So is life

2012-01-12 14:49:06

So is life

I made a decision half a month ago that I would take my daughter to go back spending the spring festival with my mother. In order to return to my hometown, I gave up travelling abroad. My daughter failed on math examination again this semester, which disappointed me a lot. By the way, it is very difficult to buy train ticket online, so I hesitate whether I will go home.

I had planned to transfer in Jinzhou, Liaoning province. However, something is come up, so I booked two airline tickets from Shanghai to Shenyang. Speaking frankly, the tickets are very expensive.

These days I have been making preparation for going home. What gift should I buy for my family? Where to live in Shenyang? What to do at home?

This morning I noticed a message from a net friend: Are you busy these days? I am looking forward to reading your blogs. Thank them for caring about me.

I got a red packet with money from my boss yesterday, which made me very happy. I determine to go on working in this company, for I know well with work. I feel no pressure at work, which is very important to me. When it comes to my daughter, I hope she would make progress in her lesson. If time permits, I will go on a journey with my family.

“So is life” is my friend’s motto. In fact, attitude determines how your life is going.

Best wishes for all.



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