• 金融海啸来袭,中国也难幸免


    China finds no immunity from global crisis

    BEIJING: Had it been up to him, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao might have scheduled things differently. Wen will be in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday to address the annual winter meeting of the World Economic Forum while China will be carrying on with the weeklong celebration of its most important holiday, the Lunar New Year.如果让温家宝来处理此事的话,那么他可能会有另一番安排。在中国还继续沉浸在农历春节这个重要节日时,温家宝将于周三在瑞士达沃斯举行的世界经济论坛年会上发表讲话。

    Wen might likewise wish the agenda were different, for unlike Davos meetings of recent years, this year's talks will focus not on heady predictions about a rising China and its growing economic might. Instead, the question will be how the world - China included - will steer its way through the deepening global downturn.温家宝可能与其他国家一样,希望此次会议能改变将要计论的议程。与近几年的几次会议不同的是,此次会议重点不是放在对一个兴起的中国及其繁荣经济的憧憬,而是包括中国在内的所有国家如何能在日渐消沉的世界经济中找到自己的方向。

    Wen will visit several European countries before heading back home and, according to Huang Yasheng, a China specialist and professor of political economy at the MIT Sloan School of Management, will find a distressingly new and subdued mood upon his return. While economic activity normally slows down for one month as people take time to visit their hometowns, Huang doubts that things will return to normal  afterward.温家宝此次访问将到达欧洲部分国家,据麻省理工斯隆管理学院的中国专家和政治经济教授说,温的此次访问一结束,将会被一种新的,压抑的气氛笼罩。黄怀疑,由于人们都回老家走亲访友,经济活动也正常下降,而过了这一段时间,经济是否能回复到正常状态。

    "Psychologically, the Chinese New Year is very important to people, and afterwards the feeling in China will be very different than before," said Huang, the author of the book "Capitalism With Chinese Characteristics." "The usual slowdown will happen, but the postholiday pickup will not."从心理角度来讲,中国的新年对人们非常重要,新年过后中国的景象就与节前大不相同了。这个书名为《中国式的资本主义》的作者说到。他还说,经济在这一时期出现下坡是很平常的事,但是节后的回升却不然。

    Of the 200 million or more rural dwellers who migrate to Chinese cities for work, a significant percentage will be making one-way journeys home this holiday season. Whether their jobs were on urban construction sites or at factories in China's most prosperous and dynamic coastal areas, many have already been told not to come back.

    Speaking on the condition that he not be quoted by name, a researcher at the Central Communist Party School, a top-level official research institution, estimated that out of the 130 million Chinese migrants who crossed provincial lines for work, 20 percent to 30 percent will find themselves jobless after the holiday.一个研究所的高层官员以匿名身份做出估计,在所有进城务工的农民工中,有百分之二十到三十的人,也就是约一亿三千万人,在春节后都会没了饭碗。

    In the current climate, Huang predicted, jobs will be no easier to find in their rural hometowns. And with the rapid pace of development and the steady conversion of arable land in rural areas, many will likewise find it impossible to return to farming.黄预测,在当前经济气候下,在农村与在城市,工作一样难找。而且随着经济的快步发展,以及农村地区可耕地的稳步改造,,农民工也无法务农。

    "I'm not very optimistic," Huang said.我对前景不报乐观态度。

    All this marks a sobering shift from the prevailing China narrative of recent years at international business and policy gatherings like Davos.所有这些意味着,近几年国际事务和如同在达沃斯举行的政治会谈国中主要谈论中国的潮流已发生了强烈变化。

    In certain tellings of that tale, China looked set to chug along as an increasingly huge and powerful engine of growth that would pull other regional economies along with it. In other views, China's rise was portrayed more menacingly as that of a relentless - and potentially destabilizing - upstart.在此次会议中,中国表现出了愿以一个日渐强大并有力的推动力的恣态将各国联系在一起,促进共同发展。有些观点则认为,中国就像是一个爆发户,壮大的中国被看作是一个越来越是个威胁,并且被认为是一个无情的,潜在的不稳定因素。

    The catch phrases have varied, too, with the "Asian Century," the "Chinese Century" and the "Pacific Century" all seeing plenty of use by commentators, according to their varying views as to how much India or Japan might figure into the mix. But minor details aside, there was little doubt that in the 21st Century the world's economic center of gravity would move ever closer to  China.现在的流行语也多了几起来,有“亚洲世纪”,“中国世纪”“太平洋世纪”等等,这些现在都被评论员们广泛使用,根据是他们对印度和日本在这个圈子里占到的份量的不同看法。虽然有些不太重要的言论,有一点是无疑的,二十一世纪的世界经济中心将更向中国靠近。

    Now, nearly a decade into that century, things look somewhat murkier. After a slight lag, China has followed the United States and Europe into a profound economic slowdown. The annualized growth rate of China's gross domestic product declined to 6.8 percent in the fourth quarter of last year, from 9 percent in the third quarter, according to numbers released last week by the National Bureau of Statistics. That marks China's sixth straight quarter of slowing growth and its poorest quarterly performance since  mid-2003.现在,接近二十一世纪的头个十年,世界经济前景越来越黯然。中国继美国和欧洲,也由稍稍落后跌到了经济危机的沉渊。根据上周国家统计局发布的数据,去年第四季度,国内生产总值年增长率由第三季度的百分之九跌至了百分之六点八。这标志着自零三年年中以来的第六个经济连续下坡,也是最严重的一次。

    While a growth rate of 6.8 percent might be the envy of just about any other country, it is - for multiple reasons - ringing alarm bells in Beijing.尽管百分之六点八的增长率对其他任何国家来说都可望而不可求,但由于各种原因,这个数字还是给中国敲响了警钟。

