Annie's mother

2011-12-30 16:22:54

Annie is my daughter’s deskmate. Because Annie did good job at English festival that was held in school last month, therefore, the teacher gave her two notebooks as a reward, but she took only one. Annie told this matter to her mother, who got angry at once, saying: You must bring back that notebook, or I will not take you out for dinner on your birthday.

Annie’s mother pays close attention to her English. Annie has been taken English class at weekends since her entering the primary school. Speaking honestly, Annie almost scores the highest marks on the exams. Once, my daughter did better than Annie on English test. Annie was so depressed that she talked nothing with my daughter the whole day. What’s more, Annie’s mother sets the language to English in Annie’s mobile phone. If someone sends short message to Annie, English is a must.

Last parents’ meeting, I met Annie’s mother, for she sat besides me. She was busy taking notes when the teachers spoke on the platform. It was nearly 9:30 pm when the meeting ended, we all walked out of the classroom. I noticed that Annie’s mother was talking with English teacher.



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