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1. Don't Cover It All


Base your lecture on the most important material, a topic that your listeners are likely to find difficult or material that doesn't appear in the text.


2. Make Choices


Your lecture should present no more than three or four major issues, with time for examples and questions. Determine the critical message of your lecture and then remove the adornments. Present the bare bones in a succinct story.


Listeners will absorb the salient points easily if they are few in number, clear, and coupled with examples.


3. Present in Small Chunks

3. 以小版块内容呈现

Present your lectures in 20-minute chunks. What's wrong with a 1- or 2-hour lecture? Research shows that listeners remember the first and the last ten minutes of lecture, but little of the intervening time.


4. Encourage Active Processing


Learning is a constructive process. Listeners must think about the material, relate new knowledge to what is already known, and apply knowledge to new situations. Effective instructors use active learning techniques during the lectures.


Listeners tend to prefer active learning techniques because they are engaging and fun.


5. Pose Reflective Questions


The simplest way of using active learning techniques is to ask reflective questions, not yes or no questions, but those that require listeners to think. For example, “What would you do in this particular situation? How would you approach solving this problem?” Reflective questions are difficult and will require time to think, so be prepared to wait for an answer (likely at least 30 seconds). Endure the silence.


6. Get Them Writing


The benefit of asking listeners to consider the question in writing is that they will have time to think through their response and feel more comfortable discussing their views without fear of forgetting their point.


Breaking up a lecture and interspersing it with discussion and active learning takes the pressure off of you as the instructor. An hour and fifteen minutes, or even fifty minutes is a long time to talk. And it's a long time to listen. Try these techniques and vary your strategies to make it easier on everyone and increase your likelihood of success in the classroom.


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