Hair salon

2015-06-17 17:26:41

I took my daughter to have our hair cut last Saterday, the salon was celebrating its 60 anniversary.

A girl served me warmly, as I expected, that girl massaged my neck, at the same time, she started to persuade me to apply for a card. She said, “I come from Hubei, I have been working in Shenzhen before I came to Shanghai. Our hair salon is carrying out the promotional activities, during the time, if you apply for a card, you can get a 50% off discount, which is really a great deal.”

 I kept silence, so she went on saying, “If you ask me to appy for a card for you, I can get 3%commision, and if you ask others to do the thing for you, the other girl can get 3% commision, it doesn’t mattter. For instance, if I like you, I will be kind to you, it is the same reason. I am an honest girl. I hate those who are always telling lies.” I said nothing, she guessed that it would be impossible for her to persuade me, so she asked the barber to serve my need.

As the matter of fact, I enjoy having my hair cut in the hair salon, however, I am in a blue mood on meething such a talkative girl.



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