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Nice to come here to exchange views on everything in English. Wish to make friends with you all. Wish you a happy and properous life. This is the other English blog of mine. Welcome to have a visit:http://scoundrel1972.blog.sohu.com/ 其中文章除少数转载外俱为原创,如转载请说明出处。I have written most of the articles here. Please tell the location if you want to reprint.


  • I don’t like Spring Festival


                              I don’t like Spring Festival

    I know nearly all the people like Spring Festival, however frankly I don’t like it.

    It is a time of reunion, a vacation for all the family members to get together. I feel that I am deserted, forlorn, whenever such a moment comes to me. I should show my gratitude for my wife and my son, for they give me a sense of belonging, give me a shelter to shelter myself from that unbearable agony.

    I am always shy to tell others when they inquire into the date to go back home, because I never go back home, or to say more exactly, I don’t have a home to go to now, except for my present one.

    Just before the Spring Festival this year, I went back home to give some money away to my relatives at home, mainly my uncles and my aunts, although they gave me nothing when I was in poverty and in dire need of their help. I bought some clothes for my sister every year, since I have only her to be concerned about in my hometown. At her home I happened to find a prescrīption of hers. There were names of some medicine on it to show that she is still under the torment of mental depression. I felt greatly agonized in my heart. I left her home with a heavy heart. I have been anxious about her illness. I am afraid of her turning into great mental depression, just like my mother once did. I pray to God that nothing serious would happen to her, just let us live peacefully this life. I still remember that she came to me, mentally unhealthy and I had to carry her to every hospital nearby to be diagnosed. I was too terrified to think that she might fall into mental depression. But the fact is that she was in that state of mind. I don’t care how much I have spent on my niece and my brother-in-law any more. So long as they can treat my sister well, I won’t care anything else.

    When I came back and resided in my own home again, I didn’t feel that I like Spring Festival. I wish to live like others, to have a place to go to, and parents to say anything to. Sometime I liked to call back to my mind the time when my mother was still living. Even though she was mentally ill, I have a place to go to. But now, I have nowhere, and I am left homeless in this sense.

    What is more, I don’t like being in others’ home. Although my relatives at home asked to go to their home to spend the Spring Festival with them, I just can’t feel a sense of belonging in their home. I feel that it is not better in my friend’s home.

    When the fireworks cracked noisily outside, I was exhausting myself by doing housework, to busy my mind with it and therefore to leave it no chance to misthink.

    Occasionally I was even reduced to tears when I was alone. It is a time of reunion and happiness and this I know very clearly. I want to tell all those whose parents are healthy, it is just so good an opportunity to take your parents now. You would be rendered helpless after their departure, so take care of them now.

    I don’t like Spring Festival.

  • A Rocket to Visit the Moon


            A Rocket to Visit the Moon

    During the National Day a rocket was launched into the space to visit the moon. I watched all the process. I was amazed at the great achievement our Chinese scientists have made.

    There are several motives for us to develop and launch such a rocket into the outer space and even visit the moon, in my opinion. First of all, a hot dispute between China and Japan over the Diaoyu Island was erupted as a direct result of the Japanese detention of the Chinese fishing vessel. Every Chinese can’t forget the history of the atrocities committed by the Japanese invasion of China during the forties of the last century. Nearly every Chinese still bears a feeling of antipathy against Japanese. But nowadays they were even relentless and bold enough to hold a Chinese fishing vessel near a disputed island. No one can ascertain the sovereignty of the island. How can Japanese be so shamelessly exercising their right of sovereignty over it? Japanese are simply unscrupulously self-conceited. I think of launching of the astronaut will teach them a lesson and let them know that they are still no match for us China, even in terms of military forces.

    Secondly, all the countries whose science and technology are advanced have made plans to do the same, such as the European Union, the USA, Russia, India and even Japan. We are under the pressure to develop our own aerotechnics.

