Travel change the way you treat your live

2015-06-18 16:15:47

I took a trip to Suzhou and Dalian with my daughter in Feb. This summer, we are going to Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu and Changsha .

My dauther likes Suzhou very much, and she wants to go there again, if possible, she even wants to go to college in Suzhou.

When we were travlling in Suzhou, one of my daughter’s classmates was in Hangzhou and put the hotle’s photos in Wechat. My daughter liked the hotel so much that she suggested we live there the summer. Though the hotel room price is very high, I still think it is worth trying her idea.

Preciously, before I had a plan for travling,I always found enough information on Internet such as where to live, eat and play. But sometimes, changes is always faster than plan. In 2012, my daugher had a fever the last day in Zhengzhou, so I did nothing but to acompamy her in the hotel. The spring festival, we went to the museum of natral history instead of the shopping mall in Dalian.

 I watched the tourist pictures album on the computer yesterday evening, which left me unforgettable memories . Travel change the way you treat your live.



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