2015-06-18 16:54:41

Lily came to our company last June, she works as a receptionist. Before she has not any experience about the job.

One time, one of the boss’s important guests came to our company to pay a vist, Lily sat her seat and asked the guest to go upstarirs directly without calling me in advance, by the way, I am the boss’s secretary. What's worse, the guest was ready to go, Lily still didn’t stand up politly.

Lily is in charge of sending and receiving the parcel. One time, the R&D deparment’s manage John was wating for his parcel anxiously. John even called the sender, who said the parcel had been sent out two days ago and already be sighed by you. John asked Lily at once if she received the parcle, Lily said yes and passed the parcel to John.

Because my boss wants Lily know something about our company’s products, so she arranged Lily to learn some skills for three days in the service department, however, Lily took a deaf ear to what the boss said.

The boss was angry, but she thinks it is not easy to recruit a new receptionist, so she let Lily be for a long time.

Last month, the boss recruited Tina, who did the same work with Lily’s. In fact, Tina’s perfomance is just so so.The boss had a talk with Tina three days ago, later the boss asked me to terminate the contract with Tina.

Do you know the real reason why the boss made such a decision? Because Tina doesn’t be woking as a receptionist.



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