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  • LOVE


           I knew him via skype 2 years ago,he is from Malaysia,working in Shenzhen for a Japanese company.After long time,he said he was meant to come to Guangzhou visiting me.Jugde from his attitude and the topics we often talked about.I can tell he is a man of kind-hearted,well knowledge and experience.
           That night,we met at the Teenmall,I treated him for dinner,and talked about everyday work and life.He asked me if could give his a chance,in fact,he's not really the tea of my eyes at the first sight,so i kept smile and silence,After dinner,We decided to go to Starbucks for the sake of kill the rest of time.siting,talking and drinking untill 11:00,I said i must go home,because must work tomorrow.so he went to the scheduled hotel.
           From then on,he often give me call at his leisure,when everytime he said wanna come see me on the weekends,I always tell him that i am busy or work overtime as excuses,most of festivals,he would send many sincere regard and wishs to me,sometime even I have alreadly forgetten his existence,his messages non-stop remind me of him.
           I don't like him ,it is my right,he like me,it is his right,However I can't refuse a friend's sincere expression of caring emotion,therefore I  reply him everytime with best wishes.Maybe it just is love.if you think it is worth doing it.just do it,it is enough.and that for everbody,you should strive for opportunities by your own way nomatter whether it is successfull or not
  • some thoughts about life


          I would miss those days of study in school occasionally,when the night falls,i lie the bed,the scenes come up to my mind.
          During that period,the life is light-hearted,although have pressure of being expected to be excellent, have no problems of survival,I have lots of spare time to do what i wanna do,think i wanna think,the soul so freely  swim in vast ocean of heart ,full of pure,innocent,simple.
          Looking back the footprint of those years so busy  working.I play all sorts of  roles in the real life stage,such as colleague,clerk,daughter etc,i enjoy every joy,feel every sadness,endure every hardship,experience every stage.In fact,it  is a process of learning comprehension,consideration,giving in,it is probably my biggest gain.Secondly I realize deeply the sentence "let it be",anything is nothing,i learn to bravely face the difficulty,leisurely accept the change,confront the challenge,the worst gain is that I get old,not a little girl.
           By the way,today is Children'Day,I buy a toy as gift to my lovely younger brother,as well as hope all of us enjoy this day,although it is past of our ages,i wish it's not past of our spirit 

  • 坐言起行


  • 常见动名词分析


     It is no good reading without thorough comprehension


      注意:it 是形式主语,动名词短语才是真正的主语。

      8. be/get used to +动名词=be accustomed to ---习惯于做---

      He is used to getting up early .他习惯于早起

      I am not used to being spoken to like that.


      9.lose no time in +动名词=begin doing ---at once 立刻、赶紧

      He lost no time in carrying out his promise.


      10. in the hope of +动名词=with a view to doing 怀着----的希望;目的,在于

      I went to London in the hope of meeting some friends.


      We looked through many books in the hope of getting further information.


      11. for the purpose of +动名词=for the sake of ---为了

      She writes to a number of her friends for the purpose of collecting used stamps.


      12. succeed in +动名词=manage to do ---成功地做----

      China succeeded in sending up another man-made earth satellite yesterday .




      ___is a good form of exercise for both young and old (NMET1992)

      A. the walk B. walking C. to walk D. walk (B)



      1.the officer narrowly escaped ____in the hot battle (MET80)

      A. have killed B. to kill C. to be kill D. being killed (D)

      分析: 此题考查的是只能用动名词做宾语的动词。Advise, allow,  appreciate, avoid,consider,delay,enjoy,escape,excuse,finish,keep,imagine,mind,miss,permit,practise,risk,suggest等动词及feel like, insist on, be fond of, what (how )about等固定词组要用动名词做宾语。本题动名词的逻辑主语是动名词动作的承受者,故用了被动语态。

      2. She looks forward every spring to ____the flower-lined garden (shanghai 95)

      A. visit B. paying a visit C. walk in D. walking in (D)

      分析: 此题考查含有介词to的短语动词的用法。Look forward to ,be (get)used to (习惯于),pay attention to, prefer ---to 等短语中的to 为介词,后跟名词和动名词作宾语。B项后少了to,因pay a visit to 为固定短语。

      3. people couldn’t help ____the foolish emperor in the procession (MET 83 )

