Why my net name is 晴微?

2012-02-17 14:58:28

Many think that my net name 晴微is very good. OK! I would like to tell you the real reason.

I wrote a novel called “good girls” in senior high school. There are four characters, whose name are called respectively晴微,银月,青琳和彩莹. You guess that I liked reading 琼瑶’s novel at that time. That is right! I lent my novel to my good friends, who liked it very much saying I am 晴微. As a matter of fact, I regarded 晴微as myself when writing this novel.

Later I had access to the Internet, and my net name is 晴微.

Two years ago, I often ordered songs through broadcasting station. Luckily, my favorite songs were on the air. I remembered what the DJ said, thank 晴微for recommending such these good songs, her name made us feel warm.

I like my net name 晴微. How about you?


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beautiful and elegant name!

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