• 绚烂如夏花乔布斯名言(中英文对照) (0)

    f192800(陕西) 发表于 2016-12-09

    Stay hungry, stay foolish. 求知若饥,虚心若愚(搞笑版的翻译:当个吃货,当个傻瓜)Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?(The line he used to lure John Sculley into becoming Apple's CEO)你想用卖糖水来度过余生,还是想要一个机会... ...全文

  • happyhuan的个人空间Loneliness Along Growth--成长的孤独 (0)

    happyhuan(湖北) 发表于 2013-10-31 关键词: 个人收藏

    Loneliness Along Growth--成长的孤独(中英版)~摘自(英语广场美文之美丽英文)    We're like the cream.When the cream rises to the top,it separates itself from the milk.Perhaps that is what the New Age Movement is really all about.We find ourselves lonely at the top.Yes,it is. ... ...全文

  • A Policeman's HeartBo Xilai says former aide had crush on his wife (0)

    ss-confident(北京) 发表于 2013-08-27

    Jinan, China (CNN) -- The trial of disgraced Chinese Communist Party high-flyer Bo Xilai concluded Monday with a dramatic final flourish as he accused the former police chief who brought about his downfall of having a crush on his wife. Bo's politically sensitive corruption trial has broug... ...全文

  • 黄皮树下好好跟这个男人过吧! (0)

    黄皮树下(湖南) 发表于 2013-07-04

         在我婚礼上,他对我说了一句:“好好跟这个男人过吧!”      为此,我为婚姻守候了近10年。中间,有过七年之痒的迷茫,有过想就此作罢的痛楚......可说不清,道不明,就为了那一句,至今坚持了下来。这一切,他不知道。      他,是我与之交往不多的一位13年多的朋友... ...全文

  • Maggie Locke 的个人空间生命的追求(双语) (0)

    Never2(广东) 发表于 2012-02-28 关键词: 双语美文

    There is so much I have not been, so much I have not seen.生命中,有那么多我未曾经历过,有那么多我未曾见识过。I have not thought and have not done or felt enough—the early sun, rain and the seasonal delight of flocks of ducks and geese in flight, the mysteries of late-at-night. I still need time... ...全文

  • 婲開為誰羅的个人空间双语美文:静静地坐下来 看世界与我们擦身而过 (0)

    婲開為誰羅() 发表于 2012-02-15

    “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” - Bertrand RussellI was sitting outside my new home yesterday (we just moved last week, and we love the new place), watching the world go by.There were people in cars, in a hurry to get to their next appointment. There were birds flying by, insec... ...全文

  • Maggie Locke 的个人空间劳尔与老人 (0)

    Never2(广东) 发表于 2011-03-14 关键词: 双语美文

    ----- 题记:看到这个故事让我想到了小时候听过的恐怖故事,虽然这个故事实际上并不恐怖,流露出的反而是一种冥冥之中的祖孙情······不知道这个小故事的出处是哪里   One day, Raul was miles away from the small ranch house in a large valley. Everything seemed to be all right, yet he felt strange... ...全文

  • skyk320的个人空间论反垄断法视野下企业高管的民事责任 (0)

    skyk320(广东) 发表于 2010-12-14

    关键词: 反垄断法;经营者;企业高管;民事责任;惩罚性赔偿责任  内容提要: 本文从反垄断法的角度指出除了经营者外,经营者的企业高级管理人员即经营行为的决策者和主要实施者也须在特定情形下承担连带民事法律责任。企业高管承担垄断法律民事责任的理论基础和适用要件在于“揭开经营者面纱”理论之构建,其责任... ...全文

  • 开心就好的个人空间The Art of Worldly Wisdom-2 (0)

    jeffreyang(上海) 发表于 2010-12-05

    Character and intellect Character and intellect : the two poles of our capacity ; one without the other is but halfway to happiness. Intellect does not suffice, character is also needed . On the other hand, it is the fool's misfortune, to fail in obtaining the position,the employment, the neighbo... ...全文

  • sponge spacea cold day (0)

    barryup(福建) 发表于 2010-11-30

          The day is cold,and dark,and dreary; It rains,and the wind is never weary; The vine still clings to the moldering wall, But at every gust the dead leaves fall, And the day is dark and dreary. My life is cold and dark and dreary; It rains and the wind i... ...全文