      A. laugh at B. to laugh at C. laughing at D. laughing on (C)

      分析: 此题考查一些既可跟动名词也可跟不定式作宾语但含义不同的动词(短语)的用法。

        (1)can’t help to do不能帮助做 can’t help doing 情不自禁

      (2)forget, remember后跟动名词表示已发生的动作,跟不定式表示未发生的动作。

      (3)try to do 尽力做,try doing 试着做

      (4)go on to do sth. 接着做另一件事,go on doing sth. 继续做原来在做的事

      (5)mean to do 打算做。Mean doing sth. 意味着做


      4. Only one of these books is _____(MET 86)

      A. worth to read B. worth being read C. worth of reading D. worth reading (D)

      分析: Be busy ,be worth后以动名词的主动式做宾语。注意: 也有“值得“之意 ,但其用法是:be worthy to be done ,be worthy of being done. 5. This sentence needs _____(MET85)

      A. a improvement B. improve C. improving D. improved (C)

      分析: need ,want ,require 后跟动名词的主动式或不定式的被动式表示被动意义。又如:The room needs cleaning (to be cleaned ) 房子需要打扫。


      _I must apologize for ___ahead of time.

      -That’s all right. (NMET 94 )

      A. letting you not know B. not letting you know

      C. letting you know not

      D. letting not you know (B)



      1.______ is a good form of exercise for both young and old.

      A. the work B. walking C. to walking D. walk

      2. How about the two of us ____a walk down the garden?

      A. to take B. take C. taking D. to be taking

      3. –I must apologize for ____ahead of time.

      -That’s all right.

      A. letting you not know

      B. not letting you know

      c. letting you know not

      D. letting not you know

      4. -You were brave enough to raise objections at the meeting.

      -Well, now I regret ____that.

      A. to do B. to be doing

      C. to have done D. having done

      5. –what do you think made Mary so upset?

      -___her new bicycle.

      A. as she lost B. lost C. losing D. because of losing

      1-5 BCBDC


  • today(今日)


              It's the Dragon Boat Festival,it have been raining,i heard that it's often rainy season around the day long time ago.
              The night of yesterday , we discussed the subject about  when and where we would meet today,he only have one day off,and yet we couldn't reach an agreement on some opinions,then something unpleasant happened,it turns out that it fail to carry on the plan.
              I stay home the whole day,due to bad mood and rain ,I got angry easily for no reasons in Mama's eyes.After supper,i can't already put up with the feeling of upset and painfull,an idea of taking a walk come up to my mind,I walk out home alone with an umbrella,it is a good way for me to relieve pressure
              I will hand out with another friend tomorrow.
  • who should you choose?


             My friend Linda is trapped in the maze of love now,there are two men in front of her,she doesn't know who will be her last prince .
            Man A is 10 years older than her,own certain wealth,althought he is meant to establishe a family,he is careless,a bit male chauvinism and not considerate.There is a big difference of living background betweem them,so many unknown things about furture.
            Man B is 5 years older then her,working in college as a teacher,honest,serious,responsibility,so  man B is more popular by her family,moreover it is easy to imagine they will live a steady but not rich life.
            She ask me for advices and tell me about her thoughts.Her parents is not quite rich,very difficult to bring her up ,gave her education.So she have been taking care of her parents and supporting her younger brother since graduation ,In the material society,she prefer to choose Man A.
            Really,I can comprehend her choice,however,i don't agree her opinions ,it is hard to survive in this competitive city,especially for a girl,she will tast much hardship ,face much difficulty and suffer all kinds of pressure,but love is not  equal to money.
            I tell her.the feel of yourself is the most important,don't eager for appearance,don't eager for wealth,the emotion just like a pair of shoes ,fit or not ,u have to put on to feel,only you know.I suggest her to spend more time  knowing  the two men better,just find the one who make her comfortable and smile ,it is enough.
            Many people pass by  in our lifetime,we often wonder whether he is just the right price ?Everyone have past,have the one ever loved deeply.However,once you make up your mind to hand with him and step into marriage,please don't regret this choice ,which along with your lifetime,marriage is holy,should pay all the attention to  and maintain the family.
          how do you think ?what is your opinion?
  • 注意几个敏感英语单词 教你如何掌握好分寸(转)




    我刚来美国时,在一门大课上做TA,一个教授下面有十个TA带实验,教授和我们TA定期开会,讨论学生的学习情况。一次期末将临,教授让我们各自介 绍一下班上同学的学习情况,特别要了解一下哪些差生要开小灶。轮到我发言, 我一下醒悟到“差生”这词不会说,当时第一反应是“poor students”,想想好像不对,没准还有歧意,故决定用“bad”,心想反正大家知道我英文臭。当时我大概也就结巴了一秒钟,教授已经查觉到什么,立即鼓励我说,没关系,尽管讲。我于是就用了个“those bad students”。这当然与我身份不符,有智力歧视之嫌。当然那时大家都理解我(全系就我一个留学生做TA),故会议继续进行。在我说完后,另一位平常常教我英文的TA发言,特别加重语气说了“some weak students in my class......”我当时就想,嘿,又学了一词。



