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Went To the University again

2010-08-18 20:26:57 / 个人分类:talk with the heaven

 Went To the University again

This afternoon after five o’clock when the sun had softened its scorching heat power, I rode to the Petroleum University of China with my wife and son. My son had asked me to go boating there.

We parked our bikes just outside the Huicui Lake and went in, as was the rule that no one is expected to ride within the lake. I bought the ticket while my son was swinging. Then we chose a comparatively bigger and better boat and then set on our boating journey. It was often an exhausting job to boat. However the one we chose was easy to use. We just stepped on the pedal plate and it began to move on so obediently. Although it was not something powered and pushed forward by an engine, we enjoyed ourselves in the actions that we took to advance it.

My son asked us to go in the direction of a concrete structure. My wife and I agreed and after strenuous effort, we got to it. My son stepped out of the boat and on the concrete structure. I warned my son to take care since the structure could be slippery. My son simply regarded it as an adventure. He stood on the structure with hands behind his back and on his hip, shouting in a loud voice. My wife encouraged him to shout as loudly as he possibly could. He played on it for a while and then he returned to the boat.

While we are moving on, my son yelled: “A man is a there. ”On hearing the words I was scared. How could there be a man as no boat was near by? I looked in the direction my son pointed to. Yeah. There was a man. No, a woman more exactly. She was swimming. Her swimming posture was perfect and elegant. I thought she must be a professional swimmer, since the water in the lake was so deep. She kept submerging herself in water and turning up again, to inhale more oxygen. She followed our boat for a long distance.

 Then our boat reached another concrete structure, where a statue had been erected on. The statue had been so dilapidated that it fell into the lake, only the base part was left. Needless to say, my son would like to go upon there to play for some time. It was quite insecure. So I was very much concerned.

After that we went underneath two bridges to have fun. Then we returned as time was running out.

My son was quite content with such an outing. On our way back he insisted on riding a bike alone. I showed my permission. Then we got back.

Perhaps I am too sensitive and nostalgic a man. Whenever I got there a sense of sweet-bitterness(I coined the word hahahahaha) will arise and surge in my heart. I would rather use a poem by Xu Zhimo to end this journal:

New Roman">Very quietly I take my leave
As quietly as I came here;
Quietly I wave good-bye
the rosy clouds in the western sky.

The golden willows by the riverside
Are young brides in the setting sun;
Their reflections on the shimmering waves
Always linger in the depth of my heart.

The floatingheart growing in the sludge
Sways leisurely under the water;
In the gentle waves of Cambridge
I would be a water plant!

That pool under the shade of elm trees
Holds not water but the rainbow from the sky;
Shattered to pieces among the duckweeds
Is the sediment of a rainbow-like dream?

To seek a dream?
Just to pole a boat upstream
To where the green grass is more verdant;
Or to have the boat fully loaded with starlight
And sing aloud in the splendour of starlight.

But I cannot sing aloud
Quietness is my farewell
Even summer insects heep silence
for me
Silent is Cambridge tonight!

Very quietly I take my leave
As quietly as I came here;
Gently I flick my sleeves
Not even a wisp of cloud will I bring away

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