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2010 —A year when the earth shook and millions struggled to survive. The UN mobilized relief–and was called on to provide long-term solutions for the planet , for peace, nuclear disarmament, climate change  and universal human rights.


UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon: "The great goals are within reach. We can achieve them by looking forward, pulling together, uniting our strength as community of nations, in the name of the larger good."


In January, one of the deadliest earthquakes in history struck Haiti, already the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. 300,000 people lost their lives as large parts of the capital, Port-au-Prince, became a graveyard. Aid came in, but the logistical challenges were many. Despite the difficulties, the United Nations delivered millions of food rations and doctors from all over the world helped the injured.


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited the devastated country:"This is a moment of sadness, but it is also a moment of Haiti's need."


Haiti's tragedy was also a tragedy for the UN. 101 staffers lost their lives when the UN mission's headquarters collapsed. Miraculously, one staff member, Jens Kristensen was found alive after being buried in rubble for five days.


As the UN family mourned its loss -- the Organization pledged to carry on:"They chased the flame. Wherever they went, they carried the light of hope. We will never forget you -- we will carry on your work."


A special relief coordinator was appointed:


President Bill Clinton:"The thing that impresses me is how in the midst of this awful tragedy they are imagining a future."


This clothing factory and some schools re-opened quickly -- but rebuilding the country is a slow process. A hurricane and floods also struck Haiti -- then a cholera outbreak prompted a new emergency appeal.


In 2010, there was tragedy in Pakistan, where massive floods destroyed a quarter of a million homes. One fifth of the country was under water. The UN launched a major airlift and tried to drum up donor support. But many people are still homeless. What's more, receding flood waters washed up landmines from recent conflicts -- a dangerous trap for many.


In Niger, more than 7 million people, about half of the population, lost their crops and livestock in a severe drought. Nearly 80% of Niger's children are malnourished. The World Food Program rolled out emergency food assistance in Niger and neighbouring Chad to keep families fed through the lean season, when food is in short supply and prices go up.


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