Some topics of 2011—it is the most significant year

2011-12-28 15:50:15

This year is drawing to a close. I am writing some blogs about my work and my life in 2011.

I love travel and I have been to many beautiful places such as Qingdao, Beijing and Yangzhou.

I made some new true friends this year.

My daughter has made more progress in study.

I love to take photos of myself with mobile phone.

I visited shanghai book fair and Asia international pet show

I wrote more than 200 Chinese blogs and 100 English blogs.

Seeing foreign films enriched my ordinary life.

I went to Beijing on business with my boss the first time.

I am considering whether to change a job the next year.

I am looking forward to taking my daughter to my hometown to spend the spring festival with my mother.

 Best wishes for my family and my friends.



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