How to integrate yourself into the unfamiliar environment?

2012-03-13 16:10:03

I went to Shanghai to attend college in the year of 1995.  I was a lucky dog because four roommates came from Shanghai, so I asked them to teach me how to speak Shanghai dialect. In order to know more about Shanghai, I read Shanghai newspaper, visited famous scenic spots, tasted specialty foods such as 小笼包和排骨年糕. After graduation I found surprisingly that I had integrated myself into Shanghai.

Last summer, I took my daughter to Qingdao for travel. Even though one of my friends lives in Qingdao, who was busy and had no time to accompany us, so I and my daughter started an individual tour. We chatted with Qingdao natives and understood the local culture. W went out by bus instead of taking taxi, in this way, we could know more about the city. In the morning, we worked out with local people. All in all, we had a good time in Qingdao.

We can enjoy every day if we integrate ourselves into the unfamiliar surroundings as soon as possible.


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You are very great for your english,

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