Impossible is nothing!Through communication with friends to improve my english.Welcome to my space,wait for your more suggestion.Thank you very much.


  • Learning English



    I have learnt English about 15 years. When I was a student, in order to pass the school’s English tests I have to learn English well. Now my motivation of learning English is different from a student’s motivation.

          The internal motivation of learning English includes getting better position, earning more money and building a happy family and so on. When I left my university I still learnt English during my free time after work, but I never used English in my daily work then. So for a long time I had not made any progress in English, I felt a little sad at that time. When I began to work in a factory I had a dream that I wanted to work at a big foreign company.

          It is a good chance to improve my English for me now. I am feeling sorry I didn’t do well enough for learning English. I think the condition of learning English is ready and whether the result will be good or not depends on myself. The English day is a good way and I want to speak English more every day, although I can not speak smoothly and I think my confidence to speak English is also not enough. I should try my best to speak English more from now on.

  • Motivation of learning English


    Our English teacher was angry because of our laze. After Chinese New Year there were only two guys delivered the English homework to her and there are 35 students who teached by her. Fortunately I have finished the homework on time.

            Last class her did not teach any lesson and discussed with us about the motivation of learning English for us now. I think each of us affirmatively know why we need to hard learn English well. After listening for her words, I was felling a little sorry and down. Her had done her best to improve our English and she is so nice I think. As we all know, the motivation of learning English well is so clear, I think it is not need to say more. There is a good chance to improve our English, learning well or not is nothing with the current teacher.

            I hope I can improve my English in this year. Now we all write report with English and our boss will help us to correct mistakes, so I think I must try my best to learn English through daily job. Opening my mouth and speaking more every day. Come on.  


  • A letter to my friend.


    Dear Laura,

    How is it going? I’m glad to tell you the big news that I have moved to a new apartment! I have been sick of the old one, there was only one room. Well, the new apartment has two bedrooms and one hall for me. There is enough space where I can invite some guys to carry out a party sometimes. The old apartment was not bright enough and it was very noisy on the weekends. My new apartment belongs to a residential building that is located next to a park where I can take a walk after supper and there is a playground where I can play basketball every weekend. The new one is also very quiet and I shall have a good sleeping every day, it is why I so like the new apartment. I also need to pay more for the new apartment every month. I am expecting you to visit my new apartment during your free time.

    Sincerely yours,

    Kevin Lan

  • The process of microwave oven DFA----My present job.


    Maybe there are four main steps of my DFA work for one project. The details are as follows:

         Firstly, we need to prepare some base data. We will get the BOM of the base mold product and we will spend about half day to read this information. Before tearing down the product we need to prepare some labels and note forms.

         Secondly, we need to tear down the sample product to a lot of parts.  It is the most important job in this DFA process. Before we separate one part we must take some pictures of it. If there are not enough pictures for our analysis that may be not much correct finally. After tearing down we sometimes depend on the parts’ photos to do some analysis.

         Next, according to the parts’ characteristic we need to input the data to the DFA tool. The data of the part includes weight, length, width, height, assembly methods and so on. The data affects the assembly time and cost of a part. We will use one label to note the data for each part after inputting. Then we also take pictures for the single part with its label and note the part and picture number in a form.

    Finally, we need to check all of the data and correct any mistakes to prepare the next job that is waiting for report.

  • Train system of SZ


    There are too many traffic problems in Shenzhen city. I want to go back to my hometown by train, but it is so inconvenient. I have to choose bus all the time and spend more two hours than by train on the tour. So I think the train system of Shenzhen is not good enough. Here are my suggestions to solve some of our traffic problems.

    First of all, there should be more train lines between Shenzhen and other cities. Because  of more than 10 million people who come from other provinces and they need to go back their hometown in the vacations. But there is a big shortage of the current ability of train.

    Second, there should be more train stations for people to wait for trains. The current station is not big enough, it is very crowded during holidays especially Chinese New Year there are many long queues from inside to outside in the station. It is terrible I think. There are five districts in Shenzhen I think there should be four train stations at least.

    Last, the bus system and taxi system also need to be improved; it is very difficult to reach the train station on some holidays. I think we can set some special bus lines on the crowded days.

