• Everything is going smoothly

    2016-01-29 16:55:03

    I have been working in the new company for almost two months, there are only five staff including the boss in the office, so the relationship is very simple. I work as the general assistant as before. My company is involved the cranes industry, and it is new to me. Though I am familiar with the general assistant’s job, I still have much knowledge to learn.


    My boss is considering to rent a new office and the factory, so I was assigned to do the job. There is much related information on the Internet. I must to learn to choose the incredible ones from those.


    In fact, everything is going smoothly, we signed the lease contract the day before yesterday.

  • Have class

    2015-06-18 17:25:24

    Last June, the factory’s manager Tony quitted his job, the boss asked to go to her office, and said, we were having class about managerment outside, I want you to have class in place of Tony. It is a really good opportunity, and I agreed happily.

    I had three class altogether. Before taking the first class, I was in formal clothes because I think those who came to class must be the management staff. To my surprise, most of the people are the girls and boys, who weared werid clothes such as sleevless T shirt and flip-flops.

    We had a two-day class each month, the course content is mainly about management ,communication and how to sovle the problems.In class, we were devided four teams, if a team had a good performance, they could get scores. Sometimes the teacher played games with us in order to make the atmosphere alive. We had a good dinner each time because the tuition is very expensive.

    Some calssmates didn’t come to have class without asking for a leave from the teacher, some were playing their mobile phones, what’s worse, some slept in the class.

    The course content pay more attention to the theory, and has little help to our actual work.

  • Lily

    2015-06-18 16:54:41

    Lily came to our company last June, she works as a receptionist. Before she has not any experience about the job.

    One time, one of the boss’s important guests came to our company to pay a vist, Lily sat her seat and asked the guest to go upstarirs directly without calling me in advance, by the way, I am the boss’s secretary. What's worse, the guest was ready to go, Lily still didn’t stand up politly.

    Lily is in charge of sending and receiving the parcel. One time, the R&D deparment’s manage John was wating for his parcel anxiously. John even called the sender, who said the parcel had been sent out two days ago and already be sighed by you. John asked Lily at once if she received the parcle, Lily said yes and passed the parcel to John.

    Because my boss wants Lily know something about our company’s products, so she arranged Lily to learn some skills for three days in the service department, however, Lily took a deaf ear to what the boss said.

    The boss was angry, but she thinks it is not easy to recruit a new receptionist, so she let Lily be for a long time.

    Last month, the boss recruited Tina, who did the same work with Lily’s. In fact, Tina’s perfomance is just so so.The boss had a talk with Tina three days ago, later the boss asked me to terminate the contract with Tina.

    Do you know the real reason why the boss made such a decision? Because Tina doesn’t be woking as a receptionist.

  • Travel change the way you treat your live

    2015-06-18 16:15:47

    I took a trip to Suzhou and Dalian with my daughter in Feb. This summer, we are going to Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu and Changsha .

    My dauther likes Suzhou very much, and she wants to go there again, if possible, she even wants to go to college in Suzhou.

    When we were travlling in Suzhou, one of my daughter’s classmates was in Hangzhou and put the hotle’s photos in Wechat. My daughter liked the hotel so much that she suggested we live there the summer. Though the hotel room price is very high, I still think it is worth trying her idea.

    Preciously, before I had a plan for travling,I always found enough information on Internet such as where to live, eat and play. But sometimes, changes is always faster than plan. In 2012, my daugher had a fever the last day in Zhengzhou, so I did nothing but to acompamy her in the hotel. The spring festival, we went to the museum of natral history instead of the shopping mall in Dalian.

     I watched the tourist pictures album on the computer yesterday evening, which left me unforgettable memories . Travel change the way you treat your live.

  • Hair salon

    2015-06-17 17:26:41

    I took my daughter to have our hair cut last Saterday, the salon was celebrating its 60 anniversary.

    A girl served me warmly, as I expected, that girl massaged my neck, at the same time, she started to persuade me to apply for a card. She said, “I come from Hubei, I have been working in Shenzhen before I came to Shanghai. Our hair salon is carrying out the promotional activities, during the time, if you apply for a card, you can get a 50% off discount, which is really a great deal.”

