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Say "Good bye" to 2011, Hello 2012!

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Say "good bye" to 2011,
In 2011, Maybe, I have not any new harvest in 2011, I lost my job, and I found a new job, though, it is not my original meaning, but I accepted to quit from the terrible managment status.
In 2011, I went to see my old friend who know each other 15 years ago, he was my classmate,we have seldom contact without something special,but we are honest,we are still good friends.
In 2011, I was ill in 2011,my family worried about me very much,I ran every morning from my factory to FuShenGang public park and took a walk every nigth from my factory to somewhere that I want to go. when I left the company,I almost had a good body status to face new challenge.
In 2011, I am used to run when I go home or I go to work, and I enjoy it very much!
In 2011, I quited smoking and drinking, I always remind myself not to touch cigarettes and wine,actually, It is not more difficult than that you think,I can hold!
In 2011, I bought a car -- Peugeot.
In 2012, I enjoy my work, not nervous, not busy. but I have targets, one is to improve English, the other is to take certificate of customs declarer.I hope I can get something from the quiet work and life.
In 2012, I want to buy a bicycle in order to do physical exercises and go to work, so I wnat one professional bicycle.
In 2012, I wish my second baby happy ,healthy and smooth to come the world.
In 2012, I want to decorate my second house for my family.
In 2012, I wish my family happy and healthy! I wish all friend happy every day!


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