Keep my words

2012-03-02 13:58:31

The end of last year, I wrote a blog in Chinese and in English. The content of this blog is that I want to give my English newspapers to my net friends who are interested in learning English. A few days later, I received three E-mails from three girls. I am happy to deliver English newspapers to them by express. They replied me thanking me for my kindness after receiving them.

Two weeks ago, I got an English E-mail from a boy, who works in Guangdong. He asked me if I had English newspapers in hand, and he wanted to get them. I answered: “Yes, I have. Please tell me your contact information in Chinese if you want them.”

Later I did as I had promised them before. It is a pleasure to help others in some ways.


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You are so kind and helpful to strangers!

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