     I kept silence, so she went on saying, “If you ask me to appy for a card for you, I can get 3%commision, and if you ask others to do the thing for you, the other girl can get 3% commision, it doesn’t mattter. For instance, if I like you, I will be kind to you, it is the same reason. I am an honest girl. I hate those who are always telling lies.” I said nothing, she guessed that it would be impossible for her to persuade me, so she asked the barber to serve my need.

    As the matter of fact, I enjoy having my hair cut in the hair salon, however, I am in a blue mood on meething such a talkative girl.

  • The sales meeting

    2015-06-16 16:52:25

    Our company hold a sales meeting on Monday, as usual every one was supposed to report his work. The sales manager Andy said: I think there are many problems in the factioy, for example the workers made low-level mistakes on assembling the products, which had afftected our clients’  reliance for our company. I suggest the factory manager pay more attention to the worker’s training. Our sales staff were always distracted by the complaints.

    I agree with Andy. In any company, the sales department is the most important one, the other departments should offer more supports for them.

    The boss said, on the contrary, I have a different opinion from Andy. In any compamy the conflic between the production and the sales is inevitable, so don’t take the clients’ complaint seriously, the sevice department would handle such complaints according to the process. What you should do is to focus on the sales and go all out to accomplish the annual sales target.

    Immediately Andy said, the topic should be stopped at the time, I just put forward my own point, that is all. If what I said is wrong, I apologize.

    The meeting was going on, Andy said nothing any more.

  • The story of how to learn to drive a car

    2015-06-16 15:55:11

    I started to learn to drive a car the fall in 2013. Master Chen is not only our neighbor but also a driving coach, so my husband asked me to learn driving a car from Master Chen.

    Before I heard form that learning to drive a car is so difficult that many and many people could hardly pass the test. So I was determined that I would make great efforts to prepair the test.

     I bought a professinal book and remembered as more as I could, but I got about 80 in the mock test which made me anxiety. Later, I collected the wongs questions and did much exercises.

    I attached more importance to the the major road test. I was nervours when I shifted gears so the car was getting a little shakey, however I adjusted my state quickly and went through it successfully.

    As far as the drving test, I give you my advice that you learn the basic skills and do simulation training at least two or three times. The most important point is that you should calm down and concentrate yourself on every test item. I remembtered clearly when I closed to the venue driving a car, I heard the voice that the test was over and you passed the test.

    Master Chen said to me, “You like to ask why than anyone, which is a good thing, so that you can deal with it when encountering special circumstances.

  • Mark (2)

    2014-12-04 17:19:38

    Mark worked in Qingpu, I am in Putuo, so QQ becomes the only way we keep in touch. Mark knows I am the GM’s assistant, so he assigned me to do something before reporting to the boss. At the beginning, I did as he told me, but my boss knew nothing, which made me embarrassed.


    One month passed quickly, Mark suggested the boss that we have a meeting, my boss agreed to his suggestion, so I informed all the department managers in advance. That day, Mark talked about the status of the facroty for two hours, he strongly hoped us to cooperate with him.


    At the lunch, Mark said he was too tired with work to talk with his wife after work, he complained that a girl in the factory didn’t obey his work arrangement, which affected his work. We said nothing but listening. He went on to say”The former factory director just sit in the office every day, if something happen, he reports to the boss…I can take him as example.” Everyone was quiet when my boss said, “You can go to work now.”

  • Mark (1)

    2014-12-03 17:11:13

    The factory director resigned this July, so I started to recruit the new employee on the Internet, there were many people applying for the position, my boss interviewed some of them, and chose Mark for the last canditdate. The boss said Mark worked in the foreign company before, has a lot of work experience about how to manage a factory, and all of us are waiting and see what happen.


    It has been about a week since Mark went to work. He couldn't wait to report his work to my boss. That morning, he came to the office very early and talked to me about the facory. He said there is not any regulations in the factory, and the workers work without any enthusiasm, what's worse, the former factory director left him much unfinished work.

  • I am not the right person for the position

    2014-12-03 15:39:20

    An October day, I got a phone call from John, my former boss lily’s brother, who said that he wanted to recruit a newcomer, he hoped to meet me and talked about the thing. I hesitated for a while, because the company I am working is a private one, but the boss trusts me very well and I get along well with my colleagues, however it is a rare opportunity and I agreed to meet John at last.

    “I hear from Lily(my former boss and John’s sister) that you are capable and eager to learn new things, which I value mostly.”