    First, it calls into question the hotly debated notion of economic "decoupling," which held out hope that emerging economies might steer clear of downward global currents and instead follow their own more positive trajectories. Because it is so large, and the inertial force of its growth is seen as so strong, China seemed especially well positioned to resist global trends.首先,这引起了对”经济脱钩”的定交的热列讨论。这一观点让人们对新兴国家报有希望,他们认为这些国家能更冲出全球经济的大浪,找到自己的更为积极的道路。由于中国是个大国,其经济增长的惯性力依然强大,中国最有可能抵挡住金融海啸的惊涛骇浪。

    Second, these newly reported growth numbers pull China, by the admission of its own top leadership, into a danger zone. Government economists have long maintained that a 7 percent growth rate was needed to maintain employment levels and ward off widespread social instability. Senior officials, including Wen, have publicly warned that a prolonged period of slower growth could lead to serious problems.第二,这些最近报道的增长数字使得中国在领导层的带动下进入到了危险境地。政府经济学家坚持认为,如果中国想保持就业水平,平息社会动乱,经济增长率必须达到百分之七的水平。包括温家宝在内的中国高层官员已公开表示,长期的减速成发展会导致严重问题。

    The fact that China has followed other economies into decline does not mark a conclusive debunking of the decoupling theory. There is no doubt that wide ranging and longstanding internal factors have also played a  role.中国经济随大波下降并不是最终的脱钩理论的表现,它无疑也是各种各样的长期的存在的内部因素的表现。

  • 英央视名声大振,基本自由濒危


    Lords: rise of CCTV is threat to freedom英央视名声大振,基本自由濒危

    World's most pervasive surveillance undermines basic liberties, say peers


    Britain leads the world in the use of CCTV, says report published today. Photograph: Getty Images英国的央视在国际上可谓独树一帜。

    The steady expansion of the "surveillance society" risks undermining fundamental freedoms including the right to privacy, according to a House of Lords report published today.上议院今日的一份报道称,这一监视社会的蒸蒸日上侵害到包括隐私权在内的基本自由。

    The peers say Britain has constructed one of the most extensive and technologically advanced surveillance systems in the world in the name of combating terrorism and crime and improving administrative efficiency.议员们说,英国为了进行反恐,打击犯罪,提前行政府效率,已建立起了世界上最为强大和先进的监视系统。

    The report, Surveillance: Citizens and the State, by the Lords' constitution committee, says Britain leads the world in the use of CCTV, with an estimated 4m cameras, and in building a national DNA database, with more than 7% of the population already logged compared with 0.5% in the America.这篇叫做surveillance的报道说,英国在以下方面是领先世界的:有大约四百万台摄像机,并建立起了一个国家DNA数据,其中7%的人已被纳入此数据库,而在美国,这一比例只有0。5%。

    The cross-party committee which includes Lord Woolf, a former lord chief justice, and two former attorneys general, Lord Morris and Lord Lyell, warns that "pervasive and routine" electronic surveillance and the collection and processing of personal information is almost taken for granted.前首席大法官lord woolf以及二名前检察总长所在的跨党系委员会提醒说,普遍的电子监视以及对个人信息的收集和加工被认为是理所当然。

    Although many surveillance practices and data collection processes are unknown to most people, the expansion in their use represents "one of the most significant changes in the life of the nation since the end of the second world war", the report says. The committee warns that the national DNA database could be used for "malign purposes", challenges whether CCTV cuts crime and questions whether local authorities should be allowed to use surveillance powers at all.虽然很多监视行为和数据收集过程不为人所知,这一行为的扩大化反映了二战结束以来英国生活发生的巨大变化,报道说。委员会警示说,国家NDA数据库可能会被恶意地利用,并对中央电视台的报道是否能降低犯罪,地方机关是否可以使用监视权提出了质疑。

    The peers say privacy is an "essential prerequisite to the exercise of individual freedom" and the growing use of surveillance and data collection needs to be regulated by executive and legislative restraint at all times.议员们说,隐私是行使个人自由的必要前提,日益蔓延的监视和数据收集的行为需要行政和立法机关的即时管理。

    Lord Goodlad, the former Tory chief whip and committee chairman, said there could be no justification for this gradual but incessant creep towards every detail about an individual being recorded and pored over by the state. 前保守党领导人和委员会主席说,不断的并以循序渐进方式获得国家纪录并关注的所有私人信息是没有道理的。

    "The huge rise in surveillance and data collection by the state and other organisations risks undermining the long-standing traditions of privacy and individual freedom which are vital for democracy," he said. "If the public are to trust that information about them is not being improperly used there should be much more openness about what data is collected, by whom and how it is used."监视行为的普及以国家和其家组织的数据收集行为使对民主国家至关重要的长期以来的隐私和个人自由的传统被破坏。如果公众认为有关他们的信息被不正当使用,那么在数据的内容,使用者,以及使用方式上应该有更大的公开度。

    The constitution committee makes more than 40 recommendations to protect individual privacy, including the deletion of all profiles from the national DNA database except for those of convicted criminals and a call for the mandatory encryption of personal data held by public and private organisations that are legally obliged to hold it. 宪法委员会对个人隐私的保护提出了四十多条建议,包括从国家DNA数据库中删除除了罪犯以外的所有人的资料,并要求由法律义务实行加密术的公共或私有组织持有的个人数据实行强制性加密。

