• in memory of a old friend


    A friend had told me that life is like a cart.When you are little you are the one who are sitting on the cart.When you are a adult you are the one who are drawing the cart ahead.When you are old you are the one who are pushing the cart behind.He is my high school classmate.


    He came from a remote village but didn’t live in dormitory and rented an apartment alone. He had few friends.Somebody spoke ill of him that he mastered witchcraft.


    He was a top student.In one exam his only friend replaced him gotting a first and afterward they were estranged.Then we became friends as I was curious about him.I found he always spent whole night before going home reading kung fu novels,I asked him why he said he could sleep all along at home.Once I asked him whether or not he mastered witchcraft as other said,he didn’t answer directly but said he used to suffer from serious illness.


    Our relationship was broke off by a exam either in which my test scores was higher than his.He left school quiet and forever.


    Several years later I heard a young witchcraft master emerging in that remote village.


    Now twenty years later I live far from hometown and don’t get any information about him.But I still remember him and his words.If we can meet again one day I want to tell him that I now the one who are drawing the cart as I become a adult and have my own child who are sitting on the cart.But one day when I am weaken by time I will push the cart with my remaining strength behind until using up it all.I yearn for the time we spent together as it is the period I was sitting on the cart which had gone away forever.

  • education problem lead to the missing of ethics


    Recently,the number of food’s scandals exposed is increasing,ranging from containmed milk to dyed buns.Food producers are intent on making money regardless of people’s health.There is not a  shred of ethics in their mind.The lack of ethics is common in the current society.Medical practitioners take accepting red packet for granted,corrupt officials try their best to trade power for money,referese mix match and brokers manipulate share price.The lack of ethics in some sectors is not easy to be detected.For example,after a host of buildings collapsed during Wenchuan earthquake,many supposed high strength cast irons are exposed as thin as finger.However as the earthquake as this magnitude has rarely happened and major part of buildings will have to be demolished within two decades after completion due to city reprogmamming,the quality problem may never be detected.


    Why ethics of many people had gone away?The question could be answered by finding where the ethics come from.It is education.There are problems with Chinese education clearly.Despite the fact that the nine years compulsory education had been carried on for many years,but how many children it covers?Migrant workers children had been excluded regretfully as they live with their parent out of hometowns.However they are in the most need of the free education.For children who enjoy the best education,they may also be misled as the teachers are unqualified.For example,a professor in a Beijing normal university had said to his students who is about to graduate that if you don’t have forty million yuan when you are 40 years old don’t admit you are my student.Facing many challenges,he explain he just want to encourage his students.In a sense,he is right. 

  • don't expose magic


    People fascinated by magic are eager to know the tricks behind it.But I suggest that don’t try to expose it,otherwise you will be disappointed and find the magic little interesting.The logic can be applied to other things.


    I had a college’ classmate in whose hometown there are famous grotto.I asked about the grotto he said he passed it everyday and it is very common .I lived in Shanghai for seven years and found the city is very crowded and indifferent and don’t understand why it is deluged with multinational tourists.The reason for the philistinism shared by me and my classmate is that we are too familiar with the city we live in to have shred of illusion on them.


    Many people outside for long time yearn for hometown.Nostalgia is a hot topic for man of letters.For example,premier zhou left home pursuing his studies in early youth and never returned.It is reported when traveling by air over his hometown he always asked pilot to flow slowly and looked down into it with deep feeling.Many prople are touched by this situation.But premier really want to spend his rest time in his hometown?Definitely no.He would be afflicted with the ordinary life to death.The reason for his nostalgia is that he cannot get it.


    Recent year divorce rate is on the rise sharply.It is known to all that everyone have freedom to choose one’s spouse nowdays.But why couples falling in love choose to divorce afterwards.When they tie their knot whether expecting they will part with each other angrily and bitterly one day.Definitely no.They are blinded by his or her counterpart’s certain exterior dimension first and rush into marriage.When they are tired of the exterior as time pass by and have to put up with counterpart’s defect they find the once mr.right or mis.right is more appropriate to be a friend or lover and then attracted by other’s exterior.It is the distance thet create love,as the saying goes.

  • religion


    Followers of religions can be categorized into three groups in terms of the extent to which they are affected by it.


    Firstly,some people take religion as a means of comfort.When they suffer a setback in life they turn to religion to soothe their hurt and regain confidence and strength.However when they weather through the hard time they abandon it without hasitation.It is expedient for them to believe in religion.


