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2015-06-18 17:25:24

Last June, the factory’s manager Tony quitted his job, the boss asked to go to her office, and said, we were having class about managerment outside, I want you to have class in place of Tony. It is a really good opportunity, and I agreed happily.

I had three class altogether. Before taking the first class, I was in formal clothes because I think those who came to class must be the management staff. To my surprise, most of the people are the girls and boys, who weared werid clothes such as sleevless T shirt and flip-flops.

We had a two-day class each month, the course content is mainly about management ,communication and how to sovle the problems.In class, we were devided four teams, if a team had a good performance, they could get scores. Sometimes the teacher played games with us in order to make the atmosphere alive. We had a good dinner each time because the tuition is very expensive.

Some calssmates didn’t come to have class without asking for a leave from the teacher, some were playing their mobile phones, what’s worse, some slept in the class.

The course content pay more attention to the theory, and has little help to our actual work.



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