    “Thank you, what she said is right, I am a studious woman.”

    “The position is a purchaser, how about your English?

    “Just so-so, I worked for a foreign company a few years ago and English is my work language.”

    “That’s great, but I suggest you take English class after work, the company will pay your tuition.”

    “I will take it condiderration.”

    “Speaking frankly, there are so many candidates applying for the position, some of them are more outstanding than you at language and experience, I am willing to meet you due to Lily’s recommendation.”

    “I come to meet you and want to know more about the job.”

    Then John introdeced me his company and the reqirement for the purchaser.

    “The salary is as much as what you take in your present company, because I know little about you and I am not sure whether you are qualified for the job.”

    “I know what you mean. I will give you my answer tomorrow.”

    The nex day, I sent a message to John, “Thanks for giving me the opportunity, I don’t think I am the right person for the position.”

    Several minites later, I read John’s reply”That’ s ok ,thank you.”

  • how aren't you aware of it?

    2014-11-28 16:27:08

    The following is the dialogue between my daughter and I.

    Mum, I feel boring.


    Because it is getting colder and colder, our president require us to wear the suit dress on the falg-raising ceremony,so the teacher turn to me for help and ask me to find which stocking are sold well on website, then send her the realted link.

    It is a piece of cake, and I can give you a hand.

    Why me? If the stocking is not good, they must make complain to me.

    Baby, we buy the brand stocking on the trusted site, so what you said is unlikely happen, right?

    I have been worked for more than ten years, each time if the boss ask: who do the job? Others pretended not to hear. I will say, “Let me try!” Frankly speaking, doing a new job is a chanllege, at the same time, is also a rare opportunity, I can get a lot of experiences, how aren’t you aware of it?

  • the decision is measured

    2014-11-27 16:44:33

    The March, I worte an e-mail to my boss Lily. “I disagree the company’s management concept and method, and I am not happy working in the company, for better personal development, I ask resign request……”

    The boss is astonished to receive my e-mali, the following day, she talked to me and wanted to know the real reason. I appreciated her support for my job and promised her that I would handover my job.

    The last day when I worked in that company, I receivd a short message my boss sent me: Thanks so much for your giving and accompay me to spend the hard time, I really hope you think the second time before you make the last decision. Maybe you give me a big surprise.

    I felt a little sad and replied her: I am sorry, but the decision is measured.
  • since then

    2014-11-27 16:20:07

    I had two colleagues in my former company. This March, I quited that job for some reason, but I still keep in touch with them.

    Z is a newcomer, in fact, both of us just worked together for a few days,I told Z how to work efficiently and how to get along with the colleagues. Z appreciated my help, and she adapted herself to the new work in a short time. Even I went to a new company, she still asked some questions on QQ, and I am willing to help her. When she knew the company I worked for is a private one and I always work overtime, she said: I don’t work in the private company unless I die, and you are sure to work overtime happily because you get a high salary.

    G is one of my colleagues in Taichang, who works hard, but never be promoted, so she always makes complain. Z is older than me, she studied outside for further education, and expected to find a new job. The new leader took my place, but she thinks that leader is not qualified for his job, what’s more, she dislikes to work with others. Later that leader was fired. G told me that she and other workmates dine outside for celebration.

    I seldom contact with Z and G since then.

  • A B and C

    2014-11-27 11:33:45

     In order to manage the sales staff, the boss bought a series of move management software, which I am against. I think that you doubt a person, do not use him. However the boss has her own thought. We all attened the training meeting, the boss asked everyone to use it so that we can find if the software is suitable.


    During the two weeks, A and B use the software everyday. A told me that the software consumes electric power and it is impractical. I gusee B faces the same problem, but B said nothing. C is on the way to business, and it is a good time to test the software, but I found C never uses the software. I called C, who said, it is unconvinent for me to use it, for I am busy everyday. I said the boss asked you to use it, C answered Ok, but he did on his own way.


    Which one do you like if you are asked to choose the one among the three staff?

  • a big challenge

    2014-11-27 11:30:55

    The boss is not satisfied with W in the company, who has bad attitude towards his work, however the boss wants me to talk to W, because I am the boss’s asstitant.