    Thirdly, recently several western countries have regarded China not as a potential economical partner, but as a future threat of their security, Japan and the USA for instance. The USA and the South Korea have held a joint military exercise near the territory of China. There is an urgent need for China to show their military powers to them, not for intimidation, but for reminding that China is no longer a country to be easily trifled with.

    Fourthly, at such a moment as the National Day to launch such a rocket, we Chinese can build confidence in the strength of our country and not scared by others’ threats and bullies in the international arena.

    I am proud that we can soon send people to the moon. And I am exhilarated at the news that we can migrate to the moon in the near future since water has been detected there.

  • Tangshan Earthquake


           Tangshan Earthquake

    Organized by the school, yesterday all my coworkers went to see a movie in Kunming Mansion, which is high-rise with sumptuous furnishings. The title of the film is “Tangshan Earthquake”, directed by Feng Xiaogang, one of the most outstanding directors in China.

    I was astounded by the scene where the earthquake happened. All the buildings were toppled over and leveled down to the ground. Pieces of cements of the building fell down to the ground, crushing all people who were rushing for safety. Some of them were even squashed to paste. Exploiting modern techniques, it gave us a vivid show of what was actually happening in an earthquake.

    The protagonists, a husband and wife, who were busy making love in a truck, was astonished at the shrills and yells. They got out and realized what was happening. Knowing that their twin children, a son and a daughter were still sleeping like a log in their home, they swiftly got out of their truck, and rushed towards their home. The wife, Li Yuanni, intended to rush in and save the kids. Her husband stopped her and went in himself, only to be hit severely by a piece of cement and died there afterwards. Made anguish by the scene, the wife didn’t know what to do. After a while, the earthquake came to an end. Only debris could be found everywhere.

    The desperate mother searched in any place possible in a frenzy. She found her son and her daughter under cement pillars. Some people came to her rescue. After carefully scrutiny, they said that it was absolutely impossible to rescue them both, since one end of the pillar was one the boy, and the other end was on the girl. They asked the wailing mother who was to be rescued. The mother was put between the devil and the dark blue sea, cornered. She shrilled, and begged them to save them both. The rescuers answered back that it was beyond all probability. When they were called somewhere else to, the mother made the last, miserable, desperate determination: “Save my son”. The girl who was still alive then, hearing the determination uttered, dropped the bottle with which she was hitting the ground to make some sounds, and fainted. The boy was saved, losing his left arm. He lived with his mother.

    In all the other people’s eyes, the girl was dead. She was laid on the ground. To the amazement of all the audience, the girl came back to life. Without any words, she wandered aimlessly. At last she was save the People’s Liberation Army, and was adopted by a couple of them. She grew up with the care and concern of the couple and entered university to study medicine. She fell in love with a postgraduate and was pregnant. Out of fear her boyfriend entreated her to give up the kid by abortion. The girl resisted and gave birth to a girl, at the cost of her separation with his boyfriend. She married with a Canadian, who was sixteen years older than her, and migrated to Canada.

    The boy, didn’t enter university because he didn’t like study. He went to Hangzhou. After strenuous and arduous efforts, he built a company and earned a lot of money. He was great because he started from scratch. He went back to Tangshan, despite his mother’s insistence on never leaving Tangshan and never moving home. His mother didn’t marry again. She was tormented by her decision to save only her son when it was all last minute for so after the death of her husband and her daughter. She never imagined that her daughter should be still alive.

    On May 12, 2008, a devastating earthquake happened in Sichuan Province. A lot of volunteers went there to save people. On hearing the news in Canada, the daughter returned to China and joined in the efforts to save some people. Coincidentally, her brother was also in the team of Tangshan Rescue Team. On hearing her brother was telling his story of their mother’s decision to save only him, she realized he was her brother.

    They two returned to Tangshan after all the work was done in Sichuan. Their mother must be tortured at the thought of seeing her daughter. When she was making the dumplings, her hands trembled, unable to fold the dumpling wrappers. When they two entered the old, dilapidated house, their mother didn’t come out to meet them. Coming into the Sitting Room, the mother knelt down in front of her daughter and apologized. The palm and the back of hand were all parts of the parents’ flesh-----a Chinese saying means that any parents will love all their kids.