  • It is cold and so dry.


    It is finally cold at the end of Nov. in SZ. This year,it is colder than other years in SZ. The most days of SZ's autumn the temperature is more than 30 centigrade degrees in November. But when the cold is coming it became colder and colder soon. This week it is much coler than last week, the lower temperature of this week is nearby 10 centigrade degrees.

    SZ city is nearby the sea, it is usually windy in the winter and the wind is heavier the air is drier. You will feel not comfortable because of the dry skin.

    Because it is cold I am not out of room today.

  • A active lesson.


    Today our English lesson began as the latest schedule. I got the new book from the American teacher before the class this afternoon. This lesson the teacher made us speak English as much as possible. The whole class is free and active, it is so different with Chinese teacher's course that I have achieved in past time. I still remember when I was a middle and high school student, my English teacher spent so much time to teach me to know the program and finish the test exercises but there was no enough time to listen and speak English. In China after learning English more than ten years, but there are a great number of university students when they graduated from school they also can not speak English for base communication. Although this lesson is so easy, we can communicate with classmates in English and train our speaking English.
  • Team work.


    Each of us is belong to one team in a company, if you want to get a well job you can not be out of the group. so the team work is very important in daily work. In the latest English training lesson, Laura let us play team game, after discussing and chose the best way to solve the problem, of course, all the discussings are in English. After the lesson, we had a homework that we need to write a article to discuss the best way to solve the problem in a team.

    Brain Storming is quite popular way to analyse and solve some problems in a team. As an IE engineer who need to analyse and improve so many problems, the way of brain storming is necessary, when I learnt IE major lessons in university it is the first time I know this way.

  • How has Email changed the way that you communicate with others?


    After the PC and the Internet became more and more popular, the people’s communication tools for their daily life and work changed day by day.

    I cannot remember when I did not receive letters from my friends or families. Usually I would communicate with my friends by Internet; Email is one of the most important tools. In my opinion Email has some predominance. It is free and immediate; I need not pay for sending an Email to my friend and my friend will receive the Email immediately.

    All of my friends have been used to using the internet communication tools, including Email, talking tools and personal spaces or blogs. In order to keep communicating with my friends well, I have to spend more time in using a PC and the internet. Most of my friends spend the majority of their spare time on Internet, as a result they use less time on sports and social activities. Sometimes our play spaces are only our room at some off-days.

    I remember that the last letter I wrote was approximately 6 years ago and it was sent to my father when I was a sophomore student. I still remember the feeling was so good when I received a letter from my good friends or family. When I was a high school student letters and cards were the main tools to communicate and pass blessings with my friends. I would send and receive some blessing cards during the popular festivals, for example New Year’s Day, Christmas day and so on.  Birthday cards were also very popular 10 years ago, but now I never receive any birthday cards. Now I only receive some Email-cards, blessing messages and calls from my good friends and family on my birthday.

    In one word, although I still want to receive some letters from others, I am used to communicating with my friends by Email. I would rather send an Email than write a letter now.

  • Lijiang----A place where I want to go.


    I want to tour some scenery place in my vacation, I like the natural scenery very much.In China, there are a great number of beautiful place with the natural scenery.

    For example, the city of Lijiang is a place with the most natural scenery. The city of Lijiang in southwest China's Yunnan province became the first city in the country to be formally registered on the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites list. Although Lijiang located in the northwest of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, was once an underdeveloped small town, because of that the protection of traditional heritage was protected very well in the old city.

    Its area is about 20,600 square kilometers, there are more than 110 million people who come from 13 nations that include 12 minority nations. It is 57.7% of Naxi nation people in the city. Each minority has her unique traditional cultural. There are tow main languages in the old town, the Naxi and the Yunnan languages. But, now there more and more people in there who can communicate with foreigners in english well. The ancient city of Lijiang is at the foot of the Yulong Mountains, which are snow capped year-round. The height of this famous mountain is more than 5,000 meters. The tour industry is the mainstay of the economy in local.

    After busy working, leaving the modern city to a natural place and living in there for some days, I think it is a good way to get a rest. The next tour plan is going to Lijiang.


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