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Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.


  • hang in there


    It's really a torture rushing to all sorts of job fairs time and time again, just to take a chance, a slim chance to have a further interview. Even more torturing that it feels like a joke that you see the light of hope, but it fades away soon, and at the point of giving up it comes back to you.

    Maybe only the graduate himself knows the awkward situation of his major he face. English majors are greatly challenged as the foreign trading industry shrinks and the labor demand falls. So the rest of majors are more likely to be rejected as an applicant to English relevant jobs.

    In this case, many turn to the wholesale and retailing industry as a start trainer or seller, as this industry seems like a black hole letting in enougy which is never enough. They know it well that this job requires a lot if you want to achieve sth, most importantly perseverance. Are you ready for it? It's for sure that you will make a lot more money to make you a top seller.

    "Be realistic" we were told, "Get a job first, career second."

    So tens of thousands of graduates lower their expectation again and again, hoping to get rid of the curse that " graduation means unemployment". But it doesn't seem to work, while there are always a huge group of people unable to be employed.

    It's no use to complain, or do stupid things like committing suicide or sth ( We have heard a lot about that). You are losing sleep? Take some herbal tea and cool yourself down. Can't calm down? Go talk it through to your beloved parents or friends, cry your eyes out if you like. Vent out the bad feelings you have been bottling up.

    This is a bad time, the worst time in history ever to us. When it's not a good timing, hold your breath, and wait. Sooner or later we will get there, our dream places.
  • The pain didn't end


    News about suicide is not new any more, but this video clip shocked me. A young guy who's said to be fired days before, meant to jump off the buiding for some wage dispute, I thought he was just threatening the emplyer party for a win-win solution.

    I just never expected he jumped...he really did, in a screem of extreme panic from a crowd of witnesses. A camera recoreded the whole thing.

    Are you getting numb or indifferent about it? But I just can't keep calm...

    How I wish I could tell the deceased that it's never the end of the world and there must be a better way to go. Why you are living in you small world, and only pains growing in your eyes. There is only pain, pain, and pain....

    There is on way to go when you are blind. You think that's the way to end your pain, no, you are wrong! You are just too selfish leaving behind the pain to your beloved ones...your pain never ends.


    Friends, when you are down, out of work or out of love...please open up your eyes and look around, you are never the only one suffering. Please believe being happy is simple if you wish.
  • Winnie


    She named herself Winnie, after the famous bear "winnie the pooh" in Walt Disney cartoon. Everybody calls her winnie in the company she had started working for before graduation.

    She fell in love head over heel with a guy who's told to be dangerous....She just never listened. But she can't believe he was two-timing her... when she made up her mind to marry him... Desperately, almost dead... she just wanna go home, where her mom is.. where she hurt many people.

    Time is the best cure. But how long does it take to recover, to come back to life again? How long does it take to get over him, to be yourself again?


  • Yan




    We have known for almost 4 years since the last summer of high school. She is Yan, the elder sister of my classmate Juan, only through whose cell phone could I talk to Juan at that time, because they had no home telephone. 


    Everything about her starts with a phone, goes on with a phone, cuz we mainly rely on telephone to communicate, text massages, sometimes a phone call. She shared with me her stories, her happiness and sadness. We seem to know each other very well, but we met only twice.


    She is not beautiful, but sembling the kind of girl living next door at my age. Her parents got laid off some years ago, and she took the responsibility as a big sister, filial child, the anchor of the family. She knows how to save money, and knows education is the best investment. For financial reasons, she didn't go to college, but loves reading, and keeps teaching herself.


    She now works in an insurance company, with not very handsome income since at the beginning of career. There is no other way but to work hard to earn the commission in addition to the fixed salary. So that she can pay the intuition fee and expenditure for her little brother who is attending college, support the family, and keep some as her pocket money. 


    Yan never invited me home, she said he house is not worth visiting. So I didn't insist. However she stood me up for once and I was mad at her.




    We know very well that it's not love... but  friendship!!!

