• 昵称: moli
  • 性别: 女
  • 生日: 76-1-1
  • 婚恋状况: 已婚
  • 民族: 汉族
  • 身高: 165-170公分
  • 性格特征: 独立
  • 常用E-Mail:
  • 省份: 上海
  • 地区: 长宁

管理 给我的留言

A Policeman's Heart ss-confident 留言于2014-12-14 23:36:04
long time no here, you r very great for ur adherence
茅草鹏 ZJP 留言于2012-01-07 14:38:20
NIce to meet you!
aksuyu 留言于2011-10-16 20:04:46
hello,i would like to learen english from you .please add my qq number 1546073795
aksuyu 留言于2011-10-16 20:04:44
hello,i would like to learen english from you .please add my qq number 1546073795
Crazy-English's zone Crazy-English 留言于2011-08-13 15:49:57
hi, we would like to hear from you your thoughts about life!
jyp236 留言于2011-07-26 20:01:31
jyp236 留言于2011-07-26 19:53:14
七夜 留言于2010-03-05 13:05:04
wish you happy forever!
Peace and  passion phoenix2374 留言于2010-02-28 16:18:49
Thank you for your advice, I'll work hard to improve my English.
ecosway eCosway e科士威 科士威 Ecosway 留言于2009-12-17 22:26:52
hey,how are you!

my friend!

笨笨 lixinhua_1982 留言于2009-10-06 21:52:33
Give derections to me when you have time,thanks here first !!
janeychuanzi的个人空间 janeychuanzi 留言于2009-07-21 11:16:24
thanks again,hehe
janelinlin的个人空间 janelinlin 留言于2009-07-10 16:32:01
thanks for your help.
山东英语崔怀亮的空间 scoundrel1972 留言于2009-06-26 21:20:07
thank you for your advice.
janeychuanzi的个人空间 janeychuanzi 留言于2009-06-24 19:25:04
Thank you for your advice. I agree with you. today when I read again, I found there is really something wrong. thank you! hehe!
俊桦天下 leerlee 留言于2009-06-23 14:41:53
thank you for your guidances
未央花朵 flouwer 留言于2009-06-19 00:40:54
thank you
lisa 的天地 yanxingpin520 留言于2009-02-17 17:41:03
Thanks for coming to my blog.
I' m Lisa.
Nice meeting you.
vivi_zhu的个人空间 vivi_zhu 留言于2008-12-22 10:54:55
Hi Moli
Thanks for your encouragement !
Yes ,i will come on ,wish you too.
Besides ,i want to say : Moli ,you are right ,family is the most important  part of our life , when we are in trouble ,when we are not happy ,when we are hurt by others , the first person we may think of must  be our parents , at least me too , whenever i feel sad ,feel no courage to go on ,i will think of my dad ,cuz i know i am the only hope of him ,he always lives a poor life ,i have the responsibility to give him hope to live a better life ,so i can't give up myself ,i wil come on !!
Moli ,though your dad can't company you ,i believe there must be other families needing your care ,right ? so , don't be so sad ,try to live a good life , cherich the persons around you ,and take good  care of  yourself .
Come on  !
tangzhengxiang的个人空间 tangzhengxiang 留言于2008-12-15 16:15:58



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