    Secondly,other people treat religion as a part of their life and embrace it completely.In addition to seeking consolation,while succeeding they feel grateful to it,while sinning they confess before it and pray forgiveness.


    Still other people are religion extremist. Religion pervades their life and stands above all. Religion is their moral support and they are willing to do anything to safeguard its position.


    The first group includes some Chinese people for whom religion are like remedy.When they recover they throw it away .It may be unethical.The second group includes American they take religion as a good teacher and helpful friend that accompany them for the whole life and purify their mind.The third group includes some Arabians for whom religion are like drug that give them illusion and take their life.



    My best friends used to be my colleagues.But when we were in the same office our relationships were just general colleagues and not as close as after he or she or I left.


    Why?I change or he or she change?


    No.What changed is the context.What prevented us from accessing each other and pitted against each other was the office.In the office we are often in conflict for pursuing our own interest but out of office we are free and return to clean and honest one.


    In a sense the office is just a form of JIANG HU that is a battleground for interest.Everyone hates it but haves to enter it for survival. JIANG HU is a place full of interest and temptation. It is a dirty place where we are poor parasite.There is no true love but bitter hatred and no hero but liars.

  • happiness


    Everyone pursues happiness but the standard of happiness may change during a person’s whole life.


    For a child joy was caused by simple things such as delicious food and interesting toy.

    In youth I measured happiness by attaining some goals,for example,being admitted into university,getting first month’s salary,dating with beautiful girl,hearing first cry of my baby.

    Now I fell happy when I am with my family together who are happy and healthy after a backbreaking work day.

    It is said that those who recognize problems as a human condition and don’t measure happiness by an absence of problems are the most intelligent kind of human.That people’s happiness viewpoint may be a ideal state which are beyond my reach and I want to approach to.But if one day I reach that mind I think the time left for me to enjoy happiness will be little.


    The process of looking for happiness is the same as those of learning to compromise.It is easy said than done.When you make it at last you may be about to fall just as a ripe apple.

  • interest society


    In the current society there is no relation without involvement of interest measured in terms of money.Interest to our life is like air to person.Nobody is willing to bother to do anything without interest being offered.If somebody does you a favour for nothing suspicion will follow.Past example Lei Feng is rarely mentioned nowdays.Even speaked of,he is a object of criticism.It is wildly held that when people all seek self interest maximization the society can flourish.So Lei Feng’s behivour is against the ethos of society and may block society’ progress.


    I was shocked at first when I heard that the relationship between parent and children is also associated with interest.But when I think that the most chinese olds are in care of their son I know why chinese people try their best to bring up and educate and pave the way for the future for their children suffering all kinds of hardships throughout their life.


    Several years ago I attended a English public class whose alleged goal is to promote English for public welfare.However,after my attendance of the forty minutes class  endless calls ensued that ask me to attend their regular calss which will be paid of course.I knows this was my fault.I broke the game rule.I should’t just enjoy benefit but didn’t pay back which was unfair.However,the unfair things abound all over the society.Government officials are raised by taxpayer but only focus on their own interest.Universities collect a huge amount of tuition fees but churn out a number of incompetent graduates.Unscrupulous merchants sell inferior goods to loyal customers.


    A trifle embeds in my heart for a long time.One night I took the subway to go home as usual.I succeeded in squeezing in and getting close to a door where the extent of crowdedness is less.Too much crowdedness often lead to grievance and row.I alleviated the boredom of short journey by reading book leaning on the door.When the subway was approaching my leaving station I felt a person looking at me but I did’t care. When it was about to stop I heard a gentle voice:Gentleman,the door will open.I raised my head and saw a girl like college student standing by me.I said ,I know,thank you.I was eager to see my look at that moment as it was unusual:less fretting and more moderate. In the interest oriented society sincere solicitude is like a cool spring in the desert which can refresh mind and body.


    Whether there exists simple relationship in the society without interest being involved.Yes,it is friendship.But only friend in primary and junior middle school.During that period young people are attracted only by counterparts characteristics and behaviours in themselves.I remember that I had a friend in junior school.We met each other at a crossroad and went to school together every morning.One morning I didn’t meet him in that crossroad and waited for him for a long time until being too late.That day he didn’t appear in school.


    I had lost touch with him long before.I often miss him but don’t know what we will say and do if I meet him someday.We are no longer children.Just as saying goes person cannot step into a same current two times.


    It is interest that I love and hate at the same time.

  • harmony of family


    Recently I had watched a case on TV which shocked me hard.It describes a man in his thirties who poisoned his wife about to death by adding poison to honey his wife drinked every day.The reason is that his wife was self-centered and ignored his parent completely.However,his wife pleaded for leniency for his husband in court.