  • Fairy Tales


    At this noon after lunch I found a crowd outside the dining hall, oh there were books on sale, some of them even 80% off.

    It's been a long time I didn't buy a book except for the essential text books, because we have a very big library open to us, ok, this is a good reason, but for another, to make me seem more cultured I picked 2 books out of them, and paid.

    They are Anderson's Fairy Tales and Grimm's Fairy Tales, respectively cost me 2 Yuan and 2.5 Yuan, haha, that's really worth the money, since they are very delicated and brand-new, around 230 to 300 pages.

    Reading them makes me feel like a child, in the classes of a primary school ( I didn't attend kindergarten) when teachers were telling stories. Children were listening intensively, eyes open wide as the story goes to the highlight. For once, I was sucking my forefinger, as usual in the class... and was warned by Miss that this is being rude, and dirty. However I didn't listen to her. 

    The next day, I acted the same. Miss got mad and pulled me out of my seat, had me standing there in the front of the classroom... Actually I didn't feel ashamed or anything being treated this way, it's just I quit when I quit..  I am not blaming her, cuz I know she was doing this for my won good. I am forgetful sometimes, but have good memory for my childhood.

    Don't know where my Miss is now, and how she is doing.. kinda miss her.

  • Career plan


    Saturday !!

    Every week has a Saturday, but what makes it different is I am here today, haha

    I've been busy preparing for job hunting lately, collect info, apply online, and email myself out. On the other hand, dealing with back-to-back classes Monday through Friday. The hectic months just begun.

    We finally found how important a good plan is for us from the very begining. Sure the earlier the better. We were told to set your goal and make your plan the first day we came here, but we didn't take it serious. I minored the course of career planning 2 years ago, but didn't put a plan into practice to the fulliest.

    If you are a freshman, a sophomore or above, please make your resume, and think about what kind of person u wanna become in 2 years, 5 years, what content u are gonna fill in the gaps.

    Career planning is never too late, even a seasoned employee is on his way of career planning. Where to begin with, how much you know about a specific industry, determine your next step to take.

  • Edison Chan


    I guess 9 person out of 10 may feel revolted on hearing or seeing anything about this guy after the racy photo scandal earlier this year. I once asked girls “ how do u think about him?” The answers were kind of the same, “sick !”


    Not sure if they ware all their inner thoughts. Are they saying that to keep them reckoned as good girls. But actually whether you like him or not, OK with this scandal or not, has nothing to do with good or bad girls.


    Raise in the US, Edison impressed me very much by his real English in a public occasion accounting for himself days after the scandal arose. I like his voice, his accent, and his sincere confession. The press was held months ago, so sorry to bring old things up, but I am just saying, we can learn sth from his English. A teacher from New Oriental released an essay analyzing E’s letter of apology, as a lesson to her students.


    Back to Edison, are you ready to forgive him?


    I am.


    He promised to step away from the HK entertainment industry and delicate his time to charity in the next few months. He kept his words, and left for US where his home is for a new life. No one knows how things are going with him.


    Have we tried to take things from E’s perspective? He is also a victim.


    Everybody as a human being has his right to keep one’s privacy, all those pictures racy or not, only belongs to Edison himself. He’s never intended to show anyone.


    When this is happening, I see the society as a whole is telling lies. Men despise him out of jealousy of his good look and being ladies’ man. Women despise him saying he’s a jerk. But you know girls tend to prefer bad boys nowadays. Just 2 months after E’s event, on the internet were circulating another set of racy pics of 2 middle school students having sex. Our social morality norm has been reversed or distorted to some extent. Honestly, he is just part of this fucked up world.


    A saying goes, a woman wants a man to satisfy her every need, but a man wants every woman to satisfy his one need. In this regard, men and women are psychologically different.  A man, especially someone handsome and charming like him, takes every chance to hook up a woman. The worst mistake he made is he pictured all the scenes that have a potential possibility to be disclosed some day, and reserved them in a computer without top security protection.