    There is not the HR in the commpany, so I take the place of HR’s work, such as recriutment, interview and trianing. I stuided lots of knowledge by doing the kind of work, but firing an employee, it is indeed a big challenge for me.

    Because W is a salesman, and goes out nearly everyday. So I called W.

    “Hello, this is Lucy speaking.(Lucy is my English name)Are you busy now?”

    “Yes I am.”

    “Will you come to the company tomorrow? I want to talk to you something.”

    “Ok, but can you tell me anything now?”

    “It is better to meet and talk tomorrow.”

    It seems like W has a sense of a feeling.

    The next day moring ,W came to the company earlier than normal. He entered to my office.

    “Sit down, please. To be frank, it is has been five months since you came to the company, Though you work hard, yet the boss thinks your performans doesn’t meet her standard, so we want to terminate the contract with you, and we’ll pay a month’s salary to you adittionaly."


    I was a little surprised at his reaction.

    “Now you handover your work to your department manager, if everything goes smoothly, we can finish all the procedure today.”

    Half an hour later, W said goodbye to me and left the company.

  • Pressure

    2013-03-06 16:41:34

    A man says, “Studying a new thing is usually along with undertaking pressure. In fact, pressure means progress. Everything has two sides, and I always look at things in a positive way.”

    I was afraid of pressure in the past, and I don’t think doing a jog under pressure is happy, now I changed the idea. From my point of view, pressure is equal to challenge, of course, challenge means discovery as well.

    Perhaps you are confused about my words. Let me explain it in detail. After you experience challenge, you will get a big surprise. You will find that you have a lot potential you might not know before, as a matter of fact, you could have done the work better under pressure.

    All in all, we should have a correct view of pressure.

  • Action make this year be better than last year

    2013-03-06 16:17:25

    Most of us draw up a plan for a new year. With time passing by, we find we fail to achieve our goals at the end of a year. What’s the problem? Let me tell you, the answer is that we lack of action. A saying goes that action speaks louder than words, which make sense.

    For example, you plan to read a few good books in a new year. First, you must buy some books you want to read. Second, you ought to spend some time reading books. If you do so like that, the plan of reading books is not difficult, isn’t it?

    Take another example, you are not satisfied with your current job, but you do nothing but make complain, which is useless. If you want to land a new job, what you need is action. In the first place, you are clear about which industry you want to be. Next, you are qualified to the new position. At last, salary and benefit are what you are supposed to consider. After you think twice, take action at once.

    Action make this year be better than last year.

  • What is the standard of health?

    2013-03-06 15:26:18

    What is the standard of health? The newspaper says that the healthy people don’t earn much money by working overtime, don’t reward themselves just by going some shopping. The healthy people don’t be afraid of losing jobs, and they dare to speak out their thought about work.

    The healthy people have time and energy to do what they want, for instance, reading, painting and dancing are the good choices. If so, everyone can enjoy the pleasure the art brings. The healthy people can start to learn a new skill no matter how old they are, which turns out their life are totally different.

    There are many ways to enjoy the life. As a word, material is not the biggest life goal.

  • Time management

    2013-03-06 14:06:30

    Many people say that they have no time to do what they want, because they are very busy, maybe it is true. However I have some different ideas from theirs.

    In my opinion, as long as we arrange time reasonably, we still have some time to do what we like. Take me for example, I go for a short trip in a couple of days, I share something interesting by being with my friends at the cafe, I spend two hours to see a film before going to bed, I read books to relax myself instead of chatting with the workmates at noon. I try to translate a few of sentences from Chinese to English in ten minutes, so you are not surprised that I have a good command of English, aren’t you?

    Time arrangement is what every one should learn in life.

  • Endurance is a painful thing

    2013-03-06 13:47:47

    I worked for a foreign company in 2013. Once, the company organized us to go to Fujian for a trip. That was my first time to go by airplane. I was very excited before the plan took off, then my got an earache. One colleague beside me advised that chewing gum might alleviate pain, I took his advice, but it didn’t work. I had nothing to do but endure pain.

    Everyday I take my daughter to school by electric-bicycle. What I can’t endure on the road is that the passengers cross the road without looking at the traffic-light and the cars make a turn at will. Oh my god! I am very angry, but my daughter says that they have formed this kind of habit, it is difficult for them to break the habit, why are you angry at them?

    To me, endurance is a painful thing I have to experience.

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