    It was a happy ending to see them all go to visit the tombs of the father and the supposed dead daughter. The brother declared that he would demolish the tomb for his sister, which was rejected. His sister made it clear that she was to return her to be buried in the tomb prepared for her. The brother told his sister that their mother bought two books for each subject each year, and put the other one into the tomb for her. The sister bewailed and regretted at her grudge for her mother. As a matter of fact, the mother had lived in grief for about thirty-two years.

    Whatever, it was a happy ending to see them reunited. The movie ended with one of the survivor’s visit to the new monument set up by the Tangshan municipal government for those killed in the earthquake.

    A lady beside me shed tears at the misfortune of the characters. I was moved from time to time too. I tried to refrain from shedding tears. However, I felt my heart ached when I returned. It is a good movie, to teach people to cherish and treasure what they are having and try to look on life from another perspective.

  • A letter to David


    Hi. David,
        I am so glad  that you have successfully have your QQ international now. I use it at home. I like it because I have made a lot of friends via it. So many of them are excellent at english. I have made quite a few foreign friends even.
        Everything has been going well for me. But my teaching responsibilities will soon start. It will be hard work until the Winter Vacation comes.
        There is nothing offensive to your inquiry into the origin of my nickname. There must be a lot of others who want to know why too. I know it has  a terrible connotation. Some ladies quickly refrain from me on learning the meaning of it. When the first time I wanted to get registered on  line, I typed in several beautiful nicknames i had carefully chosen for myself. However what i got is only a warning: the name you use has already been registered by others. I tried repeated several names and got the same answer. I was furious. I picked up this one: scoundrel and type in. To my greatest amazement, i got passed. I was so glad that I could use it, though it has better implications. To me, it has lost its negative or even bad connotation, and only been a tool of me to get passed easily and swiftly whenever i want to get registered on any website. It is peculiar perhaps. As a matter of fact, I feel a little only when people think that i am really a scoundrel, or when someone was entitled a scoundrel because of his or her wrongdoings. At such moment, i often feel awkward because i share the same name as those wrongdoers.
        I wish Rocky could do well in the next semester too. But lately he has been lazy and disobedient and treacherous. hahahaha
        Wish you and your wife a happy and enjoyable life too.
  • My teaching responsibilities will begin



     My teaching responsibilities will begin

    My teaching responsibility will begin on Sep 1, though we have already been in school since August 25. All the students are not available. We have been doing preparations.

    Discussion on teaching and the present teaching situations in China has not stopped on line. I am a member of teaching, so I think I am qualified to say something about it. As a matter of fact, I have said some in my blog.

    Nearly all the teachers have got accustomed to being looked down upon. Even those who are in charge are not as equal as those who work in the other government departments. We have to admit that we are inferior, or the secondary citizens. Those parents of the students, will only show their respect for you when their children are under your direct control. They will shun you, or even give you a cold shoulder after their kids leave school and you are useless to them. It is the last thing for me to be willing to see their ingratiating manner when I am useful.

    I admire the days when I was in my twenties. At that time the parents of my students didn’t get much involved in teaching at all. They left nearly everything to us. I did everything as fair and square as possible. I didn’t ask any favor from them. In fact, I have rejected them, though only a few. I was on good terms with nearly all my students, whether they could do well or not in their studies. After graduation they would come to me for a visit from time to time. And I am happy to see them again.

    Everything has changed. I don’t like the present social trend. I wish old times would come to me again and let me be what I was.

    Now I have to curry favor with the parents of my students and do a lot of things that I don’t want to do. Usually their demands are so high, some of them are even unfair to the other students. I can’t give them flat refusal, because they have asked the leaders of the school to give me pressure, and I don’t like this kind of pressure.

    I love only my students. Whenever I see them make progress, change for the better in any aspect, become well-mannered after my remonstration, I am as happy as can be.

  • a letter to virginia


    Dear Virginia,

    So glad to receive your letter and get to know your journey back home.

