Say NO to tutorial class

2012-02-21 14:20:22

Last semester, my daughter did well on English and Chinese examinations. However, she got poor grade in math, which disappointed me a lot. You may not know that she is taking math tutorial class.

In the winter holiday, I have been thinking if my daughter should go to a better tutorial school for study improvement, but I made an important decision after second thoughts, that she doesn’t take any class at weekends from now on.

For one thing, my daughter’s assignment is so much that she has to do them until 10 pm every day. For another thing, the tutorial class is arranged in the morning when she is sleepy. Undoubtly, the learning effect is not as good as I think.

This semester, she and I don’t get up until 10 pm at weekends. We are energetic all the day. She does homework, plays with dogs, while I do housework and read my favorite novel. Furthermore, we have time to take a walk after dinner.

Yesterday, my daughter told me a good news that she got 92 in math test. That is great! ”I want to prove that I can study well not taking tutorial class,” my daughter said. ”OK! Action speaks louder than words. Come on!” I said.


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It is wise for you to quit the tutorial class. Usually there are a lot of students in one class so that the teacher has little extra time to pay attention to one student. You can tutor her yourself if you have the time.

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