货币政策将会更有效.”


    Paulson sad the Chinese remain committed to having a market-based exchange rate and that bi-lateral differences concern only the pace of appreciation.


    保尔森说中国继续致力于由市场主导兑换利率, 双边的分歧担忧的只是升值的速度.


    For their part, the Chinese called attention to the weakness of the dollar and called for action to bolster the dollar against other leading currencies. Paulson said the ongoing credit crisis that erupted last August with bad loans in the US housing sector tarnished the US reputation as a leader in financial services.


    在中国方面, 中国要求关注美元贬值问题并呼吁采取行动巩固美元对应其它主要货币. 保尔森说去年八月因美国住房领域的不良贷款而爆发的持续的信贷危机败坏了金融业里美国作为领头人的名誉.


    The Chinese, said Paulson, had regarded the US as a teacher in global financial matters. Now they see that the teachers aren't perfect," he said. "So, we had a lot of discussion. They want to learn from our mistakes." US and European financial institutions made risky housing-related loans that have gone bad, causing hundreds of billions of dollars of losses.


    保尔森说中国过去一直把美国看作全球金融业务的导师. 现在他们发现导师并不完美, 因此我们有很多的讨论. 他们想从我们的错误中猎取教训. 美国和欧洲的金融机构造成的冒险性不良住房贷款, 导致了千美元的损失.


    Private sector economists are supportive of the U.S.- China economic dialogue, which they believe will deepen the bi-lateral relationship and possibly prevent misunderstandings and conflict. The dialogue was launched, in large part, to deter the US Congress from enacting restrictive trade measures against the Chinese, who are perceived as having an unfair advantage in competing against higher-cost US companies.


    私人部门经济学家支持中美经济对话,  他们相信这会加深双边关系,并尽可能地避免误解和冲突. 这次对话的启动, 很大程度上是为了防止美国国会对中国制定限制性的贸易措施. 中国与高成本的美国公司竞争中, 被察觉获得了不平等的优势.


    VOA Standard English / By Barry Wood / Washington / 18 June 2008

    P.S. If I made some mistakes in my translating transcrīpts of VOA news, let me know and give me some tips. Thanks a million.


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