    The relatively long summer vacation is a hard-earned rest time for each of us who have attended the Summer English Training program in Jinan. However, I do want to say that the teaching program, especially your teaching, is so refreshing and even tantalizing to all of us. I have attended three times of such a training program, including this one. The first time was dated back to 1998. The second was in 2008. I enjoyed and learned so much from such a training program and I am really grateful for all of your teaching. Every time I got back I would ruminate by my notebook. In browsing my notebook all your kind and conscientious face and manner of teaching will appear in my mind, which makes me miss so much of you.

    I love teaching and I love English more. As a matter of fact, it has not been for learning’s sake that I went to Jinan to attend such a training program. I went there rather to enjoy English in learning than the wish to learn something. I think love and interest is the important of all. I am simply interested in it.

    In China teaching is a hard and exhausting job. If you want to know more about my and also the actual teaching situations in China, you can come to my blog when you are free. I have written quite a few articles in English about teaching, English teaching in particular. Wish you can leave some comments there. My blog address is: scoundrel1972.blog. sohu.com. It is a record of my life. Sometimes I feel that we teach at the cost of our life in China. It is reported that on average all teacher will die eleven years earlier than people who are pursuing in any other field. Whenever I think of that, I have great sympathy for my fellow workers in China.

    What is the worst, in China whether a man is successful or not is judged by to how high a rank he can climb the social ladder, or how much money he can earn during his life. As teachers, we can do neither of these two. As a result, in China, teachers are not so highly respected and sung praise of by all those who are not in the teaching field. I know I have to respect myself, as an English goes: you don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house. But I do want to tell the truth no matter what it is.

    I am a good teacher in my students’ eyes. Every year a lot of the new students will ask the leaders of my school to be in my class to be taught by me. After graduation a lot of them will come to me for a visit. When they start working, they will ask me to join their gatherings or parties. I look on it as a honor to be invited by them. Thinking from this perspective, I find teaching so rewarding a job.

    I am so glad your dear hubby will come to China in 2011. He is such a handsome man from the picture you showed to us. You must be very happy with him. I am not sure whether you will be here in Shandong when you come here the next year. I do wish so, since no matter at what cost I will go to you to listen to your class again.

    I will be kept busy too since my teaching responsibilities also starts from October 25 on.

    I am so happy that you can send books you have written and are writing. I have finished reading some books on pedagogy, such as Second Language Acquisition by Rod Ellis; Psychology for language teachers by Marion Williams; Second Language Teaching and Learning by David Nunan. Though there are some jargons in it, I like them very much, especially because they are written in English. I want to do some research on pedagogy like you do. If you have time, would you email a booklist of the books that your students who want to get a master’s degree are supposed to read?

    I have to stop here for now. I am looking forward to seeing you again. Keep healthy and take care!

    Yours sincerely,





    After rereading words of Ma Jiajue, I can’t calm down simply. My feelings are mixed.

    A man speaks well when his clock strikes, while a bird gives its saddest note when its last day comes. There is no need for Ma to tell a lie at such a moment. A lot of people were touched to the quick whenever reading his last words, including me.

    Nevertheless, should he be pardoned because he had suffered so much from his life? My answer is absolutely in the negative. Yes, he really had been living a tough life. However, I don’t think his life is the toughest. There are a lot of others who have been suffering much more than him. His words “These are the best clothes I have ever worn.”moved a lot of people, the jailers who were keeping watch included. If this is the reason that we think he should be forgiven, just go to any street in any city. You will instantly find as many vagrant, haggard, children in shabby rags. They have even no parents to take care of them. Family life and parents’ care to them, are simply too much a luxury for them to enjoy. What is more, I have read a story about little kids having been maimed deliberately by gangsters and then been sent to the street to beg for money for the gangsters. On reading it, I can’t help screamed: “What have man made of man?” Are they more fortunate than those purposed maimed kids?

    If some may oppose because I have gone to extreme, then just think. Life is tough to a lot of people, not just to Ma Jiajue. Many have suffered even more than him. To speak from my personal experiences, I have undergone almost all that Ma Jiajue had suffered from.

