Do you want to become the next one?

2011-12-28 14:38:30

The blog I wrote a couple of days ago is as follows:

I subscribed a newspaper called 21st century English since 2008. The newspaper is published once weekly. I like reading English newspaper, for I know how to express topic news and hot issues in English by reading English newspaper. I will use some good sentences that I learn from English newspaper to my English blogs, so my English blogs are always welcomed by many bloggers. I admit that reading English newspapers indeed help improve my English.

Before, I threw away those old English newspapers after I finished reading them, but I began to collect them since this September. Now these English newspapers are kept in my drawer, I wanna send them to my friends who like English. The one who need English newspapers may send E-mail at

There are many ways to help others if you have a heart full of gratitude.


A girl named Shushu has received my English newspapers. Do you want to become the next one? Don’t forget to send me an E-mail at and tell me your name, your address and your mobile phone number in Chinese. I will do as I promised in my blogs. Only two people can get my presents. Good luck for you!



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