    But the report is sile,nt on proposals from Jacqui Smith, the home secretary, for a "superdatabase" tracking everybody's emails, calls, texts and internet use and from Jack Straw, the justice secretary, to lower barriers on the widespread sharing of personal data across the public sector.但是报道并没减少,特别是内政大臣的提议,那就是建立一个超级数据库,跟踪监视每人的邮件,电话,信息,因特网使用。也不是律政司司长的关于降低公共部门的广泛个人数据分享的阻碍。

    But the peers are critical of whether local authorities should continue to exercise their surveillance powers under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000. They say examples of local councils using covert surveillance operations to stop fly tipping, reducing dog fouling, and investigate fraudulent school place applications led them to question how they acquired such powers. Ministers should examine whether local authorities, rather than the police, are the appropriate bodies to mount surveillance operations, the peers say. If they are, then their use should be confined to crime investigations that carry a minimum two-year prison sentence.但是议员们对地方政府是否应该要在调查权力规则法案下继续行使监视权仍有疑问。他们说,地方委员会通过隐蔽监视制止乱扔垃圾,减少下水道堵塞情况,调查欺骗性的学校占地申请使得他们曾对申请者如何获得这个权力提出了疑问。各级部长应该验证是不是地方政府,而不是警方,实施监视行为的现象在增多,如果真是这样的话,这一监视行为应该在限制在两年以上有期徒刑犯罪调查的范围内。

    The peers say individuals targeted by such operations should be informed when it is completed, as long as no investigation is prejudiced.议员们说被这些想要进行监视的人盯上的人,只要调查没有偏见,应该在监视完成后通知被监视者。

  • 孤独海滩


    The Caribbean economies

    Lonely beaches孤独海滩

    Jan 29th 2009 | PORT OF SPAIN
    From The Economist print edition

    A fall in tourism, and other body blows

    Rex Features

    IT IS the time of year when the island nations of the Caribbean normally expect their hotels and beaches to be packed with sun-seekers. But this year, cash-strapped North Americans and Europeans are staying at home. Visitor numbers will fall by up to a third, reckons Harold Lovell, who chairs the Caribbean Tourism Organisation. The hotel association in Tobago says that only one bed in three is occupied. Atlantis, a mega-resort in the Bahamas, laid off 800 staff in November, while flights to Nassau, the capital, have been cut by a quarter. The picture is similar in the Dominican Republic, while a strong increase in tourist arrivals in Cuba tailed off in the last three months of last year. 此时正值加勒比海岛国他们的旅馆和沙滩旅游业生意兴隆重之时,每年这个时候这里往往都聚集了大量的阳光度假者.但是今年,北美和欧洲大部分人都是囊中羞涩,不得不呆在家中.据加勒比海旅游组织负责人估计,今年前往加勒比度假的人将比往年减少三分之一.多巴哥的旅馆联盟说,旅客入住率只有三分之一.atlantis处在巴哈马群岛中的这个超级旅游胜地在去年的十一月已裁员八百人,而飞往首都nassau的航班也减少了四分之一.多美尼西亚共和国的情况也是如此,在古巴,前来度假的游客人数增长率也在去年最后三个月有所下降.

    The scarcity of tourists has halted some ambitious expansion plans, and is a blow to fragile economies. The Bahamas had approved investments worth over $20 billion over the next five years. Mayaguana, a sparsely populated island of crystal seas and white sand, was set for a $1.8 billion resort with the world’s longest airport runway. Now its torpor may remain undisturbed. Baha Mar, a $2.6 billion project in Nassau that would have employed 4,400 building workers, has been stopped by the withdrawal of its American casino partner. Other large developments are on hold in Jamaica, St Lucia and Anguilla.游客的减少使得一些有雄心的旅游胜地扩建计划泡汤了,而且对本脆弱的经济也是个打击.巴哈马已通过了在未来五年内进行二百亿美元投资的计划.mayaguana是一个人口稀少的岛国,有着明澈的海洋和洁白的沙滩,原被建成价值十八亿美元的拥有世界上最长飞机跑道的旅游地.但如今看来,这个地方依旧是无人踏足.一个欲建在nassau,造价二十六亿美元的工程也因其美国财场合伙伴的退出而被迫停工,这项工程原先可能会雇用4400建筑工人.在牙买加,圣路西亚,安圭拉岛,大型的建设工程也出现了同样的情况.

    Since the 1990s, most big Caribbean tourism projects have been planned around second (or third) homes for babyboomers. Grand designs show a sprawl of houses and apartments arrayed around a small but pricey hotel, a golf course and marina, and perhaps a casino. Most of the development is financed by sales of unbuilt real estate, much of it as timeshares. Plunging housing markets and the credit crunch have put paid to all that. 自上世纪九十年代至今,大部分加勒比旅游工程都被建在了生育高峰期的第二个(第三个)家的周围.一些豪华的设计将住房或公寓周围安排在一坐小但是高档的旅馆,一个高尔夫球场或码头,或是一个赌场的周围.大部分工程都是由还未建成的房地产销售所得提供资金.而下跌的住房市场和信用紧缩使得这一些只是纸上谈兵.

    There are other sources of woe. Trinidad’s ten-year energy boom has suffered a jolt from falling oil and gas prices. Smaller islands which prospered from offshore finance worry about tighter international controls. And remittances from workers abroad have fallen. 当前面临的困难还不知这些.特立尼拉岛的能源业十年以来一直繁荣发展,可是因为当前油,气价下跌,也受到了影响.一些靠离岸金融发展的小岛国担以国际上对金融加紧控制.同时,来自海外工人的汇款也减少了.

