The sales meeting

2015-06-16 16:52:25

Our company hold a sales meeting on Monday, as usual every one was supposed to report his work. The sales manager Andy said: I think there are many problems in the factioy, for example the workers made low-level mistakes on assembling the products, which had afftected our clients’  reliance for our company. I suggest the factory manager pay more attention to the worker’s training. Our sales staff were always distracted by the complaints.

I agree with Andy. In any company, the sales department is the most important one, the other departments should offer more supports for them.

The boss said, on the contrary, I have a different opinion from Andy. In any compamy the conflic between the production and the sales is inevitable, so don’t take the clients’ complaint seriously, the sevice department would handle such complaints according to the process. What you should do is to focus on the sales and go all out to accomplish the annual sales target.

Immediately Andy said, the topic should be stopped at the time, I just put forward my own point, that is all. If what I said is wrong, I apologize.

The meeting was going on, Andy said nothing any more.


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Hello Moli. I have paid close attention to your blog so long time. I am glad to see your new update.

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