Don't keep silent any more

2012-03-23 16:04:25

I always keep silent when something unfair happen in my surroundings, because I don’t want myself in trouble, believing "the less trouble the better".

The day before yesterday, I sent my daughter to go to school by electric bicycle. The green light was on, so I rode forward, however, some cars were turning right one by one at that time. It seemed like that they didn’t want to stop the cars. I got angry, I rode electric bicycle slowly. Suddenly there was a car coming towords me. The driver was a woman. What annoyed me was that she was honking the horn in the car. I shouted out: ” You didn’t wait for a while until I went first. The vehicles that go straight have the priority, right? You must be out of mind.” I had so a loud, strong voice that almost everyone on the rold looked at me. Consequently the women stopped the car.

Two days ago, I wrote a blog on my career life, referring to one of my colleages, who was arrogant, and his work is inefficient. A blogger made comment as follows, “I give you an advice, you had better not write anyone who works with you in the current company. It will be an embarrassing thing if something changes.” I replied: “Thanks for your kindness. I thought twice befor I was about to write this blog.”

In the society, most people care nothing but his of her business, but I don’t keep silent any more.


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I think so, we should defend our justified rights.

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