    In Jamaica, remittances shrank by an average of 14% in November and December compared with the same months in 2007. The price of bauxite, Jamaica’s other big earner, has more than halved since its peak last July. Many among the island’s middle class lost their savings last year (and some their homes), in unregulated investment scams. 在牙买加,去年十一,十二月的汇款去前年同期相比平均减少了14%.铝土岩也是牙买加的经济的主要来源之一,但自去年七月至今,价格降到了不到最高价格的一半.去年,由于未调经的投资方案,国内很多中层阶级已无存款,有的甚至无家可归.

    With government revenue already below target, Jamaica has nevertheless cut taxes. Others would like to do so. But many Caribbean nations are highly indebted. With finance tight, raising cash from asset sales is harder: Jamaica failed to meet its target of privatising its sugar industry, and the Bahamas its telecoms, by the end of the year. After a decade of borrowing in the markets, Caribbean governments have once again become clients of the international development banks.虽然目前政府资金出现缺口,牙买加还是采取了降低税收的政策.其他的国家也愿意这样做.但是,很多加勒比国家已是负债累累. 由于,财政过紧,从资产销售额中筹措现金就更难了,牙买加未能实现制糖业私有化的目标,巴哈马国家的电信业也未能实现在年底之前实现私有化的目标.从市场上借贷长达十年的加勒比政府再一次成为了国际发展银行的忠实客户.

  • 澳出台四百二十亿刺激方案


    Australia unveils A$42bn package


    By Peter Smith in Sydney

    Published: February 3 2009 03:31 | Last updated: February 3 2009 03:31

    The Australian government is to spend A$42bn on a fresh fiscal stimulus package to help boost the economy’s flagging growth prospects as the global downturn threatens the nation with its first recession in close to 17 years.由于全球经济下滑已威胁到澳大利亚经济,使其处于近17年来遭遇的第一次萧条时期,澳大利亚政府将出推出420亿澳元的刺激方案。


    Soon after the announcement on Tuesday the Reserve Bank of Australia cut its benchmark interest rate by 1 percentage point to 3.25 per cent, its lowest level in almost half a century. 澳储备银行周二发表声明后不久就将其基本利率降低了一个百分点为3。25%,这是其半个世纪以来的最低水平。

    Wayne Swan, treasurer, underlined the deterioration in the nation’s fortunes when he halved the economy’s growth forecast from 2 to 1 per cent for the fiscal year ending June. He also predicted that unemployment, which reached 4.5 per cent in December, will rise to 7 per cent in the middle of 2010. In November, the government forecast that unemployment would hit 5.75 per cent in 2010.财长wayne swan在国家至六月止的财政年度预测从2%降到了1%时,他强调国家的经济状况正在恶化,他还预测已于去年12月达4.5%的失业率将会继续上涨,到2010年年中,将高达7%.去年十一月,政府就已预言失业率在一零年达5.75%。

    Mr Swan said the fiscal stimulus would help Australia avoid recession by boosting growth by 0.5 per cent in 2008-09, rising to 0.75 to 1 per cent the following year. The International Monetary Fund at the weekend forecast Australia’s economy would contract by 0.2 per cent in calendar 2009.swan 还说,这一财政刺激方案在08-09年度使经济增长了0.5%,并将在来年增长0.75%至于%,这有助于使澳避免经济大衰退.IMF于上周末说,澳经济在今年将缩小0.2%.

    The latest government spending, which followed last October’s A$10.4bn stimulus package in mostly pre-Christmas handouts to low income earners and pensioners, will be focused on infrastructure, schools and housing, which will be allocated A$28.8bn. But the government will also devote A$12.7bn in cash payments to low and middle income earners, which will be paid in March.在去年十月政府在圣诞节前夕针对低收入者和养老金接收者而出台的一百零四亿澳元的刺激方案以后,最近的政府开支将主要集中在基础设施建设,学校住房建设上,这些开支将达二百八十八亿澳元.但是政府还会对中低收入者投入一百二十七亿澳元的付现,这一投入将在三月实现.

    Retailers said sales over the Christmas season were bolstered by the initial stimulus package, however it remains unclear to what extent the handouts boosted consumer spending or were hoarded by households.零售商们说,在圣诞节期间的销量由于刺激方案的作用十分可观,但是这个刺激方案在多大程度上刺激消费.

    ”No country will escape the impacts of the global recession, which is causing falls in growth, job losses and budget deficits right across the world,” Mr Swan said.任何国家都逃避不了经济增长变缓,失业以及预支赤字等问题,这都是经济危机的影响,

    ”The weight of the global recession is now bearing down on the Australian economy. Economic growth is slowing and employment will weaken,” he added.全球经济危机对于澳经济是难以承受之重,因为经济增长变缓,失业率也日益严重.

    The latest measures come after Australia on Monday warned that global recession and slackening Chinese growth would results in a A$115bn tax shortfall over the next four years.在澳周一发出警告说全球经济危机以及中国经济放缓会导致澳在未来四年税收减少一千一百五十亿澳元后,最近的措施得以出台.

    Mr Swan said the government’s budget is now expected to sink into a A$22.5bn deficit in the 2008-09 fiscal year, compared with A$5.4bn surplus projected in November and a A$21.7bn surplus predcited in the budget last May.

    Michael Workman, a senior economist at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, said the payments to households would boost consumption.

    “In the short term, the outlays to families will keep consumption patterns higher than they would be otherwise,” he said. He said the revised unemployment forecasts were ”realistic”. 短期来看,家庭消费模式要比不在此种情况下的要高难度,他还说,这一改进后的失业预测是有可能的.

