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    Raymond Carver, surely the most influential writer of American short stories in the second half of the 20th century, makes an early appearance in Carol Sklenicka’s exhaustive and sometimes exhausting biography as a 3- or 4-year-old on a leash. “Well, of course I had to keep him on a leash,”... ...全文

  • Maggie Locke 的个人空间(双语)想当灰姑娘?7步教你搞定王子 (0)

    Never2(广东) 发表于 2011-05-25 关键词: 双语美文

    Want to marry a prince? 7 steps to find your royal 想嫁给王子吗?寻找王子七步法 (Reuters) - Want to follow in Kate Middleton`s footsteps and marry a prince? 路透社 - 想跟凯特一样嫁给王子吗? Well forget kissing frogs and try playing tennis or putting your party shoes on. 首先忘记亲吻青蛙或者打... ...全文

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    Now i'm sitting on the sofa, watching TV, above my leg, is my lap computer, i'm writing a dairy about something happened today. The name of the program is&nb... ...全文

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          Under the Harvest Moon  在满月下                                       ... ...全文

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        沙洲横渡                          Crossing the Bar Sunset and evening star,      And one clear call for me!   And may there be no moa... ...全文

  • Maggie Locke 的个人空间双语美文:静静地坐下来 看世界与我们擦身而过 (0)

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    “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” - Bertrand Russell I was sitting outside my new home yesterday (we just moved last week, and we love the new place), watching the world go by. There were people in cars, in a hurry to get to their next appointment. There were birds flying ... ...全文

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    下载方法: 每个链接的中文字即该英文名著资源的书名,先开迅雷,然后复制链接(不用把地址粘到迅雷地址栏里),再单击迅雷的"新建"按钮就可以下载!注意,是单击按钮,不是点击按钮右侧的选择项按钮!!(如果默认下载工具是迅雷,则在复制的时候迅雷便弹出下载对话框了,那么就不需要点"新建"了) 每一个ed2k开头的地址就是一个资源... ...全文

  • 听雨Walking in the way of others (0)

    听雨(江西) 发表于 2010-06-19

    Many people wish your success, want to choose a others have fol-lowed, as is the way he had been people passed, we will do, and it should be in the road, and others through more than others walk, walk farther than others, go longer can not out of others, go farther can see others did not see the ... ...全文

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    I Love You Forever Mum You have shown me how to give of myself    你让我懂得何为奉献自我; You have shown me leadership                     你让我懂得领导力; You have taught me to be ... ...全文

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    Always Believe In Yourself   By: Susan Polis Schutz                   Get to know yourself-                    &n... ...全文

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    lingling615429(江苏) 发表于 2010-04-26 关键词: 经典拾音

    In a Boat by D. H. Lawrence See the stars, love,  In the water much clearer and brighter  Than those above us, and whiter,  Like nenuphars.    Star-shadows shine, love, How many stars in your bowl?  How many shadows in your soul,  Only mine, lo... ...全文

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    以眼神祝酒   本·琼生(Ben Johnson, 1572--1637),英国16世纪末17世纪初著名的剧作家、评论家和诗人。琼生是个遗腹子,家境贫寒,幸亏他的中学副校长坎德尔先生慷慨相助才得以完成中学学业。一生坎坷的琼生曾在荷兰当过兵打过仗、当过演员演过戏、当过编剧,曾因决斗杀人身陷牢狱差点被判处死刑。1601年又因... ...全文

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    永恒的夏季   威廉·莎士比亚(William Shakespeare, 1564-1616),英国历史上最伟大的剧作家和诗人,也是世界文学史上最伟大的天才作家之一。莎士比亚出生于英国中部斯特拉夫镇,幼年进入文法学校学习。十三四岁时家道中落被迫辍学。之后,他先后当过士兵、教师、剧院的杂役、演员和剧团股东。1594年起,在宫... ...全文

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    13259119599(陕西) 发表于 2010-04-13 关键词: 茶余饭后

     Learn to appreciate your single status. Here are five things that singles sometimes take for granted. 学会珍惜你的单身。以下5件事被认为是单身汉才有资格享受的幸福。 Step 1: Sleep睡觉 Sleep is a beautiful thing. When you're single, no one's nagging at you to get up or counting the hours th... ...全文

  • imyI Wanderd Lonely as a Cloud (0)

    14465174(辽宁) 发表于 2010-03-03 关键词: poem Wordsworth daffodils romantic period

    I wandered lonely as a cloud ­ That floats on high o''er vales and hills, ­ When all at once I saw a crowd, ­ A host, of golden daffodils, ­ Beside the lake, beneath the trees, ­ Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. ­   Continuous as the stars that shine ­... ...全文

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     So you wannafigure out who moved your cheese, or just learn the seven spirituallaws of success. Whatever's standing between you and happiness,chances are someone's written a self-help book about it. Here'swhat they say。   你想知道谁动了你的奶酪或者你只想学习7种成功的精神原则。不管你如何的不... ...全文

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    longlongago1919() 发表于 2010-02-19 关键词: 生活

      Long before, a couple moved house to this old village, then they open a store. The man is a repairman who is good at mending tap faucet and bathroom faucets. Because of few clients come to his store, his store seems cold and cheerless. However, he enjoys stay with tap faucet every day and... ...全文

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      It is well known that poetry and song seduce one into thinking love continues without interruption. But in the real world, every day there are many lovers at the verge of breaking up or quarrel with each other till the emotion breaks up. There is no denying that maintain love for a long t... ...全文

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      Recently we knew that a boy named Bob made a great fortune from internet. How magical it is! When he was a child, he was fond of using DS Lite Console card and nintendo ds card to play games. Of course, he earned a lot of virtual money and he also pound of his ability.Not long ago, some ... ...全文

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      Long long ago, there was an old business man who has a beautiful daughter named Linda. Her mother died when she was a child, and her father brought her up like the apple of his eye. When she was 18, her father began to take a look at his prospective son-in-law. Owing to he has a huge amou... ...全文