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  • Have you got what you deserve?


    When people say,"You deserve it." should it be negative? Or positive?

    Let's take two examples.

    Example 1. Tom: After few months' hard work, he achieved his goal and won the prize.

                       Peter: Yup, he deserved it.

    Example 2. Jane: Oh finally the thief was caught and sent to prison.

                       Grace: Ummm... he deserved it.

    So, obviously it depends on the situation. We cannot judge it simply from the single words.

    Now, the students nod their head by saying "Uh, I see."

    It won't be wise to give judgements on others by their appearance. But let's take a blind dating for example, will you agree that if he/she doesn't impress you at the first sight, or even you have negative feelings, will you still give him/her a chance for further touching?

    I am thinking, I may won't. This doesn't sound wise, I need to admit it. But I prefer to follow my feeling, at least by this time.

    Good day, guys!


  • Back in 2014


    Counting down...

    For what?

    No clear goals.


    Make them visible and carry them out!

  • Goodbye to EnglishCN Blog


    Counting from the first day I signed in EnglishCN, it's been 5 years.

    I ever had lots of fun in this space, but gradually, I seldom visited here... cause of some reasons.

    Now I think it's time to say goodbye to you, EnglishCN.

    Tks 4 being with me for 5 yrs, best wishes to all the friends here!

  • Messy, messy and messy...


    Right now, I can only feel that my mind is messy... with a slight headache.

    It's been so long time that no "reading" in my life. I am just living in my very small world, no willingness to expand it, though I am clear that I should, but I didn't. Will I?

    Oh, suddenly I noticed the NUMBER on calendar, 11/11 is coming, in another year. Haha...

    Getting lazy after work, no mood to do anything, tiredness is filled in my body, my bone...

    My poor cross stitch, when can I finish it...

     Oh, crazy~ don't know what I wrote,  what am I writing, or what am I gonna write?

    MESSY MESSY MESSY #%^%*^&#^&%$#

  • 6.1


    Should Children's Day belong to children? No adults or the old?
    The answer is with you only.

    How many of you, stopped celebrating Children's Day since you became a teenager?
    Don't you think it's always good to be with a heart of child's?
  • When Loneliness Comes


    As days by,the number of our age is increasing, the depth of our mind is growing, but for me, there is one thing, till today it's not changed. "I AM STILL AT SINGLE STATUS !!!"
    That sounds kinda terrible, at my this age, all the girls should have their own families... People would think in this way. But at least there should be some exceptions, and the fact should be accepted by people, doesn't it?
    90% of my friends have been married already, 1 or 2 years ago, I couldn't feel any stress from them. But today it's different. So does it mean that it's time for me to think about my personal issue?
    Yes, it does.
    So please take your time, hope the day when friends ask " Marriage done?", my answer can be a positive one.
  • 2013.1.4


    For us Chinese ppl this is a really special day...

    In the year 2013, my goal is to settle down myself ~~~

    I think I can make it.
  • Don't be Silly?


    Looking backwards, how many mistakes I have ever made, how much experience I have ever got from them?

    Normally when we are in difficulty, we are used to complaining first instead of looking for solutions.

    Even though we know it's not right way, we are still following our mind, silly?

    We people are growing from the day we were born, mentally.

    Recently, she has been suffering from ... she called it freak love. Sounds strange, but it's kinda true.

    Love faded as quarrels increased... but it was not easy to get though it

  • Relaxation



    Ummm...I am planning to go back to hometown on 23rd, Chinese Valentine's Day. It seems special, but to me, it's just a normal date.

    Home, home, I missed you a lot.

    One week's holiday, sounds great !


  • Tips


    Some tips to follow:

    1. Write blogs frequently

    2. Think deeply on one topic per week then keep your comments

    3.Read books/magazines daily

    4.Keep in touch with as many friends as you can.

    5.Call parents when you do need advice.

    To be continue...

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