  • 译栈译栈最新资讯 (0)

    译栈(北京) 发表于 2010-11-15

    译市场“洗牌”势在必行 http://www.etrant.com/news.asp?NewsId=1615 “非正规”翻译照样吃香 网络翻译成掘金新贵 http://www.etrant.com/news.asp?NewsId=1635 未来口译人才需求达百万 http://www.etrant.com/news.asp?NewsId=1639 中国语言服务行业进入快速发展期2009年产值120亿 http://www.etrant.co... ...全文

  • 18909112806的个人空间趣味英语口语(图) (0)

    13259119599(陕西) 发表于 2010-09-28

      1. It's so cold. I can even see my breath.  天气好冷啊, 我甚至可以看到我呼出来的空气。   记得去年冬天时我陪一个美国小女生去参观校园, 刚好那天天气特别地冷, 结果呢, 她一出门就作了一个很可爱的动作, 她呼出了一道白色的空气说, "Wow, it's so cold. I can even see my breath!" 相信这种可爱动... ...全文

  • 18909112806的个人空间趣味英语口语(图) (0)

    13259119599(陕西) 发表于 2010-09-28

      1. It's so cold. I can even see my breath.  天气好冷啊, 我甚至可以看到我呼出来的空气。   记得去年冬天时我陪一个美国小女生去参观校园, 刚好那天天气特别地冷, 结果呢, 她一出门就作了一个很可爱的动作, 她呼出了一道白色的空气说, "Wow, it's so cold. I can even see my breath!" 相信这种可爱动... ...全文

  • 风筝The Road Not Taken (0)

    jianhuanfhh(陕西) 发表于 2010-09-17

    The Road Not Taken   Two roads diverged in a yellow wood  And sorry I could not travel both  And be one traveler, long I stood  And looked down one as far as I could  To where it bent in the undergrowth  Then took the other, as just as fair  And having perhaps the better cl... ...全文

  • Space of AlexanderChina moves up the global ladder 中国更上一层楼 (0)

    chenwenliang(上海) 发表于 2010-09-10

     China continued its upward march in the rankings of a global competitiveness report released on Thursday, while the United States was displaced from the top of the table by Switzerland. 中国在星期四刚刚发布的全球竞争力排命中又有所上升,而与此同时美国被瑞士从头把交椅上面拉下马.   Th... ...全文

  • sophia(pink)的个人空间Our eighty's is not young any longer (0)

    sophia(pink)(广东) 发表于 2010-08-30

    As the time goes, before the young people now seemed  become old, and not concerned, on the contract, the ninety's become the times mainstream, we are already&nbs... ...全文

  • sponge spaceessay (0)

    barryup(福建) 发表于 2010-07-27

    Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift.  或许是上帝的安排,在最终找到知音之前,我们总要遇到一些不尽如意的人,只有这样,我们才能对知音这份礼物充满感激之情。When the do... ...全文

  • 听雨花开堪折直须折 莫待无花空折枝 (0)

    听雨(江西) 发表于 2010-06-28

    一个朋友说,追她很久的那个男孩今天结婚了。 我说,你想怎么样呢?人家喜欢了你那么久都无动于衷…… 她说,去参加了婚礼。新娘很漂亮,新郎也很帅。好像第一次觉得他也蛮有魅力的,怎么当初就没发觉呢? 她说,原本觉得自己从来没有爱上他, 但在新娘新郎交换戒指的那一刻,她的心狠狠疼了一下。 她说,最难过的,... ...全文

  • 听雨Love always cherish and damage in between (1)

    听雨(江西) 发表于 2010-06-19

    The correct time, meet the right person, it is a kind of happiness, The wrong time meet the right people, it is a kind of regret. If this kind of regret and love bind, that feeling to cherish and damage in between, cannot turn, can give up. Writing in the front. - In the beginning, I write whe... ...全文

  • 听雨IQ, eq, inverse (0)

    听雨(江西) 发表于 2010-06-18

    A successful man, need three quotient IQ and eq effect, and inverse IQ is for knowledge, to learn and comprehend, eq is mixed with people and to win others like the ability to face the failure and inverse contractor is optimistic attitude, setback against the people climb up faster than the speed... ...全文