    说人FAT,是极其粗鲁的用词,即使是背后说人时,也不可用此词。一般说来,最好避免,实在避免不了,可用heavy替代,如:She’s a little heavy。顺便说一下,千万不要问女同学的体重,比问年龄还要粗鲁。

    危险区域─恶邻─bad neighborhood

    用bad neighborhood,就有阶级歧视之嫌,委婉的说法是tough neighborhood。相信大家都清楚,在美国是穷人越多的地方,阶级斗争越激烈,所以你应该尽快弄清你生活的城市里哪些地方是穷人聚居地,如果你问老美,最好用“tough neighborhood”,而应避免使用“bad neighborhood”。与bad neighborhood相伴的是:穷人─poor people。委婉的说法是the people living under welfare,复杂是复杂一点,但还是不应嫌麻烦。


    嘿嘿,信不信由你,fit这个词用得不好就是性骚扰。首先要明确一下,任何时候称赞女性衣着漂亮,都是恰当的,但如何措词却有讲究,简单一点,“nice dress”就足够了。如果某位女性─你的学生,穿得比较紧身,浑身上下是S,这当然是赏心悦目,但如果你说:你的衣服很合体,The dress fits you very well,就等于是在说你的眼睛不老实。那么,如果人家衣着宽松,你能不能用The dress fits you very well呢?不仅不能,而且更可恶;如果你用了,不仅说明你的眼睛不老实,还说明你存心挖苦别人身材不好,没S。

    应该说明的是,在大学里,由TA造成的性骚扰是很少的,环境对这方面的要求也相对宽松。比方说,如果你在公司,当着女同事的面,一口一个fuck,那肯定是不行的。但在学校里,特别是是在计算机房,很多教授都是一口一个fuck, 根本不管有没有女生在场。

    我印象最深的一次是,有一回,我的一位也是当TA的美国同学的一个女学生要补考,该TA就让该女生在他的办公室里答题,女生在他的办公桌前坐下后,他把考卷一扔,甩下一句:“Don’t fuck up my stuff on the desk.”说罢他slamed the fucking door,扬长而去。当时,那女生还认真地答了一句:“I won’t.”

    后来,我也碰过几次类似的场合,每次那句“Don’t fuck up my stuff on the desk”都到了舌边,又被我压了回去,因为我不敢,怕掌握不了分寸;我只敢在出门时, 恶狠狠地slamed the fucking door,呵呵。

  • 弄错了会很丢脸的英文(转)



    lover 情人(不是“爱人”)

    busboy 餐馆勤杂工(不是“公汽售票员”)

    busybody 爱管闲事的人(不是“大忙人”)

    dry goods (美)纺织品;(英)谷物(不是“干货”)

    heartman 做心脏移植手术的人(不是“有心人”)

    mad doctor 精神病科医生(不是“发疯的医生”)

    eleventh hour 最后时刻(不是“十一点”)

    blind date (由第三者安排的)男女初次会面(并非“盲目约会”或“瞎约会”)

    dead president 美钞(上印有总统头像)(并非“死了的总统”)

    personal remark 人身攻击(不是“个人评论”)

    sweet water 淡水(不是“糖水”)

    confidence man 骗子(不是“信得过的人”)

    criminal lawyer 刑事律师(不是“犯罪的律师”)

    service station 加油站

    rest room 厕所(不是“休息室”)

    dressing room 化妆室(不是“试衣室”或“更衣室”)

    sporting house 妓院(不是“体育室”)

    horse sense 常识(不是“马的感觉”)

    capital idea 好主意(不是“资本主义思想”)

    familiar talk 庸俗的交谈(不是“熟悉的谈话”)

    black tea 红茶(不是“黑茶”)

    black art 妖术(不是“黑色艺术”)

    black stranger 完全陌生的人(不是“陌生的黑人”)

    white coal (作动力来源用的)水

    white man 忠实可靠的人(不是“皮肤白的人”)

    yellow book 黄皮书(法国政府报告书,以黄纸为封)(不是“黄色书籍”)

    red tape 官僚习气(不是“红色带子”)

    green hand 新手(不是“绿手”)

    blue stocking 女学者、女才子(不是“蓝色长统袜”)

    China policy 对华政策(不是“中国政策”)

