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2012-08-21 17:30:14

I finished today’s work this morning, so I had time to read newspapers. Someone holds that reading newspapers is in order to obtain information, I don’t think so. In my opinion, reading newspapers is equal to gain knowledge.

Chinese Valentine's day is coming in two days. Of course, chocolate are indispensable. A commercial advertisement is written such as: have you seen the film “chocolate”? The actress once said that we can live without a chocolate, but we can not live without love. I saw the film two month ago and the actress’s performance touched me deeply.

The newspaper have career column as well. A man asked a question. I am a newcomer in a company, after working for a period of time, I found A, one of my colleagues always pushes out me at work, what’s worse, A takes my contribution to the work, which made me in a dilemma. What should I do? The expert replied as follows: next time, you make sure that you are the first one to report work so that A will say nothing about the work. By the way, you are supposed to communicate with your boss usually, for the boss can’t see the truth sometimes.

I used to make some comments, for example: don’t regret what you did before, you will be sorry about what you want to do but not do in the future. In today’s newspaper, Mark Twain’s words are as follows: in the next twenty years, compared with those that have been done, you will be more and more regret the things you didn't do. I feel happy, for both of us have the same view.

All in all, reading newspapers is not as easy as it seems.



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Ummm... very impressive

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