My career life(一)

2012-03-28 16:33:15

I have been working for almost ten years since I started working in 2001. Frankly speaking, I have experienced a lot in work, and I have a deep feeling about work. Now I can deal with work easily, what’s more, I really enjoy myself at work. So I am going to write some stories that happened to me in my career life. I hope the stories can benefit you.


The key word: internship


In general, internship ranges from a month to three months, most people can survive the internship. I would like to emphasize that a person’s performance in internship can not be negelected.

My first job was working in sales department. Every morning I went to office ten minutes in advance. I often gave the clients calls communicating with them. Sometimes I accompanied my boss to visit the important client and so on. In a word, we should do every work carefully and responsibly in the course of internship.

I worked in foreign company in 2003. Though my work had nothing with the product, I still learned much knowledge about our product. I would ask my colleagues for help if I encounterd some difficulty in work. Not only I finished work, but also I thought more about how to improve work efficienry. A month later, my boss consulted my workmates how my work ablility was, they all gave me a thumbs –up.

I came to the current company at the beginning of 2010. In less half a month, I quickly got acquainted with my new duties. What’s more, I knew everyone in the company and called out their names when I met them the second time. I hardly made mistake in my work, moreover I didn’t stand beside someone just for individual interest. At last I became an official employee in advance.

Be active, modest, enthusiastic in doing everything in internship is what I want to tell you.


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