    Ma had opportunities to work for himself to make money. I didn’t even have such an opportunity. Once I was even reduced to be a beggar. Is a beggar’s life happier than working strenuously to make a living? If I could make money with my hands, no matter how hard it is, how could I be content with a life of a beggar? You are not even a human being when you beg food from others. All your self-esteem, all your good wishes for a bright future, are simply thrown to the ground and squashed.

    Ma said that he couldn’t even take a shower with hot water, then what about those people who have never taken a shower in his or her life? Ma said that he had to have several pieces of bread for a meal. When I was in the university, I did the same thing. When I was in the senior high school, I ate unheated food made by corn flour, as was called 窝窝头 in the coldest time of winter. The food was only stored in a paper box and I had only some warm soup to swallow with it. As a result, my stomach isn’t in a good condition even now.

    Ma said his parents were living a pathetic and deplorable life. I lived no better a life than an orphan. Without no father to take care of the family, everyone could bully me. What can I be supposed to get from a lunatic, my mother? Every night when I woke up in the depth of night, I was too much scared by the pitch darkness around. Where could I seek some comfort? No, no one will care. When I had to face some tough problems, I didn’t know how to do it, just being tortured mentally.

    I always thought that we had been sent to the world to suffer, not to enjoy? And foolish efforts to live on had helped me a lot.

    Ma is dead now. Others will think that I am simply insane to talk like this. But I see a threatening tendency that we have too great a sympathy for him. The root of the tragedy lied in his narrow-mindedness, sensitivity and vulnerability. Because he was narrow-minded, he thought about too much that it was no use thinking about. Because he was sensitive, he looked upon everything words said to him, even teasing words, as ironic and like arrows. Because he was vulnerable, he couldn’t accept the fact that he would get a flat refusal from a girl.

    Man errs, to forgive divine. Such an atrocious crime is not to be forgiven simply. Thinking of the four families, thinking of the four couples whose kids had been ruthlessly massacred and slaughtered by Ma Jiajue, how and when can their loses be recuperated?

    From a different perspective, I want to denounce those who brutally and mercilessly stung others with arrowlike tongues and words. They thought they were superior. They thought they were better off. They thought they could bully others as they liked. See what had happened to them. There is no smoke with a fire. Everything has its causes. The victims had their own responsibility to take. Nevertheless, they didn’t commit any crime that they should die for that.

    Therefore, nothing can atone for the crimes he has committed.

    Ma was intelligent, and maybe a genius. It is his own character that killed him. One lesson that we should take from this tragedy is that we should be broadminded and always bear in mind that there is no obstacle we can’t overcome.

  • Went To the University again


     Went To the University again

    This afternoon after five o’clock when the sun had softened its scorching heat power, I rode to the Petroleum University of China with my wife and son. My son had asked me to go boating there.

    We parked our bikes just outside the Huicui Lake and went in, as was the rule that no one is expected to ride within the lake. I bought the ticket while my son was swinging. Then we chose a comparatively bigger and better boat and then set on our boating journey. It was often an exhausting job to boat. However the one we chose was easy to use. We just stepped on the pedal plate and it began to move on so obediently. Although it was not something powered and pushed forward by an engine, we enjoyed ourselves in the actions that we took to advance it.

    My son asked us to go in the direction of a concrete structure. My wife and I agreed and after strenuous effort, we got to it. My son stepped out of the boat and on the concrete structure. I warned my son to take care since the structure could be slippery. My son simply regarded it as an adventure. He stood on the structure with hands behind his back and on his hip, shouting in a loud voice. My wife encouraged him to shout as loudly as he possibly could. He played on it for a while and then he returned to the boat.

    While we are moving on, my son yelled: “A man is a there. ”On hearing the words I was scared. How could there be a man as no boat was near by? I looked in the direction my son pointed to. Yeah. There was a man. No, a woman more exactly. She was swimming. Her swimming posture was perfect and elegant. I thought she must be a professional swimmer, since the water in the lake was so deep. She kept submerging herself in water and turning up again, to inhale more oxygen. She followed our boat for a long distance.

