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2012-02-17 15:30:02

1.New Roman'">                  Haha! Boys and girls, I am going hometown. Don’t call me before Feb 1. I miss you!

2.                It is -15, ice and snow are here and there. I think it is warmer in northeast than that of Shanghai.

3.                It is boring there is no way to surf the Internet in hometown.

4.                The gala without zhao benshan is extremely dull.

5.                I don’t wanna go to bed even it is midnight.

6.                I have to recite a long article. Oh, my god!

7.                I hate doing so much and much homework everyday.

8.                I am eating sugarcane…

9.                The most happy thing that I have had is to read many micro blogs referring to my name.


Crazy-English's zone 删除 Crazy-English 发布于2012-02-24 16:19:31
Well-wriitten! But maybe you "the most happy" should be changed into "happiest" and "referring to" can be changed into "mentioning". Just my advice.

-5 -3 -1 - +1 +3 +5

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