Simple and happy is the priciple of my life ! I like the people who are honest , I want everyone happy every monment! Just enjoy life !



  • Tomorow is my birthday


    Tomorrow is my birthday, this is an important day for me. But my lover didn’t remember, since we had baby, he never remembered, although I told him no more once, but he still forgot, I am so disappointed about him, he become forget about me, forget everything between us.


    Once I saw a sentence, if you care about someone, you will remember everything about her. I can feel he gradually forget me, may be we depart for a long time, but for me no matter how long we separated, if my heart have someone, I will remember him forever. May be I am too kindhearted, I always think others will the same as me. Every love will be change, but there is one love that will never change, that is family love. Every year my parents call me for wish.


    Forget those unhappy things, tomorrow I will take my daughter go out for joy, we will buy a birthday-cake and go shopping. Wish me have good luck in another year. Also wish everyone have a nice day.



  • I don't believe him


    These days I am not happy, once before, I believe there exist true love between couples, I always thought My other half loves me, will not deceive me, but until the day, I inadvertently discovered his secret, last year we separated for one year because of kids, I stay at home to take care the child, for him, he went to another city for work, so we just call each other through phone, usually one week one time, In addition to talking about the kids we rarely talk about other things, so fewer words between us, sometimes feel nothing to exchange. I  found there is a problem between us.

    Now I come to the city that he worked, a few days ago, I play his cell phone, Suddenly I press one button there appear voice, I am sure the voice is his, continue to listen, I found he is talking to another woman, I listened and listened, I am so despair, so angry. I can not imagine he can do that for me, although he explained to me,he and the woman have no relationship between each other, but I can not get out from the shadows.

    May be my heart need a long time to heal, I am so tired to think this.

    I need continue to recharge for myself. Think for myself for more. 

  • Three years didn't come here


    It is a really long time that I didn’t came here, may be three years. I experienced a big change, from a girl to a mother, this is a big change to a woman, I quit my job stayed at home to have children, after the baby born, I had to still stay at home to take care of the baby, my mother and my husband’s mother can not take care of my baby, so the task falls on my body, I start to learn feeding, change the diaper and so on. I don’t know how the other parents experienced this period. Now I am still at home take the baby, but I moved to the city not in the hometown.

    May be threes years I did not log in the net, and have no phone number, I found this is unnecessary for me at that time, I just need a TV that is enough, and i have to wait the baby sleep that I can see it for a moment. No one knew the hard for mother.

    In this three years I got a lot and also lost a lot. I got a baby that is import than anything, in the middle I try to put the baby at home for work, but I think over and over, I quit it. I can not leave my baby, from that time, I found she is so important for me.

    Now the baby is two years old, lovely and smart, sometimes make me happy sometimes make me angry, but I still love her very much. One of my friend will be born baby after three months, she told me she will feed the baby three month, then she will go to work, if it is you, you will also do so ? 

    Ok let me write here, just wish me come on, the days will be good.

  • poor working conditions


    It is so boring this days, I used a long time looking for jobs, but at last the job is not as good as I expect, first, the office is just a room near the warehouse, there is no washing room, the WC is so dirty. It made me so boring, someone may do not believe it, but it is really a problem, I had insist on several days. But now I really can not insist on it. second, there just two small restaurant for lunch, we have no choice for it, the third, the company is just set up, two people works here. My another partner is also do not want to do the job, so I decide to quit it sooner.


    In the small city. finding a good job is a difficulty things, there is a lot of talent person here, but there is so few company to supply the good job for them, so I really regret to stay here, every time when I recall my past in Shenzhen, there will be so much complaints about here. Now I really do not know how to live this city for a long time. May be I should think about where I should stay and what should I do when I had given birth.


    After this days, I decide to leave here, the small company, the difficulty conditions, there is no customer, no order, everything is new. So the beginning is really hard, oh, my god. I am tired of it, boring for this job. I am going to go back to home rest for a long long time . Do not think the job this years, just focus on my own things in the present. After one year, there will be a lot of things for me to do, to think, to arrange. So I must think about these things now. everything must prepared first.

  • Hard Life


    Life is not so beautiful as we think, especially after married. What we faced is a lot of decisions and difficulties. I am so puzzled during this one year, a lot of things changed. I did not a young girl. That is to say, I had been a married woman, I stayed a place where I do not like it, the environment that I dislike. The people whom I am not familiar with. It is really a strange place. Here no work fit to me. I used a long time to find work on the net, but it is no use, I am disappointment with present situation, the life is really cruel and realistic. I really want to change the place. But there is reasons here.


    It is nearly one year I stayed at home. At first it is the reason for prepare the wedding, this half year it is really nothing to do, everyday I just surf the internet or watch TV. I thought may be I have to live such life for two years because we plan to having a baby, at least my husband earned money, he can feed me this years, but things changed suddenly. As a driver for taxi, may be it seemed easy to earn money, but it is not, everyday he worked for ten hours. Sometimes nearly fifteen hours. Even this everyday’s income also very little. After three months, he is tired for it, and told me sell the car, i know when he told me this, it is sure that he can not bear such work. But we all know the situation that we stayed. May be I give him so much pressure.


    May be it is a big challenge for us, to give up or insist on. May be at first we shouldn’t choose stay here. Now the decision is important at present, I do not know what will happen in the next, I hope there will be a best way to solve the situation, I hope we can make the right decision.