     Then our boat reached another concrete structure, where a statue had been erected on. The statue had been so dilapidated that it fell into the lake, only the base part was left. Needless to say, my son would like to go upon there to play for some time. It was quite insecure. So I was very much concerned.

    After that we went underneath two bridges to have fun. Then we returned as time was running out.

    My son was quite content with such an outing. On our way back he insisted on riding a bike alone. I showed my permission. Then we got back.

    Perhaps I am too sensitive and nostalgic a man. Whenever I got there a sense of sweet-bitterness(I coined the word hahahahaha) will arise and surge in my heart. I would rather use a poem by Xu Zhimo to end this journal:

    Very quietly I take my leave
    As quietly as I came here;
    Quietly I wave good-bye
    the rosy clouds in the western sky.

    The golden willows by the riverside
    Are young brides in the setting sun;
    Their reflections on the shimmering waves
    Always linger in the depth of my heart.

    The floatingheart growing in the sludge
    Sways leisurely under the water;
    In the gentle waves of Cambridge
    I would be a water plant!

    That pool under the shade of elm trees
    Holds not water but the rainbow from the sky;
    Shattered to pieces among the duckweeds
    Is the sediment of a rainbow-like dream?

    To seek a dream?
    Just to pole a boat upstream
    To where the green grass is more verdant;
    Or to have the boat fully loaded with starlight
    And sing aloud in the splendour of starlight.

    But I cannot sing aloud
    Quietness is my farewell
    Even summer insects heep silence
    for me
    Silent is Cambridge tonight!

    Very quietly I take my leave
    As quietly as I came here;
    Gently I flick my sleeves
    Not even a wisp of cloud will I bring away

  • Today is Valentine’s Day


    Today is Valentine’s Day

    Today is a special, especially to those youngsters.

    From the TV I know that at least 100 young couples went to our Bureau of Civil Affairs to get registered as husband and wife. I never pay much attention to the festivals. Neither have I known something about this one. I only knew that there is a Valentine’s Day that we get from western countries. I had no idea that we had had our own Valentine’s Day for ourselves, until I came to Jinan to attend the English Training Program.

    I know something about the legend of love, about the story of the Cowherd and the Spinning Lady. It is a story that has touched the hearts of many a Chinese, and I am just one of them. It is supposed that the milky lovers will meet today, which is only their annual encounter. Perhaps at this time the cowherd is carrying his son and daughter with a shoulder pole in the sky, towards the direction of the Spinning Lady, who is anxiously approaching to them as well.

    Almost all youngsters, those are now head over tails in love in particular, are moved the touched to the quick, by the bittersweet romance. According to the legend, the Spinning Lady was one of those Fairy Maidens, who were expected to weave the beautiful sunset glow. She ran away with the other six fairies and got down to the earth to see what a life the common people were living. It was against the laws of God in heaven.

    One night they were bathing in a lake. Led by his cow, the cowherd went to the bank of the lake and took the red clothes of the fairy maiden, as he was told that she would become his wife by the cow. All the rest of the fairies ran away in a hurry, except the one whose clothes were unfound. The Cowherd turned up and got to know the fairy maiden. They fell in love at first sight and the fairy maiden made her mind to live with the cowherd to enjoy the earthly love and life, instead of returning to the heaven. She gave birth to a son and a daughter. On hearing that the fairy maiden was so bold to go down to the earth from the heaven without announcement, the wife of the God, who was in charge of the fairy maiden was very angry. The fairy maiden’s decision to stay on earth exacerbated her. She sent troops to the earth to take the fairy maiden away from her happy family, despite the earnest entreaty of the cowherd, the spinning maiden and their two pathetic children. The old cow told the cowherd that he could manage to follow the fairy maiden to the sky by taking off his skin and putting it on his shoulder after his death. The old cow soon died. The cowherd flew to the sky, carrying his son and daughter with the shoulder pole.