    The pathetic part of being a celebrity is he has to watch his behavīor all the time. Every second, every word he says or gesture he makes may catch the eyes. And he knows it or not, he is becoming a role model, especially to the younger generation who has no good judgment on what’s right and wrong. But the truth is, he is just a kid.


    He is hurt, he knows everything has a price, he used it and he have to pay it, sooner or later.


    Hey, he raps awesome, I do like him as a rapper.

  • Oct 28


    There are moments when I look at your contacts I am out of words, not knowing where to begin with, and I have lost the ablility to make up a story to start a conversation. Things turned out the way you've been expecting? That's what u want? I doubt, I doubt myself, I doubt love, I doubt the meaning of life.

    Everybody that walks into your life might influence you in a profound way, you change consciously or unconsciously, not till the day he is gone, you came to realize the changes. You wish you never met him.

  • A Trip to Guilin


    Location: Yangshuo and Guilin, Guangxi province, China

    Time:       Oct, 21-24, 2008

    The long expected graduation trip finally came, us graduates extremely excited for the past few days. The reasons are,

    1st,  people say Guilin has the best landscape in the world.

    2nd, It's a 3- day trip 600 kilometers away, 5 meals and 2 nights' accomodation included. And what makes it more exciting is  this trip basically costs 350 Yuan, that's 50 USD or so.

    3rd, the whole class is going.

    On this trip I took some pics with my own cellphone, well I had some classmates with digital cameras. It goes without saying the pics they took will definitely show you guys clearer and more professional pics that reflect the way it's. What a pity, they are not at my hands now.

    Prelude of the trip, pictures i took on the way there, through the bus window

    This hill is so sharp and towery, surrouded by vast farm in the season of harvest.  The window is not so clear.

    hills behind hills.

    So this is Li Jiang River. There are many sight-seeing boats for tourists to take a closer look at this wonder place. Cuz it feels quite different seeing from the perspective of a moving boat. The flowing water was crystal clear, and u can see float grass on  the riverbed.

    A complete cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo will last hours, becuz it's a very long river. Allong the river were very high hills, u hv to raise ur head up high to see the tops.

    A natural painting of landscape unrolls as the boat goes on.

    This cruise lasted 1 hours or so, and we took many many photos. Our faces almost got numb for the long time of smile and laughters.

    At night we checked in a local hotel. After dinner we hang out for a walk and shopping. You have to be ready all the time for illuminated stone hills that jump in your sight. Very beatiful, I snapped this scene on the street.

    There is a very famous pedestrian street named " West street", 西街 in Chinese. The street was full of people, stuffs, bars. What impressed me much is there are many foreigners, and even local venders can speak very good english. A friend walking with me said, " Shame on me."

    Very delicate handicrafts. Watch your wallet, becuz you feel like buying it every time u hv it in your hands.

    The next morning we went to a cave.  What's in it??? !!  This gate reminds me of  "The Journey to the West ".

    What a shock.

    Let's get sth pleasant....

    More pleasant...

    So this is Guilin City. Honestly I prefer Guangzhou.  : ))

  • I call them legend


    Normally only superstars catch audience’s major attentions, few people would come to note a small potato, especially who has a long time off the entertainment biz.


    She is 苗可秀, who worked together with Bruce Lee 李小龙 as a staring actor in early 70s, when she was a very young woman with slim figure and delicate sky. She was a dish !


    They are good partners


    but also good friends. Black and white is the color of memory.


    There are moments.


    Guess this is a little earlier.


    The movie 猛龙过江(1972) was based on Rome.

    These classic buildings in Rome never changed, but their life changed, both drifting, in paradise, and in Toronto.


    2008, how old is she? Again she appears on the screen as an old mother. But in the real life she is still unmarried. Who is she waiting for?


    Don’t get distracted by the girl holding camera on the left.


    Beauty can’t stand the test of time, but a legend can. She is a legend, isn’t it? Less flame than Bruce lee though. On the contrary, her life grows robust like wine.


    Now, are you thinking what you can do to make your life different, make it more worth living? Please do believe, you are legend, too.



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