    To be frank,I can understand the man as I am a man.But I also understand the wife because I have a wife either.The contradiction between wife and mother is inherent and permanent in china.Chinese parent go through hardships to bring up children so you often have high expectation of their son.However,husband’s parent is strange to wife.She has to accept them as she chooses their son as husband. But acceptance don’t equal love.Love needs to be cultivated for long time but time cannot guarantee love.So man cannot require his wife treat his parent like he does.Parent cannot require their daughter in-law respect them like their son does.


    Disharmony of mother and wife is a stubborn headache for many Chinese man.No one can solve the problem properly.Somebody suggests that the old and the young live separately.However,this is impractical in china as the young supporting the old is a chinese tradition.The only way is the communication and compromise.Wife should show respect to her husband parent at least on the surface.The old should accommodate for their son’s wife a little.Man learn to be more diplomatic.


    In my memory the most happy time in my childhood is when my father and mother live in harmony and the one in my adulthood is when my wife and mother live in harmony.

  • undercover


    I enjoy watching TV serial and my most favorite one is <undercover >which describes a communist ,Yu Zecheng,who succeeds in undercovering in a Guomindang secret service and unearthing secret informations and sending them to his comrades.The reason why I like this is that the situation Mr Yu faces is like current working world.For example, boss objective is company wealth maximization.However, employee’s goal is own interest maximization.Boss wants employee to work hard to create more profit to shareholder,but employee hopes to make least effort ,take least risk and embraces salary as more as possible,gets promotion as quickly as possible.The contradiction between boss and employee is inherent.In a sense,every employee is Yu Zecheng,fighting with boss all the time.


    Recently,it had been exposed that Tang Jun falsified education background which had caused a host of criticism.However,that don’t affect his position as a idol for many young people as he is best at undercoving.



    I often regret for the ugly stone in front of my house.It lies still swarthy like a beef.Nobody knows when it comes and all ignore it.Only during autumn harvesting when wheat are spread out before house my grandmother complains that the ugly stone is in the road and it is better to move it soon.


    When my uncle is constructing house he wants to build the stone into house but fails due to its irregular shape.He is also unwilling to separate it as it involve great labor.So he take a stone casually from riverside neaby.Anyone is better than the ugly stone.When the house is completed and step building  begins he also abandon it.


    One year a stoneman comes to my house to wash stone mill.Grand says that use the ugly stone to save delivering effort.The stoneman looks and shakes his head at the idea as its particles are too small to be used.


    The ugly stone is not as delicate as white marble on which character and flower are capable of being engraved.Neither as smooth as bluestone on which people can beat and wash cloth.It lies there quietly.Trees are unwilling to cast shade on it and flower blossom away from it.Weeds are running and staining it at will.We,children,dislike it also and attempt to remove but fail as we don’t have enough strength.We swear at it.However we have no alternative but to leave it there.


    The only comfort is the shallow pit on it.When it is raining the pit can hold water which lasts several days until the land drys up.So chicken often jump on it to drink.Whenever a evening on the 15th of a month draws on we climb on it to enjoy the glorious full moon.Grand always scold us in case we fall down.As expected once I tumble and scrape the skin off my knee.


    Everyone call it as ugly stone.It is impossible for it to be more ugly.


    One day a astronomer comes to my village.When he passes by my house he finds the ugly stone and is astonished.He don’t leave and settles in my village.later a lot of people come here and say that the stone is a meteor that had falled from sky to here for over two hundreds yreas and very precious.Then a car drives and delivers the stone away.


    We are surprised how the ugly stone turns out to come from sky.It used to mend heaven heating and sparking in the sky.Our ancestor may look up to it which give us bright and hope.It fall down on the dirts and weeds for several hundreds yreas.


    Grand says that it is hard to recognize.it is so extraordinary but why not capable of building wall and step.


    astronomer says that it is too ugly.


    Yes.it is too ugly.


    But this just is its beaty.It regard ugliness as beauty. astronomer says.


    Regaring ugliness as beauty?


    Yes.If something is ugly to great extent it is also beautiful to that extent.As it is not ordinary stone it cannot be used as wall and step or to wash cloth and engrave flower.It is not born to that end so often looked down upon by common view.


    Grand blushs with shame.Me too.


    I feel my disgrace and the grace of the ugly stone.I even complain how it can suffer in silence so many yreas but at once appreciate its greatness for bearing understanding and lonely existence.


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