    Seeing that the cowherd was chasing, the wife of the God took off her comb and draw a line, which became the Milky Way, to separate the spinning maiden from her husband and children. Moved by the genuine and heartfelt love between the cowherd and the spinning maiden, a lot of magpies went to build a bridge with little sticks and branches they could manage to obtain for them two to meet, on Lunar July 7. Later on for a compromise only, the wife of the God acquiesced.

    As a result, as the legend goes, the Cowherd and the Spinning Maiden meet every year on Lunar July7, which later becomes the origin of the Chinese Valentine’s Day.

    As a sensitive and vulnerable boy, I was deeply moved by the legend and showed my hatred for the cruel, inconsiderate, and heartless wife of the God. On this day, I only wish that they can have a good time in the sky, to enjoy the hard-earned reunion.

    I have long been deprived of the privilege to talk about love. However, as is called an emotional man, I have to admit that I am influenced more by emotion than by reason, which may be dangerous.

    In my mind, there are two kinds of love, one is Platonic love, and the other is earthly love, as every married couple is having now. Some people show their dislike or antipathy for Platonic love, for its lack of body love, and its laying too much emphasis on spiritual intimacy. I have had a family for years, still I can’t understand what marriage really means other than a common life. Nevertheless, I like the earthly love now because it provides me with a lifelong company and a son to prolong my life.

     Nowadays, our life is becoming better and better. More and more people however, prefer a marriage of convenience. Social status, wealth, family background, all combined to play a major role in their marriage. Everyone has his or her own criteria to find a spouse, and I think it is their absolute freedom. Yet, to find someone who one really loves is the priority if you really want to get married.

  • Is Beijing a remarkable place?


    Is Beijing a remarkable place?

        As is well-known to all, Beijing is the capital of China. Politically and geographically it is the central part of China. It usurps an unparalleled position. Any other city in China will deem itself inferior if brought to contrast with Beijing under special circumstances. 

        In 2004, I went to Beijing once. It was my first time to Beijing. Having visited a lot of places within Shandong province, I had longed for the visit. When I got to Beijing, I saw only tall dirty and fumy skyscrapers. A bird’s view might be better. However I was not on wings.

        I went to Tian An Men Square. I had planned to bring a handkerchief with me in case that I should be awed to tears. When I got there, I found nothing particular about it. Only a flat square and a flagpole. What impressed me most was the team of PLA who were protecting the National Flag. Only their presence supplied me with a sense of solemnity.

        In sharp contrast with it, newly-constructed buildings and squares are much more magnificent and spectacular. Near my home is newly-built. I think it is much more worthy visit than it if not for its political significance.

        As to historical and cultural background, in private I think that it is no better even than Qufu in Shandong. As to ascending to a great height that can give you a sense of might and ambition, the tourists will find it no better than Taishan, at the summit of which making you think that you can just inhale the world. As to motivating the visitors by intelligence and ingenuity, it is far less insignificant than Hangzhou. It is important mostly because it is the capital of China, the place where the former emperor, and now the incumbent president dwells.

        Thanks to the success in bidding for hosting the Olympic Games, we have seen some major changes in various fields. The sky is cleaner, the air fresher, and the traffic jams less. Among a lot of more sites, the bird nest and the Water cube are very attractive. In a sense, they have added much luster to the municipal government. 

         Any city should have some history background. Old buildings, such like the Beijing Hutong, have been demolished, while the new ones are under construction. However magnificent the new buildings are, a majority of the people will prefer the historical atmosphere, for they are nostalgic.

    Cherishing a good memory of the past doesn’t mean they intend to forgo the present speedy and accelerating development of science and technology. I just attach greater importance to the preservation of the historical relics.

        If the fast developing of economy is based on the demolition of historical sites, then I think we should give ground to historical sites. Needless to say, an idealistic way is to develop the new meanwhile preserve the old.

        Oh, Beijing, how will I greet you if you have changed your appearance and complexion completely in the years to come?


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