  • who can teach me to translate economist


    i find economist is too hard to understand?

    for the sake of the demanding requirements of the postgraduate studying ,i have to understand it very well,but some terms or phrases are really too professional and most of them are too hard to find meaning.eg,who can do this piece of work?

    Brief encounter

    Jan 29th 2009
    From The Economist print edition

    Barack Obama’s bipartisan honeymoon has ended even sooner than anyone expected



    EVERY incoming American president promises that he will reach across the aisle. Senators and congressmen, Republican and Democrat alike, join in the hymn to the virtues of bipartisan effort. This time was no different: everyone applauded when Barack Obama said from the steps of the Capitol that “the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply.” But, as usual, the stale political arguments have begun all over again.

    Mr Obama set a cracking pace in his first days in office. He signed a lot of admirable orders, such as one closing Guantánamo within a year and others pushing for more fuel-efficient cars and ending the prohibition on sending aid to international organisations that provide abortion. He has buttered up the Republican minority in Congress, and they have gushed about how nice it is to work with him. Nonetheless, the first big partisan row of the new administration has already begun.

    It concerns the new president’s plans for the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan”, the largest economic stimulus package ever devised: no less than $819 billion over the next two years in a bid to buoy up the shrinking economy and prevent the loss of millions of jobs. Many Republicans are worried about the hole this will make in the nation’s accounts. They note that plenty of pork has crept into the bill, and that it will be impossible to spend that much that fast. It also contains some protectionist nasties in the shape of “Buy American” provisions. The bill, they say, is just a sneaky way of achieving standard Democratic big-government aims.

    A bit rich, the Democrats retort, coming from the party that inherited a healthy surplus from Bill Clinton and turned it, thanks to tax cuts unmatched by savings, into a fair-sized deficit even before the recession began to bite. And besides, what else do the Republicans have to offer as a solution to the mess their president created? (Not very much, is the sad truth.)

    Visible party lines

    On January 28th the stimulus bill passed in the House of Representatives without a single Republican vote. In principle, that means that it could die in the Senate next week, since the Democrats are currently two votes short of a filibuster-proof majority there. That seems unlikely: the Republicans will not want to be blamed for the recession. But it signals an early end to bipartisanship and bodes ill for the future of more difficult legislation, which will require a lot more co-operation.

    Whom to blame for the breakdown? The stimulus row apart, the Republicans can claim to have behaved reasonably well, confirming Mr Obama’s appointments without much fuss, though they did try, unsuccessfully, to vote down his new treasury secretary, Tim Geithner, for failing to pay his taxes on time. Mr Obama, for his part, has offered a lot of fine words about bipartisanship but has not produced very much of it, preferring instead to deliver on cherished Democratic aims. The same holds for the stimulus plan. True, the package contains a large dollop of tax cuts: some $275 billion of the $819 billion comes in this form. But most of that was proposed long ago by Mr Obama on the campaign trail, and so can hardly represent an attempt to forge post-election consensus. The Republicans have been given little say in drafting the plan, and the Democratic majority has taken advantage of the rules of procedure to frustrate their attempts to amend it.

    On the other hand, Mr Obama has been careful to drop a few of the least stimulative and most contentious items. And no one doubts that some form of big stimulus is urgently needed. The Republicans could equally be accused of playing a cynical game, voting against a package they know will pass in order to appear thrifty yet not risk being accused of sabotage. In other words: it’s politics as usual.

    meaning.for example:

  • life


    life is to be tasted ,to some extent ,for many times ,i think to myself.

    today ,life played a little joke on me, from which till now i can hardly recover.

    after a month's hesitation and fooling around ,i ,eventually persuaded myself to touch on some translation and reading work,however ,the first day greeted my with so much diappointment.

    with aching shoulders and smarting eyes with the brightness of the screens,i am writting this special experience. after breakfast ,and after reading the translation work done by jessie,i was so encouraged that i tried myself,too.

    for a long time ,and for many times ,i have been told about the excellent wording of the economist ,which makes one understan the meaning but fail to describe it in a proper and clear way. this was the first time for me to try translating the articles from it ,mabybe because of my lack of knowledge on current affairs ,i did not know many terms ,let alone translating them out.however ,i did not give up ,and i tried on and on ,as the article was chosen at random ,it was very long and i kept translating it into english for several hours ,after time-and-again-perishing and correcting work.i finaaly finished such tough work.but when it was the time for me to publish my work,there was something wrong with the website,and all my efforts were ,without doubt ,in vain.

    i sat there ,still ,and kept eyeing the screen for several minutes and plucked up courage and cheered myself up ,and i tried another piece from FT,which was shorter and a little easier ,but ,in the end ,was met with the same problem out of my expectation,after a long time of thinking and weighing between sentences and words.

    at this time ,i was totally overwhelmed and i gave up.

    i hope tomorrow,i would really pick up what i have to do and finish before going back to school.