  • Our eighty's is not young any longer


    As the time goes, before the young people now seemed  become old, and not concerned, on the contract, the ninety's become the times mainstream, we are already know we are old.


    After graduation. We take big ambitions to the city that we hope. After theses years, what did we fulfilled? After thought a while. I am aware of the frustration in front of us, the trouble bother us, the pressure on us. so i admit i got a little, now tired and helpless in a lot of things, before i thought i can change a lot of things, i can make a big progress in work, i can be a success girl among my college friend, even i thought i will meet my Mr right in the city, but now the result is not what i expected, i can not fulfill a lot of the dreams, i am so little in front of the big world. 


    Face the work, we do not often change it, even it is tired, but we will insist it, because we want steady in work, we refuse the risk work just look for steady one. 


    Face the love, we do not pursue romantic and stimulate, we are more prefer the happy the simply love, we had take the family is the most in our life.


    Face the social intercourse,we rarely contact our friend who had already married, we find we had so little common topic, abandon the KTV and bar, we do not like noisy life, what we like may be have a cup coffee and reading books peacefully.


    Face more and more, we had learnt to think before action, and aware in our heart the fairy tale is far away from us. 


    Now the eighty's is grown up. But we still yearn the fairy tale that never come back again but belongs to our eighty's forever.

  • I just want to be happy...


    Yesterday, one customer's action moved me. And believe the world full of kind-hearted people. Although in the high speed life and modern city, they all said if you in a strange city no friends and no family you will be very lonely. Also you'd better do not believe others, at first, i do not understand and do not believe it, but after three years, it is right now, i grown up in minds and knowledge, i know something about life, but yesterday, it made me once again believe there must be someone is kind around you. 


    Till now i had graduated three years, times seemed flies so fast when we are in our best ages. What changes happened for me? What i had got through these years? I believe we all changed. No matter in minds, in experiences, in society and so on. In all we changed. May be some aspect is good, but in the other side, some will be bad. Now i no longer a little girl, so i should act as an mature girl. 


    Nowadays the society seemed complicated and hard to live, when we graduated we earn money to support the family,  earn money to buy house and cars, but it is so hard to own this, so we have heavy pressure on this. If there is no house to marriage, people will say: they do not have house, where they will live? Our eight's just the generation that will bear this. Everyone want have their own house. That may be more freedom, but just the minority of people can buy it, some of my friends had bought the house, but they lived hard and do not dare to change job and buy luxury things, what is life? we are just for one house and a car in life? What made us live so hard and tired? I am so worried. what i should do it the next step? Where will i be in the future? I do not know.....


    Just as the lyrics: i just want to be happy, and try my best in life, but what is the happiness? Till now i admit i do not understand.

  • Don't in disorder when you meet some problems


    These days happened some unhappy things. The board has some problem when the customer received the goods. I know this is not the express responsibility, it is our product quality, so i should bear the responsibility to deal with such problems, if i am a customer, buy one led screen on the net, when i received it, it can not worked. I will feel so regret that choosed bad quality, if i also should bear the freight, that is really unfair, so when something happened, we should on the customers side, business is not just earn money, i think honesty and responsibility is the important factor. 


    I just wish when i am send out the goods, little unexpected things and little problem. But i think never happen problem is impossible. So when something happened. I should use the fair and friendly attitude to solve, just do not in disorder that is also important. Everything will be solved finally. 


    May be i seldom meet frustration and criticism in life, this result me do not like others criticize on me. i do not admit my shortcomings and mistakes. This is also wrong. I should recorrect this, listen others criticism and suggestion is good for improving.


    Wish everything will be ok.

    Next day will be more beautiful!~~

  • Do you think work with music is right?


    When you work, do you listen music, do you like listen it with work? This is may seemed absurdity, but this need to see which occasion that you worked, now there are a lot of working place with music when people worked, i think this is not a bad idea, tense atmosphere may let us listless and tired about what we are doing, i am doing B to C business, everyday just selling product online, this may seemed so light-hearted and comfortable, but if this is no business. It will also dull, so i like listen music when worked, that made me do not want sleep and tied, in the other side, always keep energic.


    When you are free at work, what are you busy about? I think although we are working, but there are also plenty of time is free, may be we chat QQ mostly, now i rarely on QQ, even if i am online, i will make the status leaving or invisibility, i delete a lot of strangers and left what i know in my life, when we grow up, little by little, the internet is visional, so i do not believe it now, i also do not want to meet the people in the internet, this may be mature and grown up status. I will just take the chat tools as a business tools, and do not like before so naive. 


    I will use the net to do business and study my English and improve the other aspect knowledge. 


    Good luck!~~~

  • Pray for zhouqu people


    Today is Qixi festival, but i find this day is no special, as china becoming a modernization and westernization city, a lot of people may do no not care this day, we are mainly focus on Chinese lunar new year and Christmas day.


    For me, today is as special as common day, but also today will have a lot of discount in clothes store and flower store. If you are in loved. Please give your GF a surprise is a good idea.


    Yesterday, all the entertainment program are stopped one day, that is because we need to pray for the dead people in the flood disaster, this disaster happened so suddenly, why these year so many unexpected disaster? We all feared of it now, wish the life is smooth in the following year, we will have a peace life.


    Pray for ZhouQu people. Wish they can built their house quickly.

    Praying for everyday!

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