Dear moli (1)

2012-01-11 11:26:46

Dear Moli,


This is Shirley from Guangdong. Your English is extremely excellent. Thank you very much for your sharing the story to us . I know your English blogs has attracted lots of readers' attention. And I am absolutely the one of your readers. From your articles, I noticed you are a good mother and a good wife. You are friendly and take a good attitude toward life. You take good care of your child .Your daughter must be lovely and smart too. Whenever I am free, I enjoy reading your articles. I can learn a lot from you.


Actually, I like reading English newspaper too. I still remember that When I was at college. I go to the library frequently to read newspaper, such as 21ST century, Shenzhen daily, China daily. 21ST Century is my favorite. I can learn some new words from it which is not turn up on the textbook. To tell you the truth, I like to keep record for my daily life by English blogs. I think in some way, we are in common. I like learning English since I was at middle school. That is why I chose business English as my major at college.


The Spring Festival is approaching. I guess you may be on holiday now. Wish everything is ok with your family.


Happy new year! Just keep writing!


Yours sincerely


Jan 10th, 2012



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