  • 中国着眼新的刺激方案


    Wen looks at fresh Chinese stimulus

    By Lionel Barber, James Kynge and Geoff Dyer in London

    Published: February 1 2009 22:00 | Last updated: February 1 2009 22:00

    China has pledged to take all necessary measures to stimulate its economy and fuel consumer spending, but has rejected as “ridiculous” suggestions that its huge pool of domestic savings has been partly to blame for the global financial crisis.中国已承诺采取一切必要措施刺激经济发展和消费,但是也驳回了那些认为中国的巨额国内储蓄是导致全球经济危机的部分原因的荒诞言论。

    In a rare interview, Wen Jiabao, China’s premier, said in London on Sunday that Beijing was considering fresh measures to boost its economy beyond its Rmb4,000bn ($585bn,

  • 奥巴马就职演讲we are one 整理


    Barack obama

    Thank you ,thank you very much ,we get here today americans ,standing among the monuments that symbolize our history and our democracy ,we stand on the steps of the memorial to the great emancipator ,abraham Lincoln. To the east ,we look to the monument to the father of our country,jeorge Washington, and to the south ,to the memorial that honors the author of our declaration of independence,Thomas Jefferson, very tee   echoes through centuries to this time and place,we will now find ourselves faced with great challenges. But we come together ,filled with optimism and hope ,in form with our history of dealing with difficult times and always coming our stronger,as a nation and as a people. And on this day ,we are inspired by the man we have elected to be the 44th president of the united states of America. As brack obama has told us :we are not a collection of race stated and blue states, we are the united states. We come here knowing that we are all in this  together ,so we name this ceremony that begins in  this inaugural week with three simple words :we are one. Has brack obama so often said to the American people,this is not about me ,but about you ,and that is true today. We solute to you ,men and women who have come from Kansas and kentucy ,from Oregon and florida ,from Arizona and maiyn ,who have organized and volunteered and proved that two centuries later ,a government of the people ,by the people and for the people has not parished from this earth. We thank each of you for demonstrating your belief in our country and your confidence in our future. Today we speak to the promise of  the America ,this sacred site is the place where generations have come to affirm the vitality of our democracy. And music has always been the create of heartbeat of the American experience:enriching our lives ,lifting our spirits and touching our deepest emotions. Thank you.



    When   arrived in the inaugural stand on the steps of the capital in 1933,25% of workers have lost their jobs ,banks were closed ,for closures were mounting and  the American people were frightened ,rosphelt ,age 51 a victim of polio walked only with the aid of metal braces and the arm of his son.:my friend ,this is the pre   glaze of our time ,the speak for crose,      frankly and boldly,this great nation endures as it has endured. And we’ll thrive and we’ll prosper. Let me ascertain my firm belief that the only thing we have feared years appears itself.This nation is asking for action and action now .franklin rosvelt spoke to the responsibility of each of American citizen,these dark days ,he said ,will be worth all they cost us if it teaches us that our true destiny is not to be ministered onto but to minister to ourselves and our fellowmen. We now realize as we have never realized before our interdependence on each other that we can not merely take ,but give as well. We came through the great depression as a strong people and our generation later the  youngest president ever elected took his office. I do not believe that any of us would exchange places with any other people or any other generation ,the energy ,the faith ,the devotionwhich we bring to this endeavor ,we allied our country and who have served it and the globe from that fire can truly light the world. And so my fellow Americans ,ask not what your country can do for you ,ask what you can do for your country. John kenndy created the peace call,asking an era of new public service. My father once said ,everybody can be great,because anybody can serve. You don’t have to wear uniform,you don’t have to be a community organizer,you don’t even have to run for president. When there is so much need ,we are blessed with endless ways to contribute to the life of this nation. Tomorrow ,my father’s birthday will be celebrated, president-elect obama has designated as the national day of service to bring people of all walks of life ,acting as one nation for the common purpose,and by doing so ,to renew our faith and commitment to one another.




    Throughout our history ,the question of change versus the status quo has been part of our national conversation,these words of Thomas Jefferson have been inscribed on his memorial.: I am not an advacate for frequent changes ,but laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind as new truths are discovered and manners and opioions change. Supreme court justice said,this is to be a graduating class of the university of Virginia ,each of you as an individual must pick your own goals,listen to others ,but do not be a blind follower,do not wait for others to move out ,move out just yourself. whenyou see anything wrong in quality or in justice speak out ,because this your country ,this is your democracy ,make it ,protect it ,pass it on. In capetown south Africa in 1966,this is what Robert kennedy said,moral courages are rarer commodity than bravery in battle or  great intelligents.yet it is the one essential and vital quality of those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change. And in great park ,Chicago,shut down ,stand up ,this was one of the incredible moment of my life and all of your lives when the American president-elect said to our people ,and he said in a very smoothly and commonly,he said ,if there is anyone who stood out,that America ,is that a  place for all things that are possible and tonight is your answer. It’s the answer that has been told for so long,by so many to be synical and fearful and doubtful of what we can achieve to put our hands on the art of history and bend it once more towards the hiope of a better day. It has been a long-time coming ,but tonight ,because of what we did at this defining moment,change has come to America.






    Tom Hanks:fellow citizens ,we can not escape history. That is what he said ,that is what Abraham Lincoln said. Fellow citizens ,we can not escape history ,we ,of this congress ,and this administration will be remembered despite ourselves. No personal significance or insignificance can separate one or any of us ,the fire for we trial for which we pass will light as down in honor or dishonour to the latest generation. We ,even we here ,hold the power and bear the responsibility. He was born in Kentucky ,raised in Indiana and lived in inornoi ,and this is what he said,this is what Abraham Lincoln said ,the dotmoss of the quilte past is inadequate to the stormy present.The occasion is piled high with difficulty and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new,so we must think the new and act the new. We must descent for all ourselves ,and herethen we save our country. We are standing erect ,here with 6feet 4inches tall,and this is what he said,he said ,it is the eternal struggle between two principles:right and wrong ,throughout the world. It is the same spirit that says that you toil and work and earn bread and I’ll eat it. No matter in what shape it comes,whatever the mouth of the king who seeks to be strived that peole of his own nation and live by the fruit of their labour,all from one race of man  as an apology from race and other slaveries, it is the same tyrannical principle. Lincoln was a quiet man ,Lincoln was a adment calling man,but when he spoke of democracy ,this is what he said:he said ,as I would not be a slave , so I would not be a master. This expressed my ideal of democracy. Whatever differs from  these, two extend of the difference  is no democracy, Abraham Lincoln ,16th president of this united states is everlasting in the memory of his countrymen from the battleground at the gatisburge ,this is what he said ,he said from this honoured death,we take increased devotion to that course for which we gave the last four measure of devotion,that we are here ,highly resolved that this death  shall not have died in vain,that this nation under god ,shall have a new birth of freedom ,and that the government of the people,by the people and for the people shall not parish form the earth


    Americans are a family,we are bound to another through an idea and an ideal,in his first inaugural address ,Ronald regon said this :we shall reflect the compassion that is so much a part of our make-up,how can we love our country and not love our countrymen and love them ,reaching out our hand when they fall ,heal them when they are sick and provide opportunities so they will be equal in fact and not just in theory.




    My family,we were taught to live  our faith and treasure our families,we learn the dignity of work and we were told that anyone can make it if they were given the fair chance. That’s how I came to believe to the very core of my being ,that work is more than a paycheck,it’s about dignity,it’s about respect, it’s about whether you look your child in the eye and say :”honey ,it’s going to be all right.” As I travel across this land ,I see a country built by men and women who believe in the dignity of work ,who take pride and and pride for their families and the lives by the honest efforts they have made. Look around you ,look at the grace and grandeour that surrounds us and you ‘ll see the work of American hands :the memorials ,the founds the memorial domes and the soaring towers ,representing the majesty of a great nation. All buildings ,stone by stone ,by American ,men and women and let me tell you ,we owe them ,we owe them the chance to go to work each day ,knowing they have the thanks of the grateful nation



    This afternoon ,we are celebrating not just the inauguration of a new president ,but the ongoing journey of America to be America. Through the decades ,those who looking for the meaning of America have gathered here. In 1939, one of American’s greatest artist marine aderson was denied permission to sing in washington’s constitutional hall by the organization called the daughters of American evolution,she was rejected because of the colour of her skin ,at the urging of the first lady ,ms rosphel Anderson was allowed to sing on these steps. Under the protective gaze of Abraham Lincoln ,to a gathering of 75,000 people,ms aderson chose as her first song ,one that expressed her feelings towards her country. She inspired those who had hurt her ,people who were standing where your are today. We are speaking to you on the steps of the Lincoln memorial of the capital from which poin ,the national broadcasting company brings you a song recited by the gisted marine handerson.




    Thank you ,thank you very much. I grow up in a military family,and my road from my mom and dad  my father was a special forces operator ,many nights ,friends will come and visit our home,they represent every brands and service and every rank. In my dad ,and in those guys ,I saw firsthand the dedication of those who served. They come from every walk of life,from every part of our country,time and again,across generations ,they have  defended our safty,in the dark of night,far from home. Each day ,and particularly on this historic day,we’ll honour the  men and women who wear uniform, who serve our country and protect our freedom. They travel the dangerous corners of the world,and we must remember that for every person who is in uniform ,there are families  who wait for them to come home safely. I am honoured that military is such an important part ,not just of my personal life ,but of my professional one as well. The golf term we do here,itching here in Washington is a testament to those unsung heroes. I am a son of a man ,who dedicated his life to the country ,family and military,and I am a better person for it. In the summer of 1864 abraham Lincoln ,the man whose memorial we stand ,spoke to the 74th ohio regimen and said , I’m really obliged  to you and to all who have come forward at the call of their country ,just as they have stood tall for our country ,we must always stand by and support the men and women in uniform and their families. Thank you ,and it is now my pleasure to introduce you as a national academy .




    Abraham Lincoln ,in the midst of ourcountry ’s greatest crisis ,the silver war looked to the future with hope.in 1864, he signed a law that protected the growth of giant California , `````trees and the assembly valley from decicration. It was the very beginning of a uniquely American idea to save the most precious and sacred portions of our land not for royalty or the rich ,but for everyone ,for all time. Half a centuary later ,a new york city boy went to the west ,in north dekota and fell in love with the outworld. When he became president ,theatre rosphel’s most lasting legacy was rescuing America from destruction:doubling the number of national parks. President rosphel set aside one million acres’worth of national forests. And during his first visit to the great canyon,he gave this advice to the people of Arizona and the nation,leave it as it is ,he said , you can not improve it ,the ages have been a work on it and men can only moral it. The landscape in national parks theatre rosphel saves will always be here, for our children and our children’s children with their majestic beauty on mar@. when we drive across America from one beautiful place to the next ,if we turn on the radio ,this is just what we might hear


    Music (very pleasant to the ears)

    This is a day ,when artists from around the country have come to this place to celebrate our history and our future. President kennydy spoke of the role of the artists in   @college in 1963:I see little of more importance to the future our country and civilization than the full recognition of our place of the artist. If artist is to nourish the root of our culture ,society must set the artists free to follow their vision ,whatever it takes them. Our great novelist @,when he accepted the nobel prize ,spoke of the artists’ duty:it is a privilege to help man endure by lifting his heart ,by reminding him of the courage ,and honur ,and hope and pride and compassion and pity and sacrifice ,which have been the glory of his past. The poets’ voice need not merely be the record of men ,it can be one of the props ,the pillars ,to help him endure and prevail.





    Inscribed above the handsome statue behind me and the words ,in this temple as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the union ,the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined for ever. When he signed the emancipation  proclaimation in  1862,president Lincoln initiated the America’s long and continuing  journey toward equal justice for all our citizens. There have been many foot soldiers in the quest for justice. One was  an  Alabama theme street. In 1959, tired from a long day of work ,she brought that distance one step closer by the simple act of refusing to move to the back of the bus. This is what rosa park said ,I did not get on the bus to get arrested , I got on the bus to go home. I had no idea that history was  being made ,I was just tired of giving in. somehow ,I felt I was right to stand up to that bus driver ,I knew I could have been listed or beaten when the police came ,I chose not to move ,I knew that I had the strength  that my answer would be. Nearly a decade  passed before john kennydy went before the American people and he said this ,100 years of delay have passed since president Lincoln freed the slaves,yet their heirs ,their grandsons are not fully free. They are not fully free from the bound of unjustice, they are not free from social and  economic pressure. And this nation ,for all its hopes and all its boast will not be free until all its citizens are free. Just 8 weeks later on august 28th ,martin luther king stood where we stand today and stirred the soul of every  American at what became known as the march on Washington ,later ,doctor king redescribed that day  this way. In its entire ,glittering history ,Washington has never seen a spectacle of this size and grandeour that assembled there. Among the 250,000 people who journeyed that day to capital, there were many dignitaries and many celebrities,but the stirring emotion came from the mass of ordinary people who stood in majestic dignity as witnessed to the single-handed determination to achieve democracy in their time. That was a day we all remember. Martin luther king did not live to see his dream fulfilled ,yet his life remains a beacon to the world ,his sacrifice made it possible for me to be here today and his dream has been realized by all of us being here today. A band of Ireland was moved by doctor king’s message and his sacrifice and wrote a song to remember and honour him.



    Barrack obama: hello America ,I want to thank all the speakers and performers today for reminding us through song and through words just what it is that we love about America . I want to thank all of you for  braving the cold and crowds and travelling on some cases thousands of miles to join us here today, welcome to Washington and welcome to the celebration of American renor. In the course of our history ,only a handful of generations is to be asked to confront challenges and  series as the ones we face right now ,our nation is in a war ,our economy is in crisis,millions of Americans are losing their jobs and homes ,the worry about  how they afford the college for their kids or pay the stackd of bills  on the kitchen table,most of all ,there are anxious and uncertain about their future, but whether this generation of the  Americans will be able to pass on what’s best about  this country to our children and their children. I wanna pretend that millions and millions of  these challenges would be easy , it would take more than a month or a year ,they would like to take many. Along the way ,there will be setbacks and fallstarks and the days that test our resolve as a nation. But despite all these ,despite the enormity of the task that lies ahead ,I stand here today as hopeful as ever that the united states of America will endure ,that it will prevail,that the dreams of our founders will live on in our time. What gives me hope is  what I see when I look out across this mall,from this monument that cheese those unlikely stories and affirm our unyielding faith,a faith that anything is possible in America ,rising before us stands a memorial to a man who led a small band of farmers and shopkeepers a revolution against the army of an empire,all for the sake of an idea. And the ground below is a tribute to the generation that withstood war and depression. Men and women like my grandparents who  toiled on @assembly lines ,marched across Europe to free the world from tyranny’s grasp,directly in front of us is a pool that reflects the dream of a king and the glory of people who marched  and blessed their children might be judged by their character’s content. And behind me ,watching over the union he saved ,sits the man who in so many ways made this day possible. And yet standing here today ,what gives me the greatest hope of all is not the stone and marble that surround us but what fills the space in between,it’s you,Americans of every race and region and station who came here because you believe in  what this country can be and because you want to help us get there. It’s the same thing that gave me hope from the day we became the candidate for presidency nearly two years ago ,a belief that if we could just recognize ourselves and one another,bring everybody together ,democrats ,republicans, independents,latino-asian and native American,black and white ;gay and strayed,disabled and not ,then not only will we restore our hope and opportunity and places that yearn for both ,but maybe ,just maybe ,we might perfect our union in the process. This is what I believed ,but you made this belief real. You proved once more that people who love this country can change. As I am prepared to assume the presidency ,yours are the voices that I will take with me ,everyday when I walk in and off the office ,the voices of men and women who have different stories ,but hold common hopes who asked for one which  promised us as americans        .that we must make of our lives what we will and see our children climb higher than we did. It’s this threat that binds us in a common effort that runs through every memorial on this mall and connect us to those who struggled and sacrificed and stood here before. It is how this nation has overcome the greatest differences and longest @ because there is no obstacle that can stand in the way of  millions of voices calling for change, that’s the belief with which we began our campaign and how we will overcome whatever it is now. there is no doubt that our road will be long,that our climb will be steep,but never forget ,that the true character of our nation is not revealed not during the times of comfort and ease but by the right we do when the moment is hard. I ask you to help reveal that character once more and together ,we can carry forward as one nation and one people,the legacy of our forefathers that we celebrate to them. Thank you ,America ,god bless you !


  • my new start


    from today on ,i am happy with my new start ,

    for many times i have been here  ,for more than one time ,i have been inspired by my friends and classmates and one of the most influential teachers ,here ,called jessie.

    just now ,i was encouraged by one of my friends,he told me that ,after he learnt  interpretation ,he managed to practise it day by day. i note with pleasure that he had made a lot of progress. i was overshadowed by him and many other english lovers as i have been fooling around for more than half a month. since i want to further my study ,i should have been working very very hard and continually.

    so ,i come here ,i would enter an english and a study world in which i would stick to the end and learn  from others .

    may i request that ,i can be under all your notice and more important ,your inspecting.

    so ,please give me any advice you can provide , as long as i feel right and beneficial ,i will be most grateful to you .



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