    Chinese dragon 麒麟(不是“中国龙”)

    American beauty 红蔷薇(不是“美国美女”)

    English disease 气管炎(不是“英国病”)

    Indian summer 愉快宁静的晚年(不是“印度的夏日”)

    Greek gift 害人的礼品(不是“希腊礼物”)

    Spanish athlete 吹牛的人(不是“西班牙运动员”)

    French chalk 滑石粉(不是“法国粉笔”)


    pull one's leg 开玩笑(不是“拉后腿”)

    in one's birthday suit 赤身裸体(不是“穿着生日礼服”)

    eat one's words 收回前言(不是“吃话”)

    an apple of love 西红柿(不是“爱情之果”)

    handwriting on the wall 不祥之兆(不是“大字报”)

    bring down the house 博得全场喝彩(不是“推倒房子”)

    have a fit 勃然大怒(不是“试穿”)

    make one's hair stand on end 令人毛骨悚然—恐惧(不是“令人发指——气愤”)

    be taken in 受骗,上当(不是“被接纳”)

    think a great deal of oneself 高看或看重自己(不是“为自己想得很多”)

    pull up one's socks 鼓起勇气(不是“提上袜子”)

    have the heart to do (用于否定句)忍心做……不是“有心做”或“有意做”)


    You know what?你知道吗?(不是你知道什么?)

    Look out! 当心!(不是“向外看”)

    What a shame! 多可惜!真遗憾!(不是“多可耻”)

    You don't say! 是吗!(不是“你别说”)

    You can say that again! 说得好!(不是“你可以再说一遍”)

    I haven't slept better. 我睡得好极了。(不是“我从未睡过好觉”)

    You can't be too careful in your work. 你工作越仔细越好。(不是“你工作不能太仔细”)

    It has been 4 years since I smoked. 我戒烟4年了。(不是“我抽烟4年了”)

    All his friends did not turn up. 他的朋友没全到。(不是“他的朋友全没到”)

    People will be long forgetting her. 人们在很长时间内会记住她的。(不是“人们会永远忘记她”)

    He was only too pleased to let them go. 他很乐意让他们走。(不是“他太高兴了,不愿让他们走”)

    It can't be less interesting. 它无聊极了。(不是“它不可能没有趣”)

  • 节假日及休假的英文表达




    be doing (have been doing )
    have done


    --关于背单词……有人说不会背单词,背了也记不住……我要告诉你千万别背单词……不要C-U-T-I-E cutie这样的背……单词不是背出来的,而是用出来的……毕业后我没背过一个单词……你只有运用才能记住!背是记不住的







    如果你认为难的,它就会变的很难,,如果你把它想的简单,,它就是简单,,,要相信心态对你学习的影响是巨大的……既然学英语是必然的,逃不了的。。为什么还要给自己增加难度呢?……在打开书的时候,就告诉自己英语太简单了(因为确实太简单,虽然对你这个阶段来说还感觉不到)……看着那些字母小蝌蚪越看越亲切……要把它们看得生动。。BOY 就是个活泼调皮的小男孩,,,TREE 就是高大笔挺,棕色树干,,茂盛绿叶的大树……RED 一看到就觉得它发红光……HEAVY 好沉重……LIGHT 很轻很亮……培养对这种外文字母的感觉,,发挥你的想象,让它们在你的眼前生动,,活起来……你会觉得简单好学的……


  • what is life?(生活是什么?)


            It have been raining this morning,the sound of rain outside non-stop beat against the window,in addition,the sleepless night make my mood lower now,I stop my job in hand and staring at my latop without passion.
            what is life? Everyday,I get up earily,catch up the metro,listen music on the road,busy doing the same and repeat job,then come back home.Now,everything in my eyes become common,the passion for everything gradually fade-out,I am so easy to content about everything.
           I have always wondered which kind of life is suitable for me and what i am longing for.Maybe I got used to lead a regular life like now,I have been working for this company over 5 years,the life is everydayness,sometime ,it is so boring.I often wanna break the current situation,but I find I am still helpless,innocent and simple.I am afraid,for someones and somethings ,in case I lose,they will never come back to me.Often at that moment,i appeared to stand in the crossroad of life,where to go,what to do,thoughts keep spinning in my head,eager for God to guide me out  of the trap
            I think I still have dreams,what I need is passion ,aims ,drive force, bravery not complaint.Therefore,I need to spend more time thinking about my future,make some plans.I remind  myself again-confident,brave,strong,sunshine.I firmly believer i will find a road it really belongs to me and succeed in fulfilling my dreams


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