Happy work,Happy life,Happy everyday!


  • Say "Good bye" to 2011, Hello 2012!


    Say "good bye" to 2011,
    In 2011, Maybe, I have not any new harvest in 2011, I lost my job, and I found a new job, though, it is not my original meaning, but I accepted to quit from the terrible managment status.
    In 2011, I went to see my old friend who know each other 15 years ago, he was my classmate,we have seldom contact without something special,but we are honest,we are still good friends.
    In 2011, I was ill in 2011,my family worried about me very much,I ran every morning from my factory to FuShenGang public park and took a walk every nigth from my factory to somewhere that I want to go. when I left the company,I almost had a good body status to face new challenge.
    In 2011, I am used to run when I go home or I go to work, and I enjoy it very much!
    In 2011, I quited smoking and drinking, I always remind myself not to touch cigarettes and wine,actually, It is not more difficult than that you think,I can hold!
    In 2011, I bought a car -- Peugeot.
    In 2012, I enjoy my work, not nervous, not busy. but I have targets, one is to improve English, the other is to take certificate of customs declarer.I hope I can get something from the quiet work and life.
    In 2012, I want to buy a bicycle in order to do physical exercises and go to work, so I wnat one professional bicycle.
    In 2012, I wish my second baby happy ,healthy and smooth to come the world.
    In 2012, I want to decorate my second house for my family.
    In 2012, I wish my family happy and healthy! I wish all friend happy every day!
  • Lazy Boy


        Suddenly,I realize I am lazy,and extremely lazy,In the past two years,I forgot to study,I forgot to improve,I forgot to read and write,yes,I really forget something that I should remember.I stop.I remind myself I have more interesting and important things to do,but I waste my time to boring sitcom.I need adjust my life,my timetable;
  • Control


    Controlling temper is so difficult,but if you lose the control,it becomes terrible and horrible;

    please breather deeply for three times,you will be fine,or you can leave for a while,of courese,you can have water slowly,then you can close your eyes for seconds.

    I know it is useful to you for controlling yourself.


  • Nothing that I need to do


    Ten days later,I am still training,but nobody give me special training,I only train myself according as my requirement,nobody knows what I should do,becasue the supervisor has not assigned mission to me till now,I am bothering to open computer and review other documents unconcernedly.maybe I should select the other company befor I made the decision to come here. there is risk with the opportunity,or there is opportunity with venture.I feel I am regret to chose it.I do not know what is the future to go forward.I am disappointed to the position and job,I am tired to be hired by the copany,though only several days.I need adjust my attitude and thought.I know it is difficult to change my mind,but I have to do it as I think for my life under the terrible economics conditions.another hand,there is nobody to force you to do anything,it is up to yourself.the free is just a cord.

    Friends and buddies, who have the information for TERIC, please share with me,thank you,your support will be appreciated,I will attend the test on May.


  • New Job


    I finally found my new job, end the terrible life without work and incoming,I believe we can overcome 2009,and expect a good economic situation to eveyboy.2008 gave us more pains,difficulties and calamity,and also gave us pride and encouragement,2009, we bless everybody has job and happy everyday.
  • Serious subject : Financial Crisis


    Do you care economy and financial crisis in China, are you focusing on unemployment,some factories,especially,export-dependent and labor intensive,of course,coastal area.the economy decline cause public people confused and panicky.

    "We must fully realize we are facing a long-term and arduous task," he said.

    "We must strengthen confidence in the face of the crisis and be ready to take firmer and stronger actions when necessary," he said.

  • Premier Wen Chated With Netizens


    I don't know how to express I love my country and I love China,but I know we have a good and wise premier,maybe I can not give you enough reasons,that is because love does not need express,in your heart forever. 

    新华社北京2月28日电 “我一直认为群众有权力知道政府在想什么、做什么,并且对政府的政策提出批评意见,政府也需要问政于民、问计于民,推进政务公开和决策的民主化。”
























  • Human rights


    When I look at the word "HUMAN RIGHTS" on People's Daily Newspaper English edition,suddenly,I really want to know what is meaning it,how to define the words.so,I find it from Baidu.


    Chinese hits back with report on U.S human reports records.

    1.For years,the United States always positions itself over other countries,and often use human rights as a tool to interfere other countries internal business.it is a idiomatic way of U.S.A to the other countries.

    2.Every country is responsible for improving human rights conditions.any human rights will never be a reasonable explanation to criticize other.

  • A rat's head and a rabbit's head


    Chines relic-- a rat's head and a rabbit's head have been sold in France,the two relics were auctioned in the Grand Palace of Paris in Paris, France, Feb. 25, China failed in lawsuit,but justice will never fail. they belong to China,they belong to the whole world,but the first,they belong to China.we love China,we support government strongly strike back the auctioneer,because it is our Chinese history,two bronze,we expect it come back.

  • Overcome the difficulties


    I do not know what I should share with my friends in the terrible time that economic of the whole word is terrible,it is the most terrible thing that I lost my job, at the same time,a part of factory and company went bankrupt and closed down. It is difficult to describe my mood in any language.

    Everybody works hard for keeping the job,but somebody still suffered the difficulties,and the status became worst and worst,me too,during the hart time,I recognize we need treasure the job,life,family,relative,friends and lover,we do not care when the storm did not get to there.

    Our government gives us more ways to deal with the economic storm,and wish we can overcome the hard time,as a unit,I really do not know how to face the next day,because you are weak,very weak.it causes our life confused.really...

    Fortunately,I get a job at the difficult time,and I will report to the company next week after I lost job for two months.Maybe,I am a lucky guy.

